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Monday, July 10, 2017

"Analyzing Reality with Realism" by Victor - 7.10.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 10:09 AM EDT on July 10, 2017

"Analyzing reality with realism".........does that really work? What is the context of man? We have been completely brain washed for thousands of years, not even knowing what kind of world we live in, who runs it or even where we came from or even where we are going after we die. When we honestly look at what man knew, we see he did not know much. So how valid is the tools of analysis that we often use?

For example, while we all ........."Wait".......for the RV to manifest for us as individuals. We get to deal with the BS in our own minds. When you are wallowing in the mind muck, how does it feel? It feels bad......right. Now what does feeling bad tell you? It tells you that what you are thinking is out of aliment with ....."Source".......itself. That is right, Source sent you a bad feeling, telling you that what you are feeling is not what ....."Source".... is feeling for you and it sent you a message. Yes........YOU are not alone and ......"You got Mail"......

NO sh#t!.....really? Yeah.......little old you and little dumb and dumber got mail. Now did you know that you got mail?....that is the question. Nope....most everyone missed the ......"channeling"....beside, ....Ouuugh......that is a scary word. Can I use that word? What ever..... but ...."Wake Up". Waking up means to realize what you are, where you are and where you are heading. It also means you have to learn to....."hear".......Hear the inner guidance that we all have. The inner compass trying to tell us which way to......"BE"....How to "be" in life so as to get the reality we want. The ....."Time line"....that brings us the most JOY.

Now when we bitch and complain about the reality that showed up for us today, while we ......"waited".......Yes, "waited'. We tend to go back into the BS of our own thoughts. Yes, that place that has been filled and programed by society, by the Cabal and by all sorts of people that did not know their orifices from second base. So we say.......we are honest, honorable, patriotic, nationalistic, and generally good spiritual, religious...........sheeple. That is what we are. Those are the labels that we have ..."put on"....and accepted. Labels that someone else gave us and we carried it around for ......"THEM".......and we did not even know it.

So why are we using....."Realism" our compass? Yes, because we want what is ......"real" our lives! Now what does that mean? I haven't a clue, except that it is concepts that we picked up from the old powers that be. So we use them all the time in our ......"judgment".......of our lives. We incorporate it without questioning and we think it works. Who told us that being ........"real" Yeah, exactly: all the Cabal brain washers and ......"society" ....told us that is how we "need" to think. We need to be ...."Real".

Well how do we like the results of being....."Real".....The results of that policy are exactly what kind of day we are having today. Yeah.....but it is our own fault. We have to take self responsibility. Especially when we don't know that we have had....."mail"....all the time, directly from Source telling us how to be, how to manifest and how to create. Yet we never understood it or heard it.

Feeling good or......"JOY"....was the message from up on High. It was/is the compass for us to use, if we can see it. So when you don't get the results you wanted in your day and what you see in the reflected reality. The day you manifested, you cry out for more confusion by saying that is ......"real".....and I feel bad now. What I don't want is more real than what I want.....dugh....

What is real........."is what ever you say it is"....... That means......."Waiting" not getting the job done. Waiting is not taking any kind of positive actions. Waiting is not manifesting anything but more......"Waiting"......So, it is a vicious circle that gets you exactly the reality or day you have at this moment. How do you like it? NO RV yet?..........Well who is the one waiting for it to happen too? Who is waiting for things to ...... "Get Real"......?Who is looking outside of themselves at a reflected immage and waiting for it to change first? It does not work that way.

Being...... "real" just BS of the mind programing by "Cabal Powers" that works against your own manifestation power of creating the experience in the time line that you want. When you say, what you see each day in not what I want to happen, you are saying that is ......"real".....for you. It has that meaning that you just gave it......especially if you get emotional and let it make you feel bad.

You don't realize that you are just reacting to a lag in the matrix on what you get to see and experience. That is why Source sent you an e-mail......."feeling".......telling you that when you feel bad or ......."Lacking"....that You are in out of alignment with how Source sees your time line options. It sees no Lack for you, since lack does not exist in that there are an infinite number of time line options available for you. Chose what feesl good and brings ....JOY. That is what Source is telling you.

Yes, since Source does not see limitations for you, why are you seeing limitations that you call........"real".......since there is no ......"REAL" existence limiting your life and your experiences. There is only YOU limiting. That is what bad feeling are trying to tell you, that you have other options available.

Source is saying that what you are calling..... "real" not real at all. It is only one limiting feeling (an option) that you have chosen to value over another. One of many others available. But .... You said you had to ....."wait"....You say that no one knows, you said that Intel is flawed. You said it was all......."BS".....etc, etc...So, who is putting this meaning on their life experiences?........You are, not Source.You are the ones choosing your options.

Source sent you a message through a feeling, that ...."IT".... did not see any limitations for you and that you are going down a ..."wrong"...path of....."Lack"....for yourself. Why not toss out limitations in your reality and stop calling them........."real".....? When what you create starts to feel bad, that is the key to happiness. Source is trying to tell you that you have other options in Creation waiting for you. Options that feel good. Any limitations or ....."waiting" always a choice you make.

Now when you hear Intel or positive descriptions of what you want in your ....."Future"....time line, why not analyze how what you are hearing ......"feels"?.......if it feels good it ......."IS REAL". When it feels bad........"It is not real".......unless through free will you just want to feel bad as the Cabal likes to feel bad. All of it a choice. Now, when your day is too ....."real"....and it feels bad are you going to ...."pray for help?"

Well? already got your prayer answered and you did not even hear it. You felt good or you felt bad. That was a prayer answered before you even asked it or made it. So when you create or empower ......"Lack" your reality and time line which is ......."subjectively real".......for you. What are you doing latter when things you created you don't like and then you go asking for GOD to heal you? TO help you? What are you talking about? What are you doing?

You are missing the boat and did not see that a rescue ship was sent (by God) in the flood of your created realty to guide you out. The problem is that we do not understand the laws of attraction or how manifestation operates. Bitching at what we have created for ourselves puts the problem and the solution ...."outside"...of us, when it is ...."inside".... of us. It is us who are making the RV happen or not. As ....."un-real"..... as that may sound to a BS filled mind full of programing........that is the real....."REAL".

A better way would be to use the tools that OWK shared recently. Where the present and the future have meaning and use......."Time Line Discernment Techniques".......along with what feels good for you. If you hear Intel that is uplifting it is ......"real'".....if it fits in the future time line predictive future you want to experience. If what you are hearing is ......"true"......and fits at the moment for you. It is True and ....."real".....That is reality. That is another compass with no Lack in it.

Now what happens when things don't go your way every day? What are you going to do? You do the only thing you can do. That is to listen to see if you got mail from Source itself.........and you do. Do you hear that Prayer of Creation answered for you before you even asked it? It is there. That is how much Love there is in the Universe for YOU. So when you choose to listen to programing that speaks in your name and says it is ........."real"....just analyze how it feels. If it feels bad......then it is Source itself telling you that what you are listening too is pure BS..........and that other time lines of no limitations exist for you.

So who will you listen too?........Free get to decide and choose. You can also go deep and deeper and find yourself within and less focused on the game of duality. That is another positive option that does not hurt and ......"balances".....Life. Self knowledge empowers your manifestations.Yet, all to that is also a choice of Free Will and what brings you JOY. Go deep if it brings you JOY.

So in conclusions, there are no limitations in Creation, only limiting....."meanings".....Listen to positive meanings.

Much Love Victor



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