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1-800#'s and Instructions for Currency Redemption/Exchange

This is where the 800 numbers and instructions for currency redemption (US) and currency exchange (international) will be posted. This part of the page will remain until the "TETELESTAI" email has been distributed to us. Thank you.

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CO-RV Prayer

Divine Creator, father, mother, son as one...If I, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness...Let this cleanse, purify, re-lease, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light....And it is done.

Repeat during 15 minutes, visualizing the RV already manifested in our reality and all humanity rejoicing in peace and abundance:

I’m sorry! Please forgive! I love you! Thank you!



Sit quietly with eyes closed and feet flat on the floor. Take three long slow cleansing breathes, inhale through the nose, exhale slowly through perched lips. Postulate securing your grounding cord from your first Chakra and the bottom of each foot all the way down into the center of the Earth. Postulate your cord from your crown Chakra traveling all the way up into the cosmos to connect to Source. Slowly inhale Golden White Healing Light (Energy) from Source coming down through your Crown Chakra pushing out all dark, destructive, negative energy through your root Chakra and both feet down to the center of the Earth to be healed, renewed and recycled.

Feel this Golden White healing Light (Energy) running through your body from head to toe like blooding flowing through your veins. Now postulate every living thing on Earth grounded in this manner and running Golden White Healing Energy, add in some pink for love, cleansing and renewing the entire planet and every living thing on it.

Take a moment throughout the day to visualize this energy running and cleansing your body and the whole of the Universe. Ushering in the New Golden Age. Bringing in NESARA, GESARA, the Revaluation, disclosure, new technology and all our Galactic brothers and sisters.



Featured Post

"Hourglass" - New Republic Update - Tuesday - October 25, 2016 (8)

Received via email at 2:04 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles ----------- "Hourglass" Republic Update Tuesday Octobe...

Monday, September 12, 2016

"RE: For Your Consideration" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:49 PM EDT on September 12, 2016
Whoever you are,

This now is not a time for unsupported assertions, it is a time for watching for fact. We in the USA need facts. We need truth. We got truth when regarding a recent event, the poster stated, so-and-so is either lying or incompetent or both. Logically, based on facts not in dispute, this had to be so.

You posted correctly that Donald Trump does not want the job of government diplomat. However, your further statement that he is not a genuine candidate remains unproven and is not substantive. Donald Trump trusted Mitt Romney and that trust has been incontrovertibly betrayed. The old saying is, if you want to get something done, do it yourself. Another is, he who criticizes the cooking becomes the cook. There is a lot of truth in these sayings. It is a reasonable perspective that Donald Trump is an example of a person who deplores making the same mistake twice. Government has to be cleaned up. This requires leadership. Who else do you think we as Americans can trust to do that? No other candidate has been speaking the truth; and if a new one came on the scene, he or she would need to be vetted.

If you are posting that the USA is a conquered nation and will have its leadership appointed, with elections forbidden, say so. However, if this is what you are suggesting, there is always the possibility that this is a ruse. Those within the Beltway will do ANYTHING to stop Donald Trump. They will SAY anything. They will POST anything. We already know the "other candidate" claims she was "selected" already and really does not NEED to be elected. So, you think our leadership has already been selected? Who? And how do we know this "selected" leadership is not in fact Cabal?

You infer Donald Trump is in this for money, but he has stated and that past a given point money does not matter.

Personally, there are few people I would trust as much as Donald Trump. Perhaps Ron Paul. This is because both of thee people have consistently expressed the will of the People to be a sovereign nation with freedom, liberty and justice for all.

To rule in a Republic, one needs the consent of the People.

Right now, we are at a time of competing narratives. One narrative is said to be spoken by the alleged president, that the RV will NEVER be permitted to happen. Another report is a Treaty exists for gold-backed currencies worldwide to be implemented by October 1st. Logically, these two narratives clash. Which is correct? If the RV is not permitted, or US participation is withheld, it means a likely war or other similar calamity. Also there are competing narratives that the elections will be delayed, that they will be stolen, that martial law will abolish elections. Another narrative threatens an attack on a US sporting event, and some say the warners are in fact the potential progenitors so they should know. Well, there are only two more football games left this weekend.

Right now, we all watch and hope for some word that means good things will occur, not bad things. We are tired of unsupported assertions, they bore us. Assertions that good things will happen make us wonder why one states that, is it somehow to provoke us to keep waiting, never acting. Everything is suspect.

If you have some "intel" that involves more than assertions or restatement of others' posts, please go forward.

So far, whenever posts are held up to scrutiny, all we get in reply are assertions that the "level of vibration is inadequate for ascension". Also, in this statement you mentioned "higher intelligence". I for one REFUSE to acknowledge that any other being has "higher intelligence" than humanity. I instead assert humanity's right to equal status as a sentient race. True, that race may have needed a "Deus Ex Machina" to avoid another Dark Age. Or, it may have found it has a number of unsung "White Hat" heroes that saved humanity. If either is too I am grateful. BUT I am not a slave to anyone and the claim of "higher intelligence" does not make me acknowledge another race or force as having an elite right to govern.

Yes, I acknowledge my philosophy is straight out of the original Start Trek series. So what?

Give us the truth and skip unsupported assertions. Please!


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