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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"My Vision" - Guest Post by Harmony

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 4:03 AM EDT on October 12, 2016

I’m stopping by to send love and blessings to you all, my beautiful soul brothers and sisters, and to share my vision with you.

I’ve been blessed to work with animals for many years now, and I’m also a volunteer at a local animal rescue. It’s long been my dream to do more to help all those animals who live with us as pets, so many of them live in such awful conditions, both in my own country and elsewhere around the world. I knew that I would one day have the means to be able to do this, but wasn’t sure how it would come to me. I’d heard of the coming RV, and the recommendation to buy some currencies, but never had the funds – my life has been on a financial knife edge for many years, and I’m very close now to having my home re-possessed.

A beautiful friend very kindly gifted me some ZIM a few months back, such a blessing to know that one day I’d definitely be able to fulfil my vision. And of course, also very reassuring to have my own personal financial distractions removed, and also to be able to help many of my friends and family (many of whom are also very much involved in the welfare of animals on our planet).

It then started to become clear that I’d likely receive far more money than I’d first imagined. I have to say that at times I am completely overwhelmed by this thought. I live a simple, fairly humble life myself, and have few needs, other than the basic ones, and perhaps a few treats now and again. For myself I merely want to ensure that I can be comfortable into the future, knowing that I will always have all I need and desire, so that I can fully focus on what I’ve come here to do.

And even when I’ve helped my nearest and dearest, there will be so much to give out to the world, that I’ve sat quietly with my vision again, and gone within for guidance on what else I can do. Of course there’s loads. My vision began with the animals that live with us as pets, but I am also involved with organisations who help other animals, up to and including those who are shot for trophies, and so much in between. There is so much I will be able to do. Still overwhelming though, but I have a wonderful team of friends and like-minded souls who will join me, and I can help their visions to become reality too.

Why animals? Well, if we’re looking, on the grandest scale, to help Gaia, then this must include all of her. There are many people whose passions and visions include helping humanity in many many ways, and others whose plans include supporting Gaia by cleaning up her oceans, the atmosphere, and bringing in natural energy for us all to use. For me, it’s the animals of this planet, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years of working and being with animals, it’s how much they have to teach us, in so many ways. Humanity tends to be a little inward looking, but by connecting more fully with the animal kingdom here on Gaia, together, we can all (human and non-human animals) be so much more, to the benefit of us all.

The RV is just a part of the bigger picture, Ascension, or The Event, as it’s sometimes called, and I’ve been happy to watch it all, and be a part of it, unfolding, in its own divine timing. On a personal level, I really really need the RV element to resolve very quickly; however, I’ve also learnt to trust over the years that all is well. Intel can be useful, but it’s a bit of a two edged sword; we’re all seeing this very much at the moment. One minute we’re lifted up, the next it’s all dashed again; different stories, who to believe? We all have the answers to all we need to know, always have done, and if we sit quietly, and go within, they are there.

Sending love and blessings once again to all of you, as we all work together to bring love back.



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