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"Yosef on Latest RTC" by Sierra - 7.20.17

Entry Submitted by Sierra at 12:44 AM EDT on July 20, 2017 I popped on and checked, and yay, there he was! Listen at 2'07".... ...

Thursday, July 20, 2017

ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 7.20.17

Subject: The Mid Week by ZAP from "The Office of Poofness''
From: "The Office of Poofness" <>
Date: Thu, July 20, 2017 9:24 am

Zap Says














JULY 19, 2017



Thank you for your support as we do our best to keep you up to date. We couldn't do this Without Your Help.!!! Please go to using the account address: to support the cause. Please remember to click friends and family when sending. If you are not a member of paypal and sending a donation please send an e-mail to so we can log you in and send you a Thank You. We appreciate all the help you continue to provide in keeping food on people's tables, medical needs met, computers running and shelter .

With Much Gratitude and Appreciation, Susan

Love and Kisses,

"The Office of Poofness"

ZAP, Susan and Staff

Paul Ryan's Speech of Tax Reform at the New Balance Factory

Streamed live 7 hours ago

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to visit the New Balance factory—one of the company’s five athletic shoe manufacturing facilities in New England. Speaker Ryan will promote the historic tax reform plan currently being developed by the House, Senate, and Trump administration.

ACH Payments: Secret Account Unleashed

Ach payments… Secret account unleashed

Posted on July 20, 2017
by David Robinson


YOU ARE A PRIVATE BANKER. YOU ARE TO SETOFF/ADJUST debt in PRIVATE. Secured Party collateral rights are PRIVATE. You can be a secured party on the PRIVATE SIDE even without a UCC-1 filing. The UCC-1 is to give notice on the PUBLIC SIDE of YOUR COLLATERAL RIGHTS. This is why you can use the private accounts to adjust and set off PUBLIC DEBTS. THERE IS NO MONEY ON THE PRIVATE SIDE. Debt is used on the PUBLIC side to discharge other PUBLIC DEBTS.


The UCC was shut down, foreclosed upon along with all the government’s banks including BIS, Fed Reserve etc. We now own the Fed Reserve, unrebutted in universal international and common law. We are as we have always been, the source of the value, it is ours now without any BS statutes, codes, rules, or regulations.

Source: Maine Republic Email Alert

US Treasury's Recovery Act Data Visualization

Resource Center

Treasury Recovery Act Data

The Department of the Treasury has significant responsibilities related to the Recovery Act. Treasury has nine programs – including several initiatives involving tax changes that will affect almost all Americans, and will deliver an estimated $150 billion of direct relief to Americans and their families. You can monitor state-by-state data related to these programs using this chart. More information about the Recovery Act.

Treasury Recovery Act Data as of 9-30-2010
Treasury Recovery Act Data as of 7-31-2010

  1. Qualified School Construction Bond data includes state allocations as well as large local educational agencies.
  2. Tribal Economic Development Bond allocation does not include 17 non-disclosed recipients that total $326,274,029.58
  3. First Time Homebuyer Credits as of October 2, 2010.
  4. Economic Payment information does not include 24,226 "catch up" payments for the Veterans Administration and Railroad Retirement Board roughly 50,000 reissued payments reported by FMS.
  5. Build America Bond issuance data collected from Bloomberg.

Consumer Scam Alert: Using Federal Reserve Routing Account Numbers

Consumer Scam Alert: Do Not Use Federal Reserve Routing Account Numbers to Pay Bills; Could Face Late Fees, Other Charges

For immediate release: July 12, 2017

Recently, the Federal Reserve Banks have received a number of unauthorized transactions in which consumers have tried to use the Fed’s routing numbers and their Social Security numbers to pay their bills.

It is important for consumers to know that when making online or e-check bill payments, they cannot use Federal Reserve routing numbers. Federal Reserve routing numbers are used for sorting and processing payments between banks. Any video, text, email, phone call, flyer, or website that describes how to pay bills using a Federal Reserve Bank routing number or using an account at the Federal Reserve Bank is a scam.

The Federal Reserve provides banking services only for banks. Individuals do not have accounts at the Federal Reserve.

The bill payments being attempted using the Fed’s routing numbers are being rejected and returned unpaid. Consumers who have attempted to use the Fed’s routing numbers to pay their bills may be subject to penalty fees from the company they were attempting to pay.

"Censorship" - GCR/RV Community Thought - 7.20.17

"Pursuit of Freedom" - GCR/RV Community Thought - 7.20.17

Messages of Love for July 20, 2017

"Dearest Sierra Re: Photo" by Candice - 7.20.17

Entry Submitted by Sierra at 10:21 PM EDT on July 20, 2017

"Re: Patrick's Photo" by Sierra - 7.20.17


Thank you for sharing your lovely photo with this family!

Your beautiful spirit is radiant!

For many months I have "recognized" your soul, and feel as if we are sisters. Each of your posts makes me feel like we've known each other forever!

I hope we get to meet some day!

Blessed Joys,

Candice, from Vermont, USA

"To the Fools" by 5D Hero - 7.20.17

Entry Submitted by 5D Hero at 9:59 PM EDT on July 20, 2017

As you can see I am not Richard. Let's get that straight.

One Who Teaches: Did I ever say that Yosef ONLY said what I reported? No I did not. It's recorded, everyone can listen and hear the entire Yosef message if they so choose. I'm not here to endlessly repeat EVERYTHING. I am simply pointing out that YOSEF said that the TDA's are not for us currency holders. Is that so hard for you to understand? So why is ANYONE talking about it here?! If it's not for us then it's for the John Q public right? There will be a public announcement, right? So we need not talk about it here on IDC, RIGHT?????? Sure, Yosef "confirmed" Fisher's post. Now, what does that mean exactly? Did he simply confirm it's existence? I think THAT IS ALL. You like to make things up though and take it to whole different level.

YES! We are ALL the best of the best! The best of the best LIGHT WARRIORS and the best of the best CABAL SCUM. Your advantage...numbers. OUR advantage...POWER. Let's get that straight.

Republic Patriot: Time for you to throw away your "personal inventory" because it's garbage. Here's one from Richard that you should ponder DEEPLY: Perception, Sight and Seeing means nothing, when looking through the eyes of one's own delusions.

Obviously you did not listen to Yosef's ENTIRE message on that Wacky call. Listen to ALL of it! No, I'm not going to do the work for you and tell what part it's at. Go do your own homework!


5D Hero

"To Gypsy Star" by One Who Teaches - 7.20.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Teaches at 9:53 PM EDT on July 20, 2017

"Re: One Who Teaches on OWK" by Gypsy Star - 7.20.17

Ahhhh you are truly, truly a beautiful soul! You are in such a stage like the Butterfly or Flower that is opening to show its true self and beauty.

You are so right, I should not let his bad vibes cause me to have anger. But I guess I have always been the one to stand up for others, even if I sacrifice myself in order to protect them. I believe it is a past life issue that was unresolved and then as a kid I dealt with bullies and wow did it make me angry. I think this is the last thing I await to fall away, I asked to release it so it no longer affects me. I use to never post, all I did was watch as an observer from a higher perspective, then Wham, I saw his deceit and attacks and labeling on people who questioned him and I knew thru own psychic ability he was a fraud. I also knew the places he was stealing the info from very well, it just had to be pointed out for the innocents who are deceived, I just wanted to save them pain and to stop the negative attacks that was really bringing down the vibrations at IDC s a whole. It was out of control. I still feel sorry for the ones that are so blind they can't and won't see the proof right in front of them! But I guess we all had or have something to learn and let go of -- just as Jesus talks about in regards to false teachers and prophets, and how they would gain following but would justify attacking anyone who points out their deceit or trickery. This mirrors what he teaches to a T! Tests maybe?

Well ,I so appreciate your love and light. Funny you mentioned your abilities are growing, as are mine and its blowing my mind! Today I was handed an envelope and right away I saw whose name was on the information inside (mind u it was about someone other than the one who sent it) Certainly I have had visions while Reading someone and seeing certain items but this we very very different. I saw in my minds eye the name signed n ink, not typed and that's exactly how it was done! Lol Crazy COOL!! The visions are more clear and exact. Before it would be a foggy symbol, not the picture as a whole. Wild! You know Mediums run in our family and healers but I am an Intuitive Indigo, BlueRay Empath with Clair sentients & Clairvoyance which is totally different fro them. Usually if your mother is a medium, chances are u wish be too. It follows in females from the mothers side more strongly. Where the heck did I come from?! Lol I know I am a Starseed, I connect with the ships every night telepathically and physically. They send so much love it brings me to tears. The Angelic groups and Arcturians are truly affecting Starseed now and will even do extra work for those who ask for it. I see coming from the Pleiades You have ascended before while there, but also had a life here working in pyramids that are not Egyptian. They are in another country, and they have been hidden, yet found now and the energy can be felt and measured to this day. I see you with crystals and in a chamber that is private, as if u wanted to keep your energy separate from others, yet u were some kind of Oracle or Energy reader and adjuster. I see you in a blue flowing type of long dress but also with a special blue robe. Meditate with some blue stones, I think u will reconnect to that old energy as I see it blending into u on the astral. Also, I think we will begin to see a lot of Empaths blooming and coming into being.. I heard from some other psychics that they saw Empaths being the leaders of the future because we can see liars, deceivers, intentions, hearts and natural energies from other beings we will be working with and animals etc! I also found the same belief from there Galactics, so get ready Butterfly!! Thanks again for the loving reminder. You are a beautiful soul! OneWhoTeaches

"Six Ways to Sunday" by John - 7.20.17

Entry Submitted by John at 9:49 PM EDT on July 20, 2017

Financial Services

Honestly, you've got 'em six ways to Sunday if you've done your homework! This is the text receipt immediately after making payment the first time. #1

Next is the receipt that appeared on The My Verizon App on my phone. #2

Third is the email confirmation that I received, which I have saved in its entirety in a folder for this incident. All three of these were within minutes of each other on 7/11

On July 14th 2017 at approximately 9:00 AM, after seeing that my Payment had not been credited. I called Financial Services at Verizon and spoke with Verizon employees

Supervisor #8465543

First Oper. #850477

Very nice people.

regarding payment not credited to my acvount and, Noel ran the payment again and said, "You're good to go." I then asked, "Will I get another confirmation?" and he said "Yes!" This is a screenshot of the text I received from Verizon immediately upon making payment.

This was the second run-through using same account number which is my SS# but, I received this. This is a screenshot of the text I received immediately after running the payment through with my account # a second time. Note the "day and time" of this text is (July 14, 2017) Friday 10:31 AM and yet, in the body of the text it is referring to a payment on 07/11/2017

We had been advised to use the number on the back of our SS cards as our account number instead but, I couldn't find my SS card so, a buddy allowed me to use his to pay my bill and, I received this

The following is a screenshot of record made to discharge a debt left by my ex-wife, complete with confirmation number. This was created by her and Verizon representative convincing me that "her bill would be her own, not attached to mine, if her phone could be piggy-backed on mine." That's what the Verizon guy said. That I recall, I never signed anything. I found out about her walking away from her obligation after attempting to as a "notepad" to my account but, was allowed. I hadn't paid it for two reasons. #1 it's a matter of principle. Based on what Verizon's own employee said to me. #2 I simply haven't had the money. This was written off by Verizon but,

it is now supposed to be discharged. This is #4

To begin with and,

Bear in mind, in regards to the ACH system, I guarantee you, the Attorneys for each of these companies who've taken payment via ACH, know exactly what the law says. They also know that they have zero risk in using the ACH system. That's how it was setup. If they're drawing funds from a good account, when you give them the final approval to extract the funds from your account, ZAP! It's DONE! Hence, the word "RECEIVED." "Received" means just's not like there's a referee standing on the sideline to rule Dez Bryant's potentially game winning reception as "incomplete pass." The "referee" is already built into the system by way of all the protocols. If you don't meet those protocols, they'll tell you instantly but, to go one step further, here's something else from Black's Law Dictionary, also a screenshot. That way, there's no chance of anyone saying that I taped it down wrong.

Now, I'm not a lawyer but, this is from what is often referred to as the Lawyers' Bible. In essence, just like in everyday life, words do mean specific things. Nowhere in the world does that statement ring more true than when Attorneys are Attorning the law. Remember Bill Clinton making the statement "It depends upon what the meaning of "is" is." Here's the short video.

Note that in Black's Law the definition of "payment" includes the word "performance." So, when we receive a confirmation, it's confirming our performance. Then, when you look at the definition of "confirmation", notice it says, it's "confirmation that payment has been received", as in "Past tense", already done so, to "reverse" the payment is the same as refusing to accept or keep something they have already received. Well, the law covers that also but, it's not from Black's Law. We're going to look at the actual Law in the Uniform Commercial Code, it says in

So, first of all, we're talking about simple contractual law and, here's what part "b" says

"If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made..." Notice what Black's Law has to say about "Tender."

Notice that it includes the word "satisfaction." So, it seems to me that it's implied that a "tender" is the act of "satisfying" the "demand" to pay and, here's what Black's Law Dictionary has to say about it.

You see, the companies who are saying everything from "call your bank" to, telling us it's a "non-transactional account" are fighting for their everlovin' lives. They aren't the "masters" anymore because theirs lies have been discovered. The truth of the matter, those of us who are paying these debts off are merely doing what we said we would do when we chose to "enter into contract" with them but, here's the BIGGEST TRUTH and, you can look this up for yourselves. HJR-192 (House Joint-Resolution 192) spells out the process of gaining access to these very same accounts. Way back then, when HJR-192 was passed and, subsequently coded into law, part of the agreement was, "they would include a remedy to getting out of the system but, they weren't required to tell the people about it." If someone found it, the government wasn't required to do anything except provided paperwork that was specifically asked for. Now, through the efforts of some brave warriors such as Heather Tucci-Jarraf that wall has been knocked down.

Let me paint a mental image for you.

Let's say a hunter is out hunting Deer and, the hunter comes upon his prey. Deer being "fright to flight" animals, the hunter makes himself as motionless as possible, he takes aim, pulls the trigger and, instantly, the bullet penetrates the heart of the majestic Buck. Being a "fright to flight" animal, and because the bullet hit its target faster than the speed of the sound of the percussion of the rifle, there's a split-second delay and, the Buck starts to flee but, drops to the ground instead. You see, the Buck was dead before he even knew it.

That's where I see the old system is right now. The difference is, a wooden stake has been driven through the heart of the beast, it's laying out there in the open and, the sun is about to shine its first rays of light upon all the corruption. You all know what happens to a blood-sucker at sunrise...they turn to ashes

"On Republic Patriot Attacking 5D Hero" by TM - 7.20.17

Entry Submitted by TM at 9:28 PM EDT on July 20, 2017

"5D Hero, Please Own your True Identity" by Republic Patriot - 7.20.17

Mr/Ms patriot.
I have a dear friend of almost 30 yrs ask me if I had posted.
I told her I did not.
She thought it was my style.
She was wrong

As I am sure you are.
Yes . We Know you have a hard on for OWK.
Which I happen to RESPECT


Keep it respectful

Republic Patriot U Aint!!

Tony from the Sovereign State of Florida

"In Response to K" by BiffMadagan - 7.20.17

Entry Submitted by BiffMadagan at 9:19 PM EDT on July 20, 2017

Thx...just don't like all the bickering & back stabbing comments being rifled around. All that negative energy is called "loosh" by some that negative energies feed off of and I feel they're trying to stir the pot amongst us.

Never been good with too much time on my hands...guess it's the old devil's hands are his workshop mantra. 30+ years with Fortune 500 companies taught me the 6- P's.

Did sign up with Bruce for my area the other day & will keep my ear to the ground and B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

Pax Vobiscum (Peace Be With You)


"Stand Up Comedy" by The Happily Ever After Agency - 7.20.17

Entry Submitted by The Happily Ever After Agency at 9:11 PM EDT on July 20, 2017

Hello All You Beautiful Members Of The Family Of Light ...

My Last Post Was A Bit Like .....

Not All Ways Easy Grounding Such Intense Energies ...

Caught Between A Rock And Heaven , Not Sure If One Needs To Wear Your Swimming Suit

Or A Bullet Proof Vest These Days .....

Caught Between Two Worlds , Not For The Faint Hear-ted .....

But The Universe All Ways Provides Entertainment ...

Thank You .....

Now 5D Hero Is Richard ..... I Can Tell You If Richard Wanted To Say Any Thing , He Would

Say It To Your Face People ...

Man , This Shit Is Funny ... Thank You For The Belly Laughs .. You Had Me In Stitches ...

Remember Richard Has All Ways Been Upfront With Us ......

Not Like Some Slimy Snakes We Have Here ....

I AM In Correspondence With 5D Hero , He Is No More Richard Than I AM The Freakin Easter Bunny ...

All Though 5D My Man , That Is Is A Massive Complement They Have Given You .......

Some Days I Be Like Cabal .....

Then Other Days , I Be Like Cabal ...

Just Remember Gals And Guys , The Universe Is A Mirror , What You Put Out Comes

Right Back To You ......

Look In That Mirror ....

It Is All Going To Come Back To You Soon , That Is Not A Threat , Its Just What You Ordered From The Universe ...

No One To Blame But That Person That Looks Back At You In The Mirror....

Family Members , The Herd Is Thinning ....

Cabal Are Getting Desperate ....

They Are Even Doing Stand Up Comedy Now .....

Please Use Your God Given Intuition ....

We Are The Rock Stars Of The Angel World ...

We Do Not Play As A Cover Band In A Pub ......

The Curtains Are About To Open , On The Biggest Gig You Have Will EVER Play In .....

Use This Time Wisely Please ....

Richard Has All Ways Had Our Back , Remember That .....


Your Loving Brother


Ps: Notice The Magic All Around You ...

You All Rock My World .......




"5D Hero is my Hero" by Daughter of Terra - 7.20.17

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 9:06 PM EDT on July 20, 2017

In light and love I offer you the following for your consideration:

One Who Teaches and Republic Patriot. Nice try...not really. So let me get this straight. It some hows matters more who transcribed a call than the reason why it needed to be transcribed. Huh?

Additionally, Richard Lee Mckim Jr/ One Who Knows/ One Who Believes/ Starfynder. Has never had a ln issue putting a name to himself. So if he was 5D Hero he would say so. And I know for a fact that he is not. Interestingly enough so do you. You know who Richard is, you also know who Richard is not. So this game is pointless and a distraction from the fact that she questioned "if Christ wins in the end".

Richard has a call 3 nights a week. He posts on Ascension with earth. His posts are imported here. Why oh why would he have or need another name and somehow it be missed or not mentioned? When his real name is attached to everything he does and not only that. He makes full display of any other aliase. Unlike Both of you because niether of you are posting under names you began with when you first started posting here. Know that. You are doing what you are accusing him of doing. The fact that he is not 5D hero and you are saying so when you know better, is a sad display and your whole strategy is so visible.

The fact that you bring Richard into this shows a great deal. Not only about who you are but also who sent you.

Heres some interesting tidbits for you.

"Because a Doctor real or not should not be supporting snakes in any capacity and disguising it so poorly".

(For those who have ears to hear).
July 10th

"ONE WHO TEACHES you are one who deceives and ONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW what you are talking about. 5D HERO is not ONE WHO KNOWS. That is another great one though. You feel a bit TPAOish to me. Hmmm? I AM not calling you out, but something doesn't jive there. Doesn't mesh".

July 4th

I wrote those weeks ago. And many others. So pardon me; that it does seem strange to talk about someone who has nothing to do with what "she" said. That by the way still needs to be addressed. Why would a Christian ask twice, if her guest is sure if Christ wins in the end.

Why does she say at 1:55:00 that God is Sovereign. That is a redundant statement, is it not? Unless you are talking about some lesser one that needs to be reminded how powerful they are like Trump.

The guest says "Don't turn your back on these individuals...Don't trust them". (Satan worshippers) her reply is. "I believe thats for the ones on the front line". What? So if you are not actively engaged in war with these ones you should turn the other cheek? What about the people who listen to her conference calls and have no idea who she is and what she stands for. Their antenna should be down because they are not on the front line. Who is she to decide and determine who needs to use discernment and when?

These points as listed above have nothing to do with Richard why keep bringing him up. He does not even post here anymore. As he himself have stated and the world can see. Bait and switch all the time. Lets forget all that but, hey Richard may be 5D Hero. Give me a break.

Oh and either one of you could have done this.

It starts at 1:50:00. The call itself is a little over 2 hours. Here is the link for you to see for yourself. Do not just take my word on it.

Let people make up their own minds. They do not need you for that.

5D HERO YOU rock. Thanks for the transcripts.

Daughter Terra.

"What do we do Now and Post RV?" - Peoples Dinar Discussion 7-20-17

Peoples Dinar

What do we do Now and Post RV?

Hopesway: Let's (me and all of those out there who have wisdom to share) (not that I have wisdom but I have learned a few things LOL) talk about what we have learned up until this point:

For some of us we won't be able to do much without a little bit of seed money. That means exchanging one or two 25k notes right off the bat. This also gives us the opportunity to make sure it is really real. Like pinching ourselves. One of the "big" banks will be able to take care of that I am sure.

Once we have some moola in our pockets we can breathe financially. By that time we will of course know the rate. Good. The next step is to find out what to do with the rest of our dinar. Now is the time to contact that CPA etc we have all been advised to have scoped out. I have mine all picked out. I haven't talked to them yet. There is no reason to. It also time to contact the pre-vetted financial adviser we have decided on.

I am adding to this post but wanted to get this started. All you money smart people out there feel free to jump in with good reminders of what should be doing right now, or have prepared by now.

Maybe a list would be the easiest.

Pre - RV

$ - research to find a good

a. CPA

b. financial adviser

c. tax attorney

(but don't contact them until post RV)

How do you research people like that? I started with friends I trusted - other than that hopefully others here will add ideas on this

$ - Make a list of people - with phone numbers - of all you will need to call when it RV's

$ - Make a list of things to do

a. the day it RV's

b. the day after

c. the week of

d. the month of
e. etc etc
$ - Decide what items you NEED to purchase right away - not WANT (that can come later after you have a budget)


$ - As soon as it RV's refer to your call list

$ - Go to a bank if you need to exchange a couple of notes for instant money (we will not be calling first unless we hear from reliable sources that we should) (also take plenty of safety precautions which I won't go into here)

$ - Call your CPA, financial adviser and tax attorney (or whomever you have decided is right for you)

I am going to stop right there but here are some random things I have learned or we have talked about.

No one knows how we are going to be taxed. Some optimistically think it will be capital gains. That would be wonderful. We have prepared for a higher rate though. We are figuring about %40 taxes and %10 tithe - so rounded off %50. (We live a no state tax state). If it is less, yahoo for us.

The financial adviser we are going to use (a friend who we have been blessed to discuss this with pre-rv) have given us some things to think about. First - PAY YOUR TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second - tithe. Third - MAKE A BUDGET!!!!!!!!

Among other things we were asked to think about how much of a monthly budget you think you need - want to live on for the long term. This has been hard for us personally to consider because we are not sure what our life style is going to be. Anyway, come up with a figure.

Take a years worth ie $10k a month would equal $120k, and put it in an account and live off that amount for the year. Don't fudge. After a year you will know how accurate your figure is and can adjust.

That is when you know how much you will want to put in long term annuities or some kind of long term investment which will net you the correct amount each month.

Ok smart money people - let's hear from you! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please remember I am NOT - NOT any kind of a financial adviser and am NOT - NOT giving advice. Please do your own due diligence.

TheRainMaker: I have an uber wealthy friend who actually has a wealth management team of professionals that he has worked with for over 20 years. I've been invited to meet with them once I'm ready.

Point being, if you know any wealthy individuals, chances are they are working with professionals that they have a relationship with and trust. If at all possible... seek these people our for advice, may save you a lot of time trying to find all the right people... just my two cents

AbundantlyBlessed: Thanks, Hopes. I just purchased a new journal to put down the names of my CPA, Financial Advisor, etc., and their numbers. I'll take your lists and add to this journal so that I'll be READY!!!!!! GLORAAAYYY!!!!!!!

I have another journal which I call my "Blessings Journal" which lists the names of those ministries and persons I believe God wants to bless through me. (It's a growing list!

TraderSteve: I retired as an Investment Advisor, and was the owner of a Registered Investment Adviser firm for a number of years. I wrote a short paper on the difference between a brokerage and an RIA firm as both an educational document and marketing piece.

I was also a state representative for the Asset Protection Society for several years. You can visit their website at for more information, including a very good educational section. There are some very good people working at retail brokerage firms, but you need to know where their legal allegiance lies. Above all, do your own due diligence. Steve

Sir Joseph: I think the mechanics of wealth retention and growth, albeit important, tend to be small by comparison to the mental side of sudden changes in a persons financial condition, ie:

1. "A fool and his money are soon parted". - Look at the net worth of loto winners and professional sports giants 5 years after the golden goose drops its egg. The golden egg often becomes a goose egg.

2. "The Fear of loss is emotionally twice as taxing as the joy of success". ... And the golden egg is where? ... Unfortunately the egg can become our owner if we allow the fear of going back to the hand to mouth days of financial scarcity over recognition that all earthly wealth vanishes with the lack of a beating heart.

Somewhere between foolish squandering or hording of wealth lies a vast landscape of happy, healthy, and giving activites resulting in the enjoyment of an abundant life. May we all navigate that landscape with full appreciation of the beauty around us. Sir Joseph

WRJCJ1: No one has mentioned this, so I figured I'de throw it in. It is certainly part of the post RV actions. We have discussed on this forum in the past how the profits from the RV would be taxed by the IRS. Well, I don't recall anyone pinning that down for sure so here it is. Proof Document, ( IRS Publication 525 for the tax year 2014 ).

On page 31 of that publication under title heading "Foreign Currency Transactions", I quote"

If you have a gain on a personal foreign currency transaction because of changes in exchange rate, you do not have to include that gain in your income unless it is more than $200. If the gain is more than $200, report it as a capital gain." So, that is the tax law as of tax year 2014.

What, if anything, the IRS changes that to for any year after tax year 2014 remains to be seen. Just thought I would pass that on in case anyone was still wondering about it. Smiles and Sunshine, Wayne

Hopesway: I am thinking we won't know for sure what our taxes are going to be on this unique investment until it happens. It sure would be nice if it was capital gains though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still planning on %50 take home after all is said and done.

Maynard: If you look at the regs with the IRS, I highly doubt many people here will qualify for capital gains treatment on exchange. Although I am an attorney, tax law is NOT my field, but having reviewed the legislation and regs, I will say that I am planning for the worst - ordinary gains treatment.

As I said before, you all might want to consider AT LEAST consulting professionals who are bonded or have malpractice insurance so they are in a position to be responsible for the consequences of whatever it is they advise you to do. This is not the time for an internet quickie.

FWIW, I know my own limitations. I have already lawyered up and picked my financial guy, who was referred by a really good business firm. I am also considering paying a hefty sum for a very thorough application for private revenue ruling from the IRS. I don't think states do them, or I'd do that, too.

Just be smart. Plan on the tax scenario being freaking ugly. Hopefully, with the right guidance you can get yourselves in a position to be pleasant surprised or at least find a way to limit the bleeding. ;) Maynard

Hopesway: This is from a former "chat groupie" Hi Diane, Love the thoughts.

One thing I think is missing that I am going to insist everyone (including you and Chuck) do is see a good Insurance Agent. We need 1. Top of the line health insurance. 2. A Liability Umbrella Policy. Take Care. ***** aka PrivateDancer!

WRJCJ1: I want to make sure that everyone understands the post I put on this morning. I went to the IRS office in my area and got a physical copy of the Publication 525 for tax year 2014.

I have quoted word for word exactly what the publication says. Including all punctuation. Income from the exchange of foreign currency that exceeds $200 is reported as capital gains.

Please, make no mistake, that was the tax law for the tax year 2014. We are now in the tax year 2015 and that law may not apply. The IRS could very easily amend that law for tax year 2015 if the RV happens this year.

It is my opinion that the IRS would need to publish an amended publication 525 for tax year 2015 and we would want to have that amended publication in hand if the RV were to happen.

It would be unwise to assume that the 2014 publication was still the current law. Therefore, I would say that Maynard's and Hopesway's words of caution are valid. Smiles and Sunshine, Wayne

Maynard: Most excellent points, Wayne. And the ultimate decision about tax treatment is subject to rules and regs promulgated by the IRS. As an administrative agency, their discretion is broad and the rules for qualifying as capital gain treatment can change on a dime. There are arguments in this debate going both ways - that fact alone is something to be concerned about.

I mentioned looking into requesting a private letter ruling from the IRS. Their decision in that case is ONLY binding on that individual applicant, but at least it might get one some peace of mind. I have never done this and would never consider making the application without the help of an experienced professional in this area, but here's the IRS link for very general info

Rogc: My Brother is a Tax preparer for H&R Block. THey did a test run on this and it also came out as long term Capitol Gains

Nahna: Exercise caution cashing and carrying large sums of cash with you. There are civil forfeiture laws that could permit authorities to seize your cash even in absence of a wrong doing charge. Then the burden of proof be placed upon yourself to prove it was not intended for terrorism or other illegal activity.

View the following cnn link:

Swann1: Maynard- my CPA said those IRS letters can take 6 months or more to get processed.

IMO, your best bet is a highly qualified CPA, and tax attorney to prepare your documents; i.e., LLC's, etc., promissory notes to kids - or whomever, means you can "loan" as much as you want, and then "forgive" the annual "gift" limit, thus avoiding them being taxed on a gift.

My CPA agrees that it is long-term capital gains, if held for one year + one day, and said the rules in place at the time of exchange would be applicable - I'm counting on the IQD holding Congressmen/women to avoid any increases!!! He also belives that any EO on tax increases would be challenged in Federal court, and not immediately applicable.

Remember - your income on a capital gain is not subject to monthly or quarterly reporting. You are entitled to go through the entire year that the gain occurs, and apply any and all legal deductions to your gain, and report/pay taxes at either April 15th or file an extension for reporting Oct 15th.

Maynard: Thanks, Swan. I'm aware of the time lag and that is discouraging. If your CPA turns out to be right, I will be deliriously happy. For me an extension for the 2015 tax year is a foregone conclusion. Maybe even late filing with penalties, considering what's at stake.

I have other tax professionals that feel that it will be ordinary income. But what distresses me is that we don't have a clear directive from anyone as to what our rightful obligations will be.

I just figure that, maybe the best I can do is create a paper trail to establish that I made diligent efforts to determine what my obligations are before submitting a tax return.

If reasonably honest people, including those with significant training, can't give you a definitive answer - there is something seriously wrong with the way the constitution authority of our government to raise revenue through taxes is being exercised.

All I really want is for somebody in government to man or woman up - just tell us what we have to do, so we don't have to guess and hire defense attorneys

Swann1: From what I've been told, the 'ordinary income liability' on currency applies to those individuals who receive a gain on money they bring back from foreign countries - whether they bought it here for travel, or brought it back from business or pleasure travel.

The difference for us is, that we bought it as an investment, just like land or other real estate, with the reasonable expectation of a profit at some time in the future.

in other words, it's the intent of the holder, and with our purchase documents, intent would be easy to prove.

Noeta: I have no information to back this up but my gut tells me that by the time this actually happens there will be a more definitive direction as to how this will be taxed. JMO

Swann1: Noeta- I think that's what obama has been trying to do for years, and those pesky congressmen/women just won't play ball....

IRS can't make up a new rule to suit 'someone'.... Congress has to be involved, and I don't see the GOP letting taxes be a topic for 2016.

Capital gains is the only thing in the rulebook that comes close, and my CPA said it's worth the fight - if there even is one.... btw... he and his partners are licensed in all 50 states, and are invested...

Swann1: the tax rules apply the same for everyone. the difference is the taxpayer's who have deductions, etc. anyone benefiting from this investment should make quality representation a priority.

Hopesway: I was talking to my friend and he said he is going to Tithe FIRST and THEN pay taxes. Just an FYI

Also! Another part of things that can be discussed is security. Do you just walk into the bank with however million dinar you have and plop it down on the counter and say, please exchange this for me.?

(I know you don't by the way) But what ARE the best ways to handle the physical exchange? I have heard so many thoughts on this from hiring off duty police officers to accompany you (good idea btw) to hiring a brinks truck to deliver it to the bank for you.

What is logical and wise? I suppose it would depend on how much you have. If you have 100k dinar it would be a lot less concerning than having multiple millions. Thanks for the input to come!!!!!!!!!

HOPESWAY: Let's say you hold 1 million dinar. (I am not asking by the way ;) ) Post RV it will be worth (hopefully) 3+ million dollars. Are you going to feel comfortable with that much money in your car and then walking it into a place of business and having it on your person while you wait your turn?

And I am not sure I would accept a check. When you take the check to the bank what will they do with it?

just being the devil's advocate here, there could be simple answers to all of it

Swann1: my CPA has already spoken to his contact at Wells Fargo - I guess you call them wealth managers or something- and I will use him after making an appointment. one thing I agree with, is don't make transactions at a teller window...

I would never mail my dinar to anyone or let it out of my hands, without a verifiable receipt that it's in my account. as for transporting it, i'll be "dressing down", and only take a few bills on the first visit, hidden in my underwear!!!!

I don't think you'd be a target, if you act 'normal', but that's a personal call. I have family in law enforcement, and they're invested, but I think I'd be ok on my own if I'm careful.....

Vinman33: I've been quietly waiting for someone to make this statement. To reiterate what swann1 said,


And, as I've mentioned before... U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3:

"No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed."

To summarize, a "Bill of Attainder" is a law that is targeted to "punish" (or "mal-affect," if you will), a certain individual or group. In other words, a tax law targeting currency exchangers (ie "dinarians"). Meaning, if they were to try to pass a law specific to the exchange of the IQD, it would be illegal. It would need to apply to ALL currency exchangers.

Second, an "ex post facto" law, literally means "after the fact." This means, for example, if on January 1 someone commits a crime that is punishable by a $1,000 fine, and then in February the law changes such that the fine is raised to $5,000, and the case is adjudicated (meaning, "resolved") in MARCH, the fine would be $1,000, NOT $5,000 because 'you cannot impose a harsher penalty if that penalty was put in place "after the fact" (ie. after the act was committed).'

The penalty that would be imposed, is the penalty that was the legal penalty in place at the time the act was committed. Why this may be important is, if you conduct your exchange and the tax rate is, say, 30%, but later (and before you file your taxes for that year), they RAISE the tax rate to 40%,

YOUR tax rate on that exchange SHOULD BE only 30%, because that was what the law said at the time you did the exchange. For the authorities to try to impose the 40% rate on you could (imho) easily be argued as the imposition of an ex post facto law, which is illegal.

As always... :D Seek competent, professionals in all these matters.

Dalawr3012: Vinmman23, I have to agree that they should not be able to do a post de facto law, but that has not stopped them in the past. For example, (and I know it is a controversial law but is used as an example here) a law was passed that all sex offenders from years back had to register.

It did not matter that the law was passed and enacted years after some had been convicted, they still had to register or face additional criminal proceedings. ( I am not agreeing or disagreeing, just showing you that the government does what it wants to regardless of the law.

Unitedrich: I can imagine that all of the financial professionals, tax attorneys, CPA's, etc., are going to be all over the place when this finally hits. My advice like Hopesway said is to figure you will lose half of your investment to whomever comes calling. Anything left after that is just a bonus into your account. I will do this because I would rather err on the side of caution. I have been audited before and it is not fun, or to put it bluntly it sucks!' Rich

Sailrat: Rich, I think you are correct. I do not have a staff of tax people standing by, but intend to use information from the members of this website to focus my plans. I plan to have the US gov take 50 - 55%.

Of course my plans date from 2012. Hopefully, this will be the year that I get to implement them.

Mic: I will pay 50% or what ever the max is to never have to worry about the IRS. I can then file for any refund of over payment. This gives me peace of mind. I've been invested for over 7 years and have never wavered from that decision. That decision just made it easier to accept any tax or RV rate that I was looking at once this happens.

Brichards513: I guess it is time for me to chime in as well and hopefully I can add something to the conversation. First I want to thanks Hopes for starting this thread - it is always good to give yourself a check-up from the neck-up when you are going to be dealing with issues that can and will have an enormous impact on your future.

I have to say that I agree with a number of the comments and suggestions that have been given. I definitely agree with TraderSteve and Maynard on the information that they are bringing.

One of the things that I wanted to find in the PD archives - but I don't have time right now to do it is there was a thread similar to this one from several years ago now - and a member by the name of ConnectwithScott had written extensively about the tax topic.

If my memory serves me correct - he was either a tax attorney or a CPA who was invested and he was trying to ascertain how this would play out with the IRS.

He HAD gone through the process of getting on opinion letter from the IRS regarding the treatment of our Dinar Investment. Based on what he had written and the response that he received from the IRS - he was pretty much certain that it would be treated as ordinary income.

That being said - I personally agree with the line of thinking that your tax liability is all based on the intent of your purchase. As I am sure - the VAST majority - if not the entire membership here at PD bought their dinar as a investment - NOT as a currency trader - but as a long term investor.

(And for many of us the phrase "Long Term" has taken on even greater significance since it has been YEARS & YEARS that we have been invested - I've held my dinar since 2007). Since it was our intent that this currency be held as an investment - then it is my hope that it will be treated as long term capital gains.

Another member who is a currency trader is GPCarter - and I am pretty sure that he feels certain that this will be treated as ordinary income as well. So to summarize - depending on whose perspective you believe - it can certainly go either way - again no one knows.

One of the other things that I wanted to add to this discussion is this: I would suggest that you make sure that you find a FULLY QUALIFIED financial planner to assist you with your future plans. A planner who is excellent in their field and is a master of their craft will be the quarterback of your financial team.

My suggestion would be to pick your planner first and then have THEM suggest possible candidates to assist with your legal concerns, your tax planning questions, and your accounting worries.

It would be in your best interest to have those additional professionals be people that your planner works well with and they have similar views on areas of concern with tax planning and mitigation, estate planning, wills, trusts, insurance, etc. I also want to echo the sentiments of Hopes chat buddy who suggested that you should seek out a competent professional in the insurance and annuities field.

Many people don't realize this - but life insurance proceeds transfer to the beneficiary TAX FREE - so there are many ways to leverage this advantage to your benefit when doing tax and estate planning. It affords you the opportunity to leave a significant legacy to your heirs tax free. (It isn't called Insurance and Investments for no reason....)

So as you can see - there are a plethora of topics and areas of concern when it comes to discussing financial matters. Being fully prepared and choosing the right TEAM of professionals to assist you in handling your affairs should be an objective of paramount importance.

And just for full disclosure - I have been in the financial services industry for the past 20 years. 18 years was spent specifically in the mortgage industry where I had exposure to the markets and financial concerns on a daily basis.

The past two years I have expanded the services that I provide to my clients to now include the fields of insurance and investments. I am currently mentoring with two financial planners so that when I have put in the time and learned the requisite knowledge - then I too will be a registered financial planner. The reason for my expansion into these areas was twofold.

First - because this has always been something that I wanted to do, and Second - because in my 18 year in the mortgage industry (where discussing the family finances was something that I did daily with my clients) - it was readily apparent to me that many, many, many people were NOT having any conversations with a competent financial professional - or they didn't know whom to talk to and so they were getting instructions that were not in their best interest.

To make matters worse (and again to echo what TraderSteve indicated in his earlier post) many people were putting their trust in the hands of people who were NOT acting in their best interest. Many folks thought that they had an "investment adviser" when they may have only had the person in their HR department who was the retirement plan administrator.

That prompted me to branch out into these areas so that I could do my best to assist in educating people on these important matters. I am a person who believes in educating his clients to that they can make the right decisions based on the proper information. One of the things that I tell every client of mine is this:

It's not necessarily how MUCH you earn - but how much YOU KEEP of what you earn that matters.

With the blessing that so many of us here at PD are going to experience (whether it is this month, or this quarter, or this year) the statement in RED above couldn't ring more true!

So that's my two cents worth. I hope this was helpful and that it made sense to you..... God Bless! B-rich

Dalawr3012: Dalawr For easier navigation I edited and pared down all this information. Thank you for bringing it. :) Hope

I have saved most of the info posted in one document. Here it is for those who missed it so you don't have to go research it again, It will take a few posts to get it all on here.

After it RV's What do I do Next:

I think many of us are going to be in the same boat after it RV's and after we stop jumping around and making fools of ourselves. Well, you maybe, I will be perfectly composed.

The boat I will be in will be the one going in circles unless I have some direction. I remember Millionday saying to MAKE A PLAN!!!!! Cause after it RV's you won't even be capable of putting on matching socks much less know what to do with your funny money.

SO! This is what I have done or plan on doing:

1. I have written down all pertinent phone numbers in a consolidated place, someplace that is not hard to find!!! i.e. I have all the names and numbers of all the people I will need to call as soon as I hear it RV's. I tried to pretend it is had just RV'd, what will I need to do? I tried to think it out, think about each step and try to problem solve before it happens.

2. Make lists, I have some different colored notebooks, one color for each subject.

3. I think we have all heard the advice given to new widows, widowers; wait at least a year before making any major life decisions. I am wondering if that would be good advice for us also. Depends on cash-in time-line also. Of course I am not waiting a year to get a new car .

4. I am learning whom I may need help from post RV, i.e. a financial advisor etc and how to find them.

5. I am going to learn as much as I can about Lottery Winners Syndrome because we have "been there done that", in a much smaller way, but we don't want to make the same mistakes twice.

6. Keep my mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are not going to advertise to our town or relatives and/or friends who are not invested what just happened to our bank account! I have already closed out my facebook acct etc. This is just my personal comfort zone.

7. I am going to learn how to have a secure e-mail address etc and learn about ID Theft. My husband and I will not live in fear, but we will become educated.









​WRJCJ1: I want to apologize to all PD members concerning my original post about IRS publication 525. Maynard has a very valid point and we stand as always with no absolute assurance as to how the IRS is going to treat this RV. I should have know better than to think that a very easy to understand tax law as stated in publication 525 was the answer.

After trying to digest IRC section 988 it becomes very apparent that a guy like me could never stand a cold chance in ****** interpreting tax code. I read an article once by a retired IRS agent turned tax attorney that stated in a sense that the common citizen has no way of ever understanding the tax code.

He stated that relying on tax attorneys, CPA's, and other financial experts was a shot in the dark at best. Calling the IRS with a question also has no assurance that the advise they give you ( if you are lucky enough to even get help ), will be correct.

And guess what, you are liable non the less and subject to what ever penalty the IRS wants to apply. The saddest part of this in my opinion is we the people allow our government to treat us this way. I believe in paying my fair share of the tax burden.

I do not believe that I should have to hire a tax attorney to make sure I do it right and even then not have a guarantee that it is right. Anyways members, sorry for the not so well thought out post about publication 525. Thanks Maynard for your research and chimeing in. Smiles and Sunshine,Wayne

Maynard: Your post was perfectly legit, Wayne. And I agree, the situation is really distressing. Unless the service comes right out and tells it like it is, or like it will be, I feel like we are being forced down the road of trying for the private letter ruling. TIme consuming, expensive and dubious at best.

I have a couple of contacts who've been with the IRS and I guess I'll ask them for some options. They probably won't know either. THanks for your input. Maynard

"Eyes Wide Open!" - Thurs. PM TNT Thoughts/News



Listen...........Eyes Wide Open! This is no time for despair for Financial change is in the air! Over the years you have been given much information and trained by many intelligent people and with all that, is your believe system strong or still tarnished? Eyes wide open everything is right in front of you.

Elmer: As it has been for years. After one gets past the initial "buy-in" concepts - TIMING has always been the issue. IMO there have been more than a few times that the "pulling of the trigger" would have been successful. When he/they don't pull it; a whole new algebra has to be dealt with. Who has the '''''' to pull the trigger, if the math is right at a particular time. That, IMO is the issue.

so what do we think the hold up is? Iraq , or is someone else holding this thing up? Why would Abadi promise his people all that he did and then not deliver? I don't get that?

What makes anyone think there is any holdups? No disrespect anybody but you have to understand people get busy in pieces and with that they create timelines in truth there is no timeline it's going to be broadcast out in public first it's just going to happen if you read all the current news especially with Alak, you should be able to connect dots

It's not going to be broadcasted in public…. it is just going to happen….. Iraq owes trillions of dollars to the world ! Also even alluded to it. They cannot pay that debt back on the program sanction rate. Nuff Said!

I guess, why I think there are holdups, is because I heard from a reliable source that the RV was "done, done, done," back in December of last year, yet here we are still waiting to go to the bank. so to me that seems like some kind of a holdup/delay. plus last week Ray said that Abadi promised his people that they would see big changes, but have they seen them?

Read the link article that I posted and you can answer that question steadfast

Steadfast: What if it isn't an Iraqi issue any more? When is enough, enough on this side of the pond?

there are so many pieces to this RV it all had to happen in the right way…. I believe we really are here now!.... this was so different than Kuwait…. this includes so many other countries

Elmer,,Im with you,,,there is not hold up,,,,,the level of manifestation just hasn't reach us and they are releasing as they intend,,,,,,keeping their cards close to their chest,,,they know what they are doing

I think Iraq and the US are "priming the pump" in the few days remaining, in order to have maximum financial impact in the shortest possible time.

Literally comes down to one fact: Iraq’s currency is undervalued. It cannot stay at the current rate forever

And I guess anyone who thinks this is waiting until 2018 thinks Iraq and the IMF spent 4 days in a closed meeting in DC last week playing footsie.

well here's a quick tidbit supposedly reconstruction of Mosul starts next week that would be a good thing

Reconstruction takes a whole lot of money! Economical Advancement requires more money.....Is CBI calling for the Program Rate to changed now?

Tish if they are ISO compliant, that's international standard ISO-9001-2000

yes rock194 that is correct!

Rock: Are we looking at international standard today. Tish, I like Thursdays a lot!

islandgurl who can tell with the way things have progressed here, I wouldn't go out on that limb

In addition to the large business contracts that Trump got Iraq to sign, there is the huge business meeting in NYC, and business plans with the US…. Those corporations are not waiting until 2018…. Those contracts have start dates, and I would be suprised if they are written in pre-RV Dinar. Then again, they could be written in USD.


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