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RV Intel/Thoughts/News - All Posts for October 23, 2016

Below is a list of all of the content posted for Sunday, October 23, 2016. This will be useful for those of you who may have missed somethin...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wealthwatch Chat w/ Chattels for Saturday 9-3-16 Chat Room 9-3-16

Saturday Member News Discussion - Featuring Chattels

[2016-09-03 07:03:07] chattels: .................. selecting candidates for the new defense minister.

[2016-09-03 07:03:26] chattels: ............... selection comes under the government’s authority. The parliament’s job is only ratification of the candidate.

[2016-09-03 07:03:45] chattels: “Selection of the best candidate is the council of ministers’ authority. Then they will submit it to parliament to be ratified. The parliament speaker’s duty was only to submit candidate names to the council of ministers. In the future, selection of any candidate will be according to this mechanism.”

[2016-09-03 07:04:12] chattels: The candidates are “Badr Mahmoud Hafl al-Jabouri from Salahaddin province and of the Jamahira bloc, Kamil Karim Abbas Duleimi, former MP from Anbar province and of the Hal bloc, and Ahmed Abdulla Abdulla al-Jabouri from Nineveh, of the Iraqi alliance bloc,”

[2016-09-03 07:04:47] chattels: Iraq’s parliament speaker denies influence in selection of new defense minister

[2016-09-03 07:05:46] chattels: “To fill the defense minister’s position after Khalid al-Obeidi, the Iraqi coalition parties submitted three candidates to the PM Abadi and parliament speaker in an official letter on August 29. We have submitted the candidates to Abadi, who chief of the armed forces.”

[2016-09-03 07:06:48] chattels: The parliament speaker wants a qualified candidate to fill the important post,

[2016-09-03 07:07:22] chattels: ............. a qualified Sunni candidate ..............

[2016-09-03 07:07:58] chattels: All of the nominees are from Sunni political blocs.

[2016-09-03 07:08:43] chattels: They are not talking about the MOST qualified candidate irrespective of political affiliation.

[2016-09-03 07:09:36] chattels: The muthansa ( quota ) system is alive and operative despite " rhetorical reform ".

[2016-09-03 07:13:55] chattels: ( Jubourri ) " said he was keen to give equal opportunities to all who wish to run for the job, who are eligible and efficiency for the advancement of the military establishment in the country. "the selection of the best candidate is the prerogative of the Prime Minister , then it is displayed the House of Representatives to give him confidence. "

[2016-09-03 07:15:19] chattels: " eligibility " appears to mean whether one is Sunni.

[2016-09-03 07:25:59] chattels: Iran and Russia sign an agreement to handle two currencies 09/02/2016 11:33 Tehran / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / signed Iran and Russia ............. three agreements to facilitate transactions between banks currencies Aloutnettin, (ruble and rial), at the conclusion of the fourth meeting of the Russian Committee of the Iranian permanent trade and economic cooperation. It was three documents signed, two documents between the Commercial Bank Russian with the Iranian export development Bank, were also signed the minutes of the meeting of the working Group. And allow those conventions using national currencies in the supply of Russian and Iranian goods accounts. The aim of these agreements to intensify efforts to expand the network of accounts and correspondence between the two countries and increase the size of the payments.

[2016-09-03 07:26:24] chattels: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Interesting

[2016-09-03 07:26:44] chattels: Iran and Russia sign an agreement to handle two currencies

[2016-09-03 07:28:21] chattels: Two sovereign nations agreeing upon a currency exchange value between them for trade and business ?

[2016-09-03 07:30:21] chattels: Any implications for the IQD in the foregoing ?

[2016-09-03 07:31:15] chattels: Could the IQD be traded by sovereign nations at a higher value and not available to " the public " ?

[2016-09-03 07:35:03] chattels: temperatures drop below 44 m during the next four days

[2016-09-03 07:35:55] chattels: Only 111 farenheit - it's a " cold wave "

[2016-09-03 07:48:39] chattels: Forty world leaders will gather for the G20 summit, which is focused on building an open financial system and promoting global economic recovery.

[2016-09-03 07:49:13] chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Syria is expected to be a major topic of discussion on the sidelines of the G20 leaders’ summit in Hangzhou, China on Sunday and Monday.

[2016-09-03 07:49:28] chattels:

[2016-09-03 08:24:36] Wheresmyrv?: It really is starting to look like the Rial is going to RV way before Iraq ever will.

[2016-09-03 13:22:09] Doug_W: that doesn't matter to me either way I have both

[2016-09-03 17:54:28] chattels: BAGHDAD — Political parties and blocs in Iraq have launched early electoral campaigns in anticipation of the provincial elections in 2017 and parliamentary elections in 2018, focusing on the votes of young Iraqis and seeking to lower the age of candidacy for the parliamentary elections. Read more:

[2016-09-03 19:36:30] chattels: Joel Wing Retweeted Iraqi News - Iraq ‏@IraqiNews_com 7h7 hours ago Joint security #forces move to liberate #Hawija

[2016-09-03 19:37:00] chattels:

[2016-09-03 19:46:51] Doug_W: GN Gang

[2016-09-03 19:48:48] chattels: Iraq Foundation ‏@Iraq_Foundation Sep 2 "Iraqis are the most likely people in the world to help a stranger, according to the World Giving Index (WGI)." .

[2016-09-03 19:49:06] chattels:

[2016-09-03 23:50:53] chattels: [do you think they will actually get a successful no confidence vote on zebari?]

[2016-09-03 23:51:28] chattels: The " BombasticGolferGuru " - I think it's a foregone conclusion. He's swinging every direction possible. He's desperate. He was trying to blame Maliki for his demise - less than 24hrs ago. IMHO - they will start with ZEBARI and there will major players on all sides "bite the dust".

[2016-09-03 23:51:46] chattels: The foregoing from the guy who said that " Maliki is GONE ". My sense is that a no confidence vote against Zebari is NOT a foregone conclusion. We shall see.

[2016-09-03 23:52:38] chattels: "The KRG delegation's visit to Baghdad was crucial and successful," Zebari said in an interview with Rudaw TV.

[2016-09-03 23:52:51] chattels: “All the pending and basic issues between Erbil and Baghdad were discussed between both sides and the continuation of such meetings will end all the issues," he said.

[2016-09-03 23:53:07] chattels: An official from Zebari’s Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) faction in the Iraqi parliament said that efforts had begun to thwart the no-confidence move.

[2016-09-03 23:53:25] chattels:

--End of Today's Chat--


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