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Monday, November 21, 2016

"Yosef vs. All Complainers/Non Believers" - Guest Post by KK

Entry Submitted by KK at 7:32 PM EST on November 21, 2016

Dear All Complainers/Non Believers,

First of all, I really hope you're NOT one of those Cabal Stooges as many this holy DC land residences suspected. 

All these delays may be just because of yourselves to give you ONE LAST CHANCE to look for yourself and to be saved when the holy GCR/RV completely & actually happens!

While you are strongly wishing for being a multi-Million/Billion/Trillion/QT...neers over one night, you have "0" interest or appreciation for WHY this must be happening and WHAT FOR??? You are only making so much complaining about being "Missing" Target???

I have known WHY & WHAT all GCR/RV about way before you guys out there!
I have prayed for a long time for all these man-made messed up situation could be resolved via God's chosen people as many as possible.

Yosef is my century long prayer's answer!

I do have some very "special" & "decent" relationship with some peoples so-called the "Behind-The-Scene" or "Higher-than-the Highest Authority".

However, they NEVER EVER reveal or share any EXACT & CURRENT & MOST UP-TO-DATE information at all for many reasons!

Yosef is the ONLY ONE who is bring out all the available & real SITUATION to the World to our level!

Of course, many times, to be more precisely, up to now, he missed the target date and it hurts. (It hurts a lot!)

Despite all of his failures, we definitely need his guidance and his new window or target for sure!


Because we'd better have "something" from "Inner Circle" or at least from someone who could look down from the "Highest Level"!

It is always better than messenger's level or manager's level!

I strongly believe most of innocent majority of this DC land residences are ALL O.K. to keep receiving Yoself's SITREP & precious UPDATE without any problem while it's being failed to hit the target, rather with a great appreciation!

Well, you may assume that I'm perfectly O.K. with all these delays.
No Way! No F Way!!!

Myself & my direct families are ALL in a major sufferings due to all these delays.
Thanks to Rockefeller & his followers, I've been in jail and my father-in-law is dying for diabetic complications (kidney dialysis & acute pneumonia) but I cannot help him out without GCR/RV happening. 

Well, I am pretty sure I am in a lot worse situations than anyone out there!
You cannot complain if you've been through at least half of my journey!

Still, I strongly believe whatever Yosef is bringing day & night!

I still keep praying that His Kingdom come & His Will be done in His Time!

I hope GCR/RV done shortly and GESARA fully implemented so that ALL new techs & cures could be revealed right away so that I could save my father-in-law's life.

Money cannot buy a life after all!

If you're NOT one of those Cabal Stooges, please join us in this holy DC land without any complaint!

Rather, we ALL should appreciate and be THANKFUL all the times for Yosef's SITREP & UPDATE while we're waiting for the FINAL "Divine Moment"!

For just in case...,

If you are a Stooge, stay out of this Holy DC Land and Go Somewhere Else Where You Originally Belong!!!

Only For His Kingdom & In Him,



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