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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 11/2/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring BGG

bookumdano says(5:52 PM):

Yes it is 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST and for those on the east coast it is 9pm EST.

subgirl says(5:53 PM):

thank you bookumdano :)

larrykn says(5:53 PM):

how about hawaii :D

subgirl says to larrykn(5:54 PM):


Soonergirlie says(5:54 PM):


BUCK says to larrykn(5:54 PM):

c'mon larrykn, if you are in hawaii you just dont care lol lol

subgirl says to BUCK(5:54 PM):


larrykn says to BUCK(5:55 PM):

this is true :D

BUCK says(5:56 PM):

later ya'll

subgirl says to BUCK(5:58 PM):

cya!! (})

(6:01 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

daytrader says(6:08 PM):

Hiya Subby. How was your day off?

subgirl says to daytrader(6:09 PM):

my day was ok :) how about your day?

daytrader says to subgirl(6:09 PM):

Got to play golf in the rain. That's always a joy!

subgirl says to daytrader(6:09 PM):

good to see you this evening :)

subgirl says to daytrader(6:09 PM):

oh my... lol in the rain and I hoped you did well??

daytrader says to subgirl(6:10 PM):

Been a while since I was able to spend much time in the room. Always wonder where the time went after I retired.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:10 PM):

lol I bet it goes really fast! that is how I am imagining post rv too :) lol

subgirl says to daytrader(6:10 PM):

I wont remember which day of the week it is lol

daytrader says to subgirl(6:11 PM):

I'm pretty sure the rain drops sent my ball into places I didn't want it to go.

daytrader says to subgirl(6:11 PM):

Wasn't my fault!!

subgirl says to daytrader(6:11 PM):

oh no lol

subgirl says to daytrader(6:11 PM):

of course lol :D

subgirl says to daytrader(6:11 PM):

How is your wife?

daytrader says to subgirl(6:12 PM):

Still struggling with some back and shoulder issues, but getting better.

daytrader says to subgirl(6:12 PM):

Thank you.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:12 PM):

well I hope so :) praying for her :)

subgirl says to daytrader(6:12 PM):

yw :)

subgirl says to daytrader(6:12 PM):

there is a click and listen call tonight :) at 8pm CST sounds like :)

daytrader says to subgirl(6:13 PM):

We appreciate that very much. It's been a long road, but know that professional help and Gods Grace will see this through.

SRW says to daytrader(6:13 PM):

Hope you wore water proof golf shoes.. Lightning only needs to strike in one place your standing and your toast.. Need ya Buddy, take care.. ({):D

daytrader says to subgirl(6:13 PM):

Saw that. And then we have MadScout and 1Bobby on Thursday. I assume their still planning on it.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:14 PM):

as far as I know !!! :)

daytrader says to SRW(6:14 PM):

Thanks SRW. Heard thunder, but thought that was Him laughing at our game!!

Ame9632557644 says(6:15 PM):

GN Gang

Ame9632557644 says(6:15 PM):

sleep well All

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(6:15 PM):

GN :)

SRW says to daytrader(6:15 PM):

He would laugh so hard at mine I would be toast... (H)

daytrader says to SRW(6:16 PM):

Never saw any "white", so just went on playing. Just small showers in our area. Checked radar and was about 30 miles away.

daytrader says to SRW(6:17 PM):

Sometimes His "timing" for His "laughter" interfered with a swing. Am sure it was planned!!

daytrader says to subgirl(6:19 PM):

Wow, the news is just spectacular. It just keeps getting better and better.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:20 PM):

yes it does get better and better... :) I am so excited!!!

subgirl says to daytrader(6:20 PM):

so much has been brot in and with newstime last night you did an outstanding job! :)

daytrader says to subgirl(6:20 PM):

The progress in Mosul is amazing, but my heart aches for the people still in the city.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:20 PM):

you all did a superb job! :)

subgirl says to daytrader(6:21 PM):

yes and for those who have passed away due to isis makes my heart cry too...

subgirl says to daytrader(6:21 PM):

cant wait for mosul to be completely liberated and the citizens all back in...

daytrader says to subgirl(6:22 PM):

Thanks. Was really expecting the author of the article re the replacement of the currency to be a credible economist. I was surprised I could find nothing on him.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:22 PM):

and that is very interesting due to the article was like an opinion rather than fact based... is that correct???

daytrader says to subgirl(6:23 PM):

Then when I dug into the article, I just couldn't find much that was accurately presented. He sure did raise a rucus in dinarland though. Guess that's why we are forced to dig into the article.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:24 PM):

yes that is right! we have to make sure that the article is based upon FACTS!! that is what this site is all about!!!!!

(6:24 PM)jackflash101st was kicked out by jackflash101st!

daytrader says to subgirl(6:25 PM):

He was right on one thing though; a float could be a disaster for Iraq's currency. Too easy for traders to take advantage.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:25 PM):

that is why I appreciate all the researchers/newstime guys as you all break it down and say the facts and not just opinion...

daytrader says to subgirl(6:26 PM):

I'm just a guest. The real brains are BGG, RC, wmawhite and Hutch. They are so good.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:28 PM):

I think you do a great job breaking it down as well as those guys do!! I appreciate you very much! :) You bring in your own take on it and it makes it all complete!!! :) thank you so much for all you do on the newstime!!! :)

daytrader says to subgirl(6:29 PM):

Hutch is right; it's too bad there's not a good way to secretly record the pre and post call sessions. The casual discussion between these guys is amazing.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:29 PM):

I could imagine :) it would be awesome if somehow there was a way of recording those calls lol

subgirl says to daytrader(6:30 PM):

I really get so much out of the calls... and with all of you and jim too talking and breaking down the news is awesome!

daytrader says to subgirl(6:30 PM):

Thank you, but my contribution is limited to the areas I know something about. They've got an incredible grasp of Iraq and it's political, social and economic pulse. We are so fortunate to have a group like this one.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:31 PM):

yes I totally agree with you! we are very very fortunate to have those guys in here and a part of this site :) and thank you too and jimplants! :) We have an awesome site here... :)

daytrader says to subgirl(6:32 PM):

Saw that loop was going to be out for a couple of days. Really appreciate what he brings in as well.

SRW says to daytrader(6:32 PM):

Tell us Day, Where is Hutch's next secret burger joint. He is keeping it a secret.. That's not fair.. Have a discussion and then stop.. ({):D

daytrader says to SRW(6:33 PM):

He threatened all of us if we told. Something about making us eat burned burgers for the next year!! :D

subgirl says to daytrader(6:33 PM):

of course you have to add all the other researchers too :) you named BGG, Hutch, rcookie,mrwhite, Daytrader Jim and 1bobby Madscout and all the ones who bring in the news for the forum! what would we do with out each of them...

SRW says to daytrader(6:33 PM):

Dang it! :D

subgirl says to SRW(6:34 PM):


daytrader says to subgirl(6:34 PM):

Amen. Not sure all understand what has to happen to find, translate and post just one article.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:34 PM):

that was so funny lol when you all were talking about that restraunt lol

daytrader says to subgirl(6:35 PM):

That was for real!! There just was not one hit on the author.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:35 PM):

nope I dont think many realize the effort that those guys bring in... there are so many articles that rcookie reads every single day

SRW says to daytrader(6:35 PM):

Subby, will tell. She's ticklish I heard.. Just give it time.. 8-|:D

subgirl says to SRW(6:35 PM):


daytrader says to SRW(6:36 PM):

Not so sure. She got pretty fired up today in chat!!!!!

SRW says to daytrader(6:36 PM):

Really, Thanks Day!! You are an asset to DU! (y)

subgirl says to SRW(6:36 PM):

in the early early morning rcookie reads hundreds of articles each morning can you imagine??

daytrader says to SRW(6:37 PM):

Thanks. I'm honored to be part of this team. All of us just want to help folks understand where we are and to stay off the rollercoaster.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:37 PM):

then he goes thru each of them and reads them and translates them and picks top articles and then gives them to Hutch who then digests them and decides which ones to have for newstime...

subgirl says to daytrader(6:37 PM):

and then they do many calls all thru the day and talks about them...

subgirl says to daytrader(6:38 PM):

he calls rcookie and mrwhite and yourself and you all talk and visit about them...

daytrader says to subgirl(6:38 PM):

RC subscribes to services to make sure he gets the latest information available. Then he shares it with us. He doesn't have to do that.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:39 PM):

no he does not but you all do this so that we can have an clear understanding of where we are... it is crazy crazy stuff going out in dinarland

subgirl says to daytrader(6:39 PM):

and they/you all want us to get the facts not opinions...

daytrader says to subgirl(6:40 PM):

Opinions are fine, it's just that they're opinions; not facts.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:40 PM):

We all should be thanking the dickens out of you all because we do not pay to get into this site or anything ... it is free for heaven's sake!

subgirl says to daytrader(6:41 PM):

and you all want us to learn and understand and you all are willing to give of your precious time for this! :)

subgirl says to daytrader(6:41 PM):

and For that we are so very grateful! :) and appreciative!!!

daytrader says to subgirl(6:41 PM):

And we have Mr and Mrs BGG to thank for that, along with recognizing that there are some really good minds on the site that can help so many.

SRW says to daytrader(6:41 PM):


daytrader says to SRW(6:42 PM):


subgirl says to daytrader(6:42 PM):

yes exactly!! and we should say thank you more often to Bgg and Mrs BGG for giving us this site!!!

subgirl says to daytrader(6:42 PM):

and to you day and to rcookie and to hutch for their time given here!!! WOW! and mr white who gives of his time too :)

subgirl says to daytrader(6:43 PM):

and bobby and pat! my goodness!!! so many people.. and yes loop and romello and angeleyes, and Miss HamBall Holly tomally lol

daytrader says to SRW(6:44 PM):

I think most do appreciate what they've done. It's not just us subby. Look at all the time the mods and copiers spend as well. The number of new articles that show up in the site every day compared to others is amazing. We have a lot of people digging for every s**** they can find.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:44 PM):

yes you are right... :)

daytrader says to subgirl(6:44 PM):

Well, try piece of information instead of s****.

subgirl says to daytrader(6:44 PM):


(6:45 PM)jetset was kicked out by jetset!

subgirl says to daytrader(6:45 PM):

that is funny lol

daytrader says to subgirl(6:45 PM):


subgirl says to daytrader(6:45 PM):


daytrader says to subgirl(6:45 PM):

Gotta go for a bit. CYL

subgirl says to daytrader(6:45 PM):

ok thanks for coming in and chatting :)

SRW says to daytrader(6:47 PM):

Day, I try to add my two cents. It comes out to .000025 Cents.. Guess I'll just loan Subby my boots. Nice and green fresh ones.. Thanks All.. Copiers, Mods, Researches and Mr. and Mrs. BGG. It's a team effort.. So Thankful.. (H)(y)

subgirl says to SRW(6:50 PM):

:D(lol) for sure next time srw, I will use your green smelly boots to kick anyone out! lol

(7:01 PM)Check out THE BLOG - - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

larrykn says(7:06 PM):

1-0 cubs :)

chim-chim says(7:18 PM):

we all on for toight at 7 still?

baxter says(7:21 PM):

Anyone know if the Ministers ever got introduced?

BUCK says to baxter(7:21 PM):

no need, they already knew each

baxter says(7:22 PM):

yeh..... figures

BUCK says(7:22 PM):

i think lots of things should be happening in the next few days...... least i hope so. dont know why they would stall...

baxter says(7:23 PM):

Buck... are these the same ones from last April..or is this a new bunch?

baxter says(7:23 PM):

the technocrats.. or whatever they were called

BUCK says(7:23 PM):

gonna get me to lying, i actually think they had a couple knew if i remember.....

baxter says(7:24 PM):

Ok... thx...

(7:29 PM)kukui was kicked out by kukui!

subgirl says(7:29 PM):

Don’t miss THE CALL –

“The Next 72 hrs”!!

Wed – Nov 2nd 8:00pm CST

w/BGG and Company


subgirl says(7:30 PM):

it is a click and listen so there will be a box in the blog and you click on it and listen!!! It is a recording...

chim-chim says(7:30 PM):

ok thanks

subgirl says(7:30 PM):

yw :)

jonhenry says(7:36 PM):

is there a number to call or is it already recorded

subgirl says to jonhenry(7:37 PM):

it will be available about 8pm CST tonight.. you go to the blog and on the right hand side there is today's date and click on that box with today's date and listen...

subgirl says to jonhenry(7:38 PM):

already recorded when today's date comes on it...

subgirl says to jonhenry(7:38 PM):

we will let you know when it is available...

jonhenry says(7:39 PM):

great thanks Much

subgirl says to jonhenry(7:39 PM):

yw :)

subgirl says(7:58 PM):

Don’t miss THE CALL –

“The Next 72 hrs”!!

Wed – Nov 2nd 8:00pm CST

w/BGG and Company


(8:01 PM)THE OBSERVER - - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

subgirl says(8:02 PM):

ok now you can go to the blog and click on the box that says nov 2nd.. with daytrader

subgirl says(8:02 PM):

MrsBGG says to subgirl(8:06 PM):

(y) thank you Subby!!

subgirl says to MrsBGG(8:06 PM):

your welcome :)

MrsBGG says to subgirl(8:06 PM):

you doing okay?

subgirl says to MrsBGG(8:06 PM):

yep :)

MrsBGG says to subgirl(8:07 PM):

yeah! Great to hear :)

MrsBGG says to subgirl(8:07 PM):

thank you!!

subgirl says to MrsBGG(8:09 PM):

yw :)

prs says(8:13 PM):

is the call on now?

MrsBGG says to prs(8:14 PM):

yes on the blog...

subgirl says to prs(8:14 PM):

yes go to the blog :)

MrsBGG says to prs(8:15 PM):

MrsBGG says to subgirl(8:15 PM):


subgirl says(8:15 PM):

think they knew where to go? lol

MrsBGG says to subgirl(8:15 PM):


subgirl says(8:18 PM):


(8:32 PM)AAADR was kicked out by AAADR!

(8:33 PM)jetset was kicked out by jetset!

magnetlady says(8:40 PM):

HEy subby

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:41 PM):

hey MAGS :)

Tex says to subgirl(8:42 PM):

Hey Subgurl

Tex says to subgirl(8:42 PM):

and U Mrs Mag

subgirl says to Tex(8:43 PM):

hey there Tex!!! :)

Tex says to subgirl(8:44 PM):

I just got through listening to the call ,,, very intresting, but have a Question

subgirl says to Tex(8:44 PM):

well try me lol

Tex says to subgirl(8:45 PM):

I don't see a way to start and stop it..... punched all the buttons no results

Tex says to subgirl(8:45 PM):

once i start it can't pause it

subgirl says to Tex(8:45 PM):

what buttons are you talking about?

subgirl says to Tex(8:45 PM):

you mean the call?

Tex says to subgirl(8:45 PM):


subgirl says to Tex(8:45 PM):

is there a pause button?

subgirl says to Tex(8:46 PM):

you may have to down load it...

Tex says to subgirl(8:46 PM):

thats what i',m asking

Tex says to subgirl(8:46 PM):


subgirl says to Tex(8:46 PM):

let it go on your computer..

subgirl says to Tex(8:46 PM):

or put it on your phone and download it...

Tex says to subgirl(8:47 PM):

I am listening to it on my puter

subgirl says to Tex(8:47 PM):

it should say download and click on it

subgirl says to Tex(8:47 PM):

do you want it on your phone?

Tex says to subgirl(8:47 PM):

I did download and once i start it i can't pause it

subgirl says to Tex(8:48 PM):

oh you may have to listen to it again then...

subgirl says to Tex(8:48 PM):

listen and relisten to it... if you need to stop and you may have to start again?

Dinar Dave says to Tex(8:48 PM):

How are you playing it??? Itunes window media player??

Tex says to subgirl(8:48 PM):

My Question is can You pause it

subgirl says to Tex(8:49 PM):

well my phone i can pause it...

(8:49 PM)BGG was kicked out by BGG!

Tex says to subgirl(8:49 PM):

Dave i didn't select anything,,,,, just clicked on the Blog box

Dinar Dave says to Tex(8:51 PM):

Then you need to download it and play it through your media player.... itunes or windows

subgirl says to Tex(8:51 PM):

you may not be able to pause it??

Tex says to subgirl(8:51 PM):

No , I like listening on the puter,,, but would like to pause it when neccasary

subgirl says to Tex(8:51 PM):

oh ok, just sec.

Tex says to subgirl(8:52 PM):

what does Yours look like when You pull it up.

subgirl says to Tex(8:52 PM):

well my download is loading right now on the computer... on the bottom of my page.

Tex says to Dinar Dave(8:53 PM):

Don't know put it on Media Player

Dinar Dave says to Tex(8:54 PM):

If you download it and then open it it will do it by itself

subgirl says to Dinar Dave(8:54 PM):

that is what mine is doing... all by itself

Tex says to subgirl(8:54 PM):

Is that the way You have been listening??

Tex says to Dinar Dave(8:55 PM):

Yes I downloaded it and listened to the whole thing ,,,, but i can't pause it

subgirl says to Dinar Dave(8:56 PM):

mine actually says windows media player... it is a box with a musical note in it...

Tex says to subgirl(8:56 PM):

can you pause it???

Dinar Dave says to Tex(8:57 PM):

What does your say when you open it after downloading??? It either windows or itunes

subgirl says to Tex(8:57 PM):

yes there is a pause button... but i have an folder where mine is kept..

subgirl says to Tex(8:57 PM):

on the bottom of my bar...

subgirl says to Tex(8:58 PM):

well i am glad you can hear any how... :) wish I could help you more...

Tex says to Dinar Dave(8:59 PM):

Will have to download it again and see what it is ,,, but quite sure its not media player

Tex says to subgirl(9:00 PM):

Thanks Subby ,,, I don't know why it even changed it used to be totally different....

Tex says to Dinar Dave(9:00 PM):

Yes but this is different

Dinar Dave says to Tex(9:00 PM):

No it's not

(9:01 PM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

subgirl says to Tex(9:02 PM):

I noticed that too! you have to download in order to hear it...

subgirl says to Tex(9:03 PM):

I liked the play button on it before... :)

Tex says to subgirl(9:04 PM):

Yea Me too ,,,

Tex says to Dinar Dave(9:05 PM):

Yes this is different than it has been,,,,

Dinar Dave says to Tex(9:09 PM):

Do you use itunes?? If you do open it and it might ask you if you want it as your default media player... Do the same if you use windows media player.... something may have changed...

Tex says to Dinar Dave(9:14 PM):

Thanks Dave,,,, well bout time to go check on what is happening on this crazy election ,,,, have a good evening

subgirl says to Tex(9:15 PM):

GN Tex :) have a great evening :)

Tex says to subgirl(9:21 PM):

Same to Ya Gal

subgirl says to Tex(9:25 PM):


subgirl says(9:30 PM):

the call from BGG and Daytrader is up now... go to the blog and click on today's date blue box on the right side...

david334 says(9:31 PM):

Tonights call covered every possible topic, support by soind research all for the listener education and confidence. There is no other authority. Thank Thanks and again yhe best.

david334 says(9:33 PM):

I love you guys! You didn't miss a thing !

woodywoodpecker says(9:48 PM):


(9:58 PM)BUCK was kicked out by BUCK!

(10:01 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

subgirl says to woodywoodpecker(10:08 PM):


jetset says(10:35 PM):

i presume everyone is watching the game.... epic! all tied up in the 9th!

magnetlady says(10:37 PM):


BUCK says(10:53 PM):

wow cant believe it ends in a they each get trophies for lol lol

subgirl says to BUCK(10:53 PM):


magnetlady says(10:54 PM):

still all tied up in 10th

magnetlady says(10:55 PM):

going for 11

BUCK says(10:55 PM):

10 just starting

BUCK says(10:55 PM):

oh wait maybe you are an hour ahead of me here lol

subgirl says to BUCK(10:55 PM):


magnetlady says(10:56 PM):

oh maybe I misunderstood the announcer

magnetlady says(10:56 PM):

But they are covering the field wiith a tarp right now

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:57 PM):

I think it is raining

magnetlady says(10:57 PM):

I know its raining subby

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:57 PM):

oh ok :)

magnetlady says(10:59 PM):

:D 8-) (y)

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:59 PM):


magnetlady says(11:00 PM):

Dern. Not sure I can finish it now.

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:00 PM):

yep it is getting late for you...

magnetlady says(11:00 PM):

With the rain delay . . . I got to go to work tomorrow and this has been one long day already

(11:01 PM)Check out THE BLOG - - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:01 PM):

well it was a good game as it is still a tie...

magnetlady says(11:03 PM):

Ah yes, back to the game

jetset says(11:14 PM):

all right, all right, all right...

jetset says(11:17 PM):

just got underneath that one...

magnetlady says(11:23 PM):


BGG says(11:26 PM):

What a GAME!!

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:45 PM):

15 min left!!

jetset says(11:45 PM):

man oh man

jetset says(11:45 PM):


BUCK says(11:45 PM):

no they play until three outs

subgirl says to BUCK(11:45 PM):


subgirl says to BUCK(11:46 PM):

yep lol

subgirl says to BUCK(11:46 PM):

14 min. til the room closes lol

magnetlady says(11:47 PM):


BUCK says(11:47 PM):

congrats cubbies....

magnetlady says(11:48 PM):


magnetlady says(11:48 PM):


subgirl says to BUCK(11:48 PM):

WOW!!!! lol

subgirl says to BUCK(11:49 PM):

Awesome game!!!

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:49 PM):

Good night Mags :)

BUCK says(11:50 PM):

goodnight ya

BUCK says(11:50 PM):


subgirl says(11:50 PM):

Good night Buck :)

BGG says(11:50 PM):


BGG says(11:50 PM):


jetset says(11:51 PM):


subgirl says(11:55 PM):

5 min left of the room :)

subgirl says(11:56 PM):

Well it is time to say Good night!!

End of Wednesday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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