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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Notes by Adept1 4-12-17

(Notes by Adept1):

TNT Call notes 12-April-2017

Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Wednesday, April 12, 2017, with RayRen98 here on the controls. The writing is on the wall! I think you will all come to that conclusion from the information we are going to talk about .

Last night we had a “Well, bring it!” party with music in the chat room. Other folks report bits and pieces, and then you all jump to the wrong conclusions because you only get parts of the information. Then you start asking questions about things I didn’t say in the first place, or said in different context. So our party thing at night is not about intel, and if others say what was said and done, then you start bugging me…

Let me clear up something else as well. People who don’t listen to the call, then ask someone what was said, misunderstand, and then start calling me. I will clear it up this time. On the previous call, I was talking with a member or reading Q+A, and someone asked about the Saddam-era currency for Iraq. I said it could be a collector’s item, but the currency for the revaluation will be dated 2003 “and above”. I believe that is how I said it. Some people then thought that I said the only exchangeable currency is that issued in 2003. It’s any currency starting in 2003 and afterwards. I hope this clears it up.

We don’t have any new intel; we are in a waiting period to see what happens next. Some people are expecting things, but we’ve heard that a lot in the past, and we’ll see what materializes. Prices have changed in Iraq, such as the airlines adjusting their rates, cell phone companies, and even some employers changing their salaries. I have heard those things, but I haven’t received that information directly. So I’m giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, and waited to see what happens when the banks open. The banks are open now, and everything is still quiet, and the status quo. Things are closer.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q1: Awhile back it was mentioned that there may be a 2% exchange fee. Is this still a possibility? If yes is this in addition to the bank sell – buy spread? Note: Dong has spread of 10%+ at WF in CA?

A: It IS a possibility; I haven’t heard anything about that recently. This might well be in addition to the spread.

Q2: If these exchange fees are applied, in your opinion is it realistic to plan on negotiating this to zero based on certain criteria i.e. amount of exchange, (what amount) willing to keep some or all of the money in their bank for some specified time (what percent of the funds and what period of time) and agree to invest into their products?
A: It’s always worth negotiating, and all of those are factors. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate!

Q: You stated on Monday’s call that “Banks screens show “No rate available” and the rates were ” on hold due to the changing of the value of the currency.” Are the rates showing today? and if so have they returned to the normal rates prior to Monday?
A: I don’t know, I have had no reports from banks or members on this topic.

Q: About the workshop in Paris — hotels are very expensive. If you reserve a block of rooms for guests, do you get a reasonable rate? I’m not a great flyer, I can afford first-class post-RV. Can you please give details, such as how many days?
A: There are no details to give you yet, this is just a thought because there is an airshow at the end of June, so we thought it would be fun have a workshop and learn something while perusing the airplanes for individual or joint ownership.

Q: Is the Rupiah still in the mix?
A: So far as I know…

Q: I understand Zimbabwe has a few newly issued currency notes whereas the zim notes we all bought are the older ones that were no longer used. Do you know or is there a way you could find out if the banks will be taking in the type of older notes we bought or are they going to be exchanging the newly issued notes only at RV time? Thank you so much!!
A: I assume the answer is Yes to both parts of that. The rates we find on the internet are probably going to apply to the new currency, not the old. We shall see.

Q: Am I thinking about this correctly? If I spent the time to get in on the ISX ( XE Iraq stock exchange), after they go International I’m figuring the stocks I am holding will also increase dramatically in value as well . What are your thoughts?
A: That seems likely if you are dealing with electronic dinar, just like the dinar notes.

Q: I noticed so many members on 4/10/17 thanking you and the TNT team and the thank you sounded final as if these members were going to the bank or something. Has some persons exchanged since 4/10/17? Still on travel and am watching to see if and when I must return.
A: Why are you jumping to conclusion? We will tell you when the banks are exchanging, so relax and enjoy your travels.

Q: After all the past times of saying , being told this is it and hearing we are in the same place as last year Do you feel we are THERE as of THIS WEEK ?
A: Where are you hearing we are in the same place as last year? You don’t hear me saying that! I only answer questions based on what I say and share. We are not in the same place as last year.

Q: What was your excitement about last night that TNT member are talking about in chat room? Can you share? Are you having any classes after all said and done?
A: We were celebrating living; yes, we will have a few classes and will get the rate

Q: What rate for IDR?
A: The most consistent numbers I’ve heard is $1.08.

Q: Ray, we heard about the lower denoms coming out but what about the coin fills. Heard originally that they stopped because the metal was worth more than the coin and people where melting them down for the metal. Are they now going to release these?
A: We did hear that a year or two back; they are supposedly being released right along with the lower denominations.

Q: I meant to say, you always talk about the first mouse the second and third mouse just for giggles I just want to be a mouse this week. {RR: Okay!] If I were to ask for your opinion do we look great for this week? One more question what would be a question no one ever ask you that you can share please?
A: You must have missed the call on Monday because nothing has changed except we’ve progressed two days. And I can’t think of any question no one has asked that I am able to answer.

Live Q and A

865/404 caller: Have you heard anything more about the conference? Plenty of high-ranking people taking part… [RayRen: I have heard nothing.]

Caller: Could you give us 30 seconds on diversification? That sounded important on the OM call… I thought it was great, but I don’t like third-hand information. Also, I hope there is no need for a call on Friday.

RayRen: We’ve talked repeatedly about Verification, Negotiation and Diversification. Most have got the first two, but are less confident about diversification. In the arena of investment, that means not putting all your eggs in one basket, and the same is true for the banking arena. Put your funds in a number of banks and bank accounts. All the banks are probably using similar guidelines, and the fine print says they can close your account without telling you why. That may be a shock to some of you, but it is a reality. I know of several members who have had their accounts closed for no particular reason; to the bank, that is a business decision. This one member has done nothing wrong; the person has been a stellar customer for many years. The only unusual thing this person has done was to purchase currency and an issue with a wire transfer. That seem to get sorted out at the time, and yet two years later the bank decided to no longer do business with that person. They can also close any account your name is on, joint accounts with other people, and/or business accounts. So there can be collateral damage, not just to your personal money account. Therefore, possibly you don’t want all your money in the one bank; set up other accounts in other banks, because 30 days can be a very short window if you are busy with other matters.

609 caller: Do you have any updates on the SKRs?

RayRen: No, not yet, but they were told to look for it this week.

340 caller: On Monday’s call there seemed to be some excitement about the banks not showing rates on the screen. How many inputs of similar information did you get?

RayRen: Two members reported that from different parts of the country. Sure, that seemed valid to me. They reported on Open Mic, and most of those are regular members who are giving their experience. Information comes in, and we wait to see how it works out.

786 caller: Can anyone mess this up for us now?

RayRen: No, I don’t see any way that can take place.

636 caller: Do you know for a fact if HCL and Article 140 are now law and in place?

RayRen: I don’t know it as a fact, although I believe that both are done, and they are not an issue. We’re not going to get anything 100% true to form until after the event. We only get bits and pieces until then. If it’s messing with your sanity, stop listening.

347 caller: What’s an SKR account?

RayRen: Let’s say you’re coming to me to do an exchange, and I can give you a $1 rate. I say I can exchange you right now, you give me the currency, and I give you a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) that shows we did the transaction. One day, you will have actual dollars; the SKR says you have money coming to you, and you know how much, but not when. Originally, the SKR people were told they would see cash in 24 hours, and some are still waiting a year later for there to be real money they can spend. You cannot borrow against it or trade with it, it is just a receipt saying money will show up in your account sometime in the future, from the currency you gave the exchanger.

Next caller: I called one of the larger local banks to ask if they would exchange dinar; we had a conversation, and she says I would need an account and a personal banker. To me, that was encouraging, especially as two years ago, this bank didn’t have anything positive to say to me. So they know what’s going on!

508 caller: Tomorrow is the 13th, and this is the fourth month… 4-13-17. I heard numbers are a big thing to them, so that works for me.

972 caller: Have you heard anything about price changes in the regular stores in Iraq? Also, people I talk to Iraq say the prices are very low, in dollars.

RayRen: I haven’t heard anything directly about that. I do know the technology firms and airlines are changing their prices. What you have to compare is prices a few months ago with prices now.

Next caller: I am in Wyoming, but all my identification is where I live now; is that going to be a problem when it comes to exchanging? We are actually moving tomorrow.

RayRen: Let’s say the RV happens the day you get there. You are still in transit, so probably there is no issue. As soon as you are there, then go get your driver’s license changed right away, so that your ID is local to Wyoming. I don’t think it will make any difference where you bought and received your currency.

410 caller: Ray, you are presenting information from your team; people bring in or ask about information from other sites, and you are not the one to judge that information. This is an investment; those who call with their upset and frustration need to know this is happening on its own terms, and they need plans A, B and C, as an investment.

Closing Statement

We’re at a stage in this process where the information seems to indicate progress; the wheels are turning and that’s what we want to see. We can’t dictate the speed of the wheels, all we can do is report the intel and progress. Our intel sources have shared information over the last four years, and it has all happened sooner or later. Even our best intel sources cannot call this at an exact time. They share what they are seeing and hearing, and what they are told is to come. We get that from all different people and levels of involvement. They each share tidbits that we can then put together to draw some conclusions and expectations. That’s what we do here at TNT, putting together the pieces from our good sources and our best sources. Some of those tidbits also match up with other information out there, and that makes it more real. The rates off the screen pending revaluation – we’ve seen that before. What makes it different is that it comes from you, the members, rather than from bank employees as before. So we are thankful for any information, no matter who is sharing it. So whatever tidbits you get, call/text me or post it in the forum. It won’t make the RV happen, but it might support it. We’re not trying to be the first ones to tell you the RV is here, or to get the information; we do want to make sure the information is real and solid, so that we can put it together so that you can benefit in peace of mind or financial advantage, pre-RV or post-RV. We’re still here to help everyone stay sane; we understand the frustration when we were all told it would happen months or years ago. We’re in it to win it – you can see it through or back out. Complaining/arguing doesn’t change a thing. Take in the information and do your planning. We are waiting for the Big One; would it be okay to enjoy a few little ones along the way? I think so, and will continue to figure out how the members can benefit. Is there anyone who doesn’t know what to do when this pops? We won’t tell you what to do, but will give you the information to help you make those decisions. Our best sources are saying Good Friday will be the best for years… I’m excited.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

Source: Dinar Detectives



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