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"Crazy Carl" - New Republic Update - Friday - October 28, 2016

Received via email at 5:11 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles --------- "Crazy Carl" Republic Update Friday October...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 from Last Night 9-14-16


Aggiedad77 » September 15th, 2016

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Wednesday 09-14-2016

Frank26: We now walk into our study of the Iraqi dinar…..first of all I want thank Frosty the Snowman and Aggiedad for the notes that they took….they are so valuable to so many of you….there are thousands of you that are members of KTFA and sometimes we can’t all be together at the same time…..sometimes you don’t even have time to just listen to the conference calls….the notes are invaluable….they aid and help many people….some people get a better understanding by combining the two together….

I thank you Frosty…..I can’t believe you had the notes out before I ended the call on Monday….unbelievable….and thank you so much to our Admin Aggiedad….what Aggiedad does is he writes out word for word our conference call….from the beginning to the end so you have a thorough understanding of what it is that we are trying to share with you.

Now on Monday….what do you think about Monday’s conference call….did you like it….seems that on every Monday they become more and more powerful….we aren’t tooting any horns….what we are saying is the evidence that is out there….the articles that we study….the opinions that we gather from others….they seem to be spot on with us don’t they….I also wish that some of you would respond on our Forum and say more about it…..but it is ok, I understand and if you don’t wish to say anything then so be it.

On our last Monday call we brought out many, many points and tonight what I want to do is tell you something….”Minister of Fallujah is to Lift up the Debris and Cleanup the City in Preparation for the Return of the Displaced Persons, the Doubling and Preparation for the Voluntary Return of Families Through September is referring the completion of initial of services and to overcome all the difficulties….

Isn’t that our Monday night conference call…..this is an article that was released today by Don961….it confirms one of the points that we tried to point out to you….that these cities while they may not be showing you or telling you what they are doing because they don’t want to……it is possible they don’t want you to see the masses of people that are returning back to the cities….here they are now encouraged to see that they are even talking about it…that is good….that is very good….

These are solid evidence that I like….these are articles that are put on our Forum….if you are not a member of our Forum I would highly recommend that you come and join….we have top-notch articles….you don’t find them at other sites…and then on top of that we have good analysis of the articles too.

If you are not a member of our Forum write this down….go to….go to the top and there is a little blue tab, click on it, it says Forum….now if you are not a member it is going to ask you to register, click on register, create a user name and password and come on in, my thread is called Frank26 Daily Posts….you are going to see a lot of good stuff in there….page after page after page.

Here is another article that you will find at….it says….”America’s Deputy Foreign Minister Arrives in Iraq Ahead of the Battle of Mosul”…..interesting isn’t it….ahead of the battle of Mosul….why….well he is there to discuss what they are about to do with that city….your Monday Night conference call pretty much told you didn’t it….and we told you that the USA which is the equivalent of the IMF has made some demands haven’t they…..

When did they do that… the week that I was gone…..and those demands we told you were highlighted one more time… they were highlighted at this meeting in Amman, Jordan….and the IMF pretty much chewed out Iraq…IMO…but my opinion was verified once again…..

WalkingStick puts out an article that says….”The Immaturity, Economically Iraq has been Presented by International Conditions as Most Unfair”….and Abadi demands as both stands….in other words we’ve got to finish what Frank talked about on the Monday night conference call….the Economic Reforms and the Financial Reforms…..the article says the Finance Committee….and we talked about that person on Monday didn’t we….yeah….a few days later you see the evidence of what we talk about….

It says the Finance Committee and the House of Representatives expressed on Tuesday its support to the conditions imposed by the IMF on Iraq in return for lending them money….it is no longer charity it is a commitment….and then it says because of a lack of maturity our economy which has obliged itself to accept the terms of the IMF….you better believe it….you got chewed out on Monday….

Down further it says the IMF put several recommendations and terms when he agreed to hand this money to Iraq…..this is all like billboards of our Monday call isn’t it….further on it says….which to me is the crème de la crème….the bulls eye… says the IMF requires for Iraq to improve the economic and monetary policy….can I say TA-DA…..Monday’s call told you this.

On Wednesday you see the words coming out from the Finance Committee literally saying…..guys we got our butts chewed out at this IMF meeting….and we haven’t been very mature….you know we haven’t advanced….and for us to even get these loans they are holding for us we have to finish the Economic and Monetary Reforms….Family it doesn’t get any more better or obvious IMO than this.

WalkingStick put a compilation together….it is beautiful….article after article….here real quick if you don’t mind I will read them….”Parliament Economy Calls for the Hiring of the IMF Loan in the Local Industry Development”…..of course I told you on Monday these loans are going to trigger off their Economic Reform…..but they need the Monetary Reform before they can get these loans….hmmm…..

”The Role of the IMF in Dealing with the Budget Deficit in 2017”…..well we talked about it on Monday didn’t we….what was it….the cost of the barrel of oil….it was almost shocking….the IMF has a say in the price of oil…in the price of oil in the budget of 2017 in Baghdad….yeah….and countries are freezing the production of oil….I mean….is that a coincidence….

I think that is a different form of coalition….everybody wants Iraq to raise the value of their currency….it is very transparent….listen to this one….”The Central Bank Director of Information Reveals the Solution to Iraq if it Wants to Emerge from its Current Crisis”….what do you think it is….lift the value of your currency….finish your Monetary Reform.

I tell you Family they are slowly but surely and maybe methodical….but they are showing you what they are doing with the Monetary Reform.

Today an article comes out from the CBI and it says….”We are not going to print the 100,000 dinar category at this moment”….really….did you get your butt chewed out last week…..ahhh….we are not going to print the 100,000 category at this moment….no category of this kind will exist right now….and in that same article….down at the very bottom…..they say….well the Central Bank does not deal with this type of group….you know that 100,000….and the highest category in the dollar coin is going to be one hundred dollars…..I suppose I better say IMO….Family they are trying to tell you about the LD’s…..slowly but surely, methodically they are telling you what they are doing Family.

I like Samson, one of our news hounds from Australia, that put out a post and the post had a beautiful picture…..these are leaflets that are being dropped in many of these cities….it basically was….well here is what the article is saying….”The Air Force Received 7 Million Poster Fliers to be Included for the Population in the Mosul Area”….there is actually a map….and the map itself is showing you step by step that leads to a clock….we do not have any dates or rates here….they do….and that is why I think it is important if you want to know about these things….come to our Forum… a member….and be able to see these things…..we are copied and pasted….but not in the entirety….and you are left out IMO….you miss a few of the powerful examples that we are putting out.

Today another one that was put out says….”The IMF They Were in a Credit Discussion to Prepare the Agreement with Iraq for Continuing Next Month”….what did we tell you on Monday about credit ratings.

So a lot of the evidence is out today…..did you see the one that I believe it was Don961 that put this out….oh my goodness it was picture after picture of the Eid Festival….that we talked about on Monday…..did it look war-torn to you.

I got a kick out of the article that said they are paving the roads in Mosul….how is that possible when they are preparing for a battle….I think you know how it is possible.

Someone is making a post here….hold on….there was an article a while back where Abadi said he didn’t do anything in the Monetary Reform that would benefit O…..yeah….we talked about that on Monday didn’t we….in fact that was the very last thing that I said….that it would make our elections realistic if they finished their Monetary Reform….

You know very well that our politicians benefited from Kuwait… know what Clinton did in 1999…..when they revalued the currency of Kuwait….you know he balanced the budget and paid some of the deficit….so don’t you think that these politicians that are running for election in November are desperately wanting Iraq to finish so they can have credit for what is about to happen IMO.

Is that part of the holdup….dragging their feet on purpose…..they got their rear ends chewed out last week….and I told you on Monday that the information that is on the CBI website in Arabic makes it very clear….DELTA translated it for us….and it said very clearly….at this meeting the IMF told Iraq….look you’ve done these things….but you have not done two things….if you want your loans…and that is what these articles are backing it up again….if you want your loans so you can complete your Economic Reforms… the Monetary Reform….if not….IMO we will come in and we will do everything.

I wasn’t going to do this…but let me see if I can find DELTA’s recording here…..and I will let you listen…..he called me Sunday night and he said Frank….the internet is not seeing this in Arabic….it says in Arabic they told them to finish the Monetary Reform…and the Economic Reforms before November….and by the way the articles that I read to you touched on that didn’t they……BINGO….yes that is DELTA’s response to the article put out by WalkingStick….that is what I was telling you guys….there it is.

DELTA recording:

“I have some information about the IMF meeting with Iraq….it looks like we might have a window for the date of the currency reform or basically the revaluation of the dinar”… just heard him….he said Frankie I just read it in Arabic man….there seems to be a window that the IMF has given Iraq….and then later when we talked….one of the things he said was….the IMF was so mad…and they chewed them out…..Zebari got his butt chewed big time….everybody that was there….so they told them you have to finish the Monetary Reform of your currency….

And then when they come out with this article today….they say….well we are not really going to print the 100,000 note….dude you got it printed….what you mean is you are not going to come out with it….because you don’t have the time to waste and drag your feet anymore….no more bickering and bickering….or should we do this….or should we do that….or should we raise….stop it….simply raise the value and let’s move forward….

And if you do that you get the loans and then those loans will help you with the Economic Reforms…and then if you do that with the Economic Reforms then all of these countries that are just dying to get into your country….which already are embedded by the way in your country….they are going to bring their money….their capital….deposit it in your banks….convert it into the Iraqi dinar….not the USD….and your country is going to explode economically….and by the way… is already….but the fat lady sits in front of you….you can’t see certain things Family IMO.
Frank26: There are a lot of articles here and if you are a part of our Forum….they talk about billions of dollars that have been siphoned off from the auctions….and what did we talk about on Monday….the auctions.

So the Parliamentary Finance is telling them…..”There are Suspicions of Corruptions in the Sale of Currency and it Must Stop Wasting”…..ok.

Yeah I feel good about what they have done last week in that meeting and like I told you on Monday they are going to have continued negotiations going into November….September, October and part of November….

So I hope the next negotiations are not of dragging their feet or wasting their time….and I hope that maybe when they come back from this holiday……which is only a five day holiday….but isn’t that interesting….you also have Friday, Saturday, Sunday….so it is a total of nine days….they come back around the 18th I believe…..

I think they are going to come back with a lot of news…..a lot more information…..more transparency…what did we say once they give you Fallujah….transparency of the Economic Reforms….you see it….what did we tell you the moment they give you Mosul….the transparency of the Monetary Reform….so why haven’t they given you Mosul yet….well you know.

I am pleased and when they come back we are going to have a plethora of information about the Monetary Reform….more talk from the CBI….more talk from Dr. Shabibi….you saw how he came out….what was it about 5 or 6 days ago Dr. Shabibi….keywords….he comes out and says….hey it was Maliki that stole everything….sir we know that…..just come back and talk….and he’s going to IMO.

Questions and Answers

Question: Frank do you think the American dollar is going to suffer….do you think the dollar is going to be losing value pretty soon….is our country getting ready for a revolt….are we as American citizens going to be suffering with our currency….

Answer…..this is not new and this should not surprise you….but of course…the American dollar needs to be adjusted….that is why we do not talk about fiat currency at KTFA…..because what they are doing is what I do not want to express any opinion about… is bad enough studying the Iraqi dinar……and we all know that the American dollar is preparing to support itself differently….in that process….in that metamorphosis of the American dollar yes it is going to be weakened IMO….

it could be 10% here another 10% a few months later….another 10% the next year….it could be a gradual thing of up to 40%....or it could happen in a snap….one day you wake up and what you have in your bank account is not what it used to be….why….because the American Dollar has to go through an adjustment as it is changing its form of backing….you can blame Nixon when he took us off the gold standard and destroyed Fort Knox….but there shouldn’t be any finger pointing….this is what has to happen Family….

do you think the dinar needs the American dollar…or do you think that the American dollar needs the dinar…..

no I’m not even going to answer that question….but I planted that question in your heads so you can answer your own question….and the 1 to 1 relationship will be symbiotic….not parasitical….and all of the countries that are waiting for this to happen are waiting in a long line for this to happen…..

don’t get into conspiracies….don’t get into thinking that our nation is going to hurt us….look….very simply we might be going through what you might think of as the 1930’s…and our bank system failed when our dollar was devastated by it….they always say we are in a recession…but in the reality we are in a deep depression….and we’ve gone beyond the bottom of the barrel….

so yeah the American dollar is printed left and right and given all over the place for reasons that I just don’t want to talk about….the three musketeers might be a little upset with me because they don’t post anymore…and they tell you it is because we’ve been muzzled….I told them there are other things they can talk about….but that is up to them…..but we will not talk about the American dollar because of what it is about to go through….when…I don’t know….maybe after the elections….maybe sometime next year….maybe the year after….I don’t know….but it is coming and we all know it….and you should prepare for it…..and you are by diversifying in other currencies….

There is no greater nation that the United States of America….I don’t see anyone saying….I want to cross the border into Mexico….I don’t see other countries that we want to escape to….I see countries that want to come to us….we are a good nation….we are a powerful nation….as far as politics….it is what it is….its politics….what do you want…perfection….if you want perfection you need to be a Christian and understand what God is all about and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit….and that is where you put your faith and your strength into.

So when the American dollar goes through its hiccup….whenever….well shame on you if you did not prepare for that….and when you do suffer or maybe lose in your finances…..I pray that you are prepared for it…and I pray that you are strong for the United States of America….and stand up and salute the American flag and not be a coward about it.

Question: Frank are they on track for the fiscal RI……

Answer: Yeah…and I think when they come back we are going to learn more about that….not so much about the budget but more about the Monetary Reform which would lead them into the fiscal part….into the RI for us….the Monetary Reform….once they lift the value of their currency….their currency is ours to take for a ride up an escalator in value….a dinar will always be a dinar in the country….but outside the country whatever currency it is exchanged for….well that can be a different story.

Question: What about the 2017 budget…….

Answer: What about it….I mean it was approved a long time ago….it’s activated….it is hopefully getting ready for the fiscal year….and I hope it is not at 1166 because it will really make a lot of IMF and USA people very mad….they don’t care about you as an investor….no of course not.

Question: Are auctions being done on their electronic platform……

Answer: No not yet….no you see there is another thing that is also set up and waiting….and waiting….the auctions are still being done IMO rather primitive.

Question: Do you think Frank that Iraq is going to meet the window that the IMF is giving them in the Arabic side of the CBI I believe November…..

Answer: Well again I don’t know…that is what we are hoping for….but we will learn more about that status when they come back around the 18th….you think they are on vacation… think they are celebrating Eid….no….no…they are working like dogs….because they cannot afford to bite the hand that feeds them any longer.

Someone called me and asked me….Frank is it true there is a bank called the VFI Bank….is there a VFI Bank….I said what….they said yeah it is a special bank….for what….for us to exchange our dinars…..oh for crying out loud….stop it…..stop it….every time someone comes up with a reason to take your dinars they come up with a way to scare the living daylights out of you…..stop it….don’t give up your dinars to anyone…..if you do….that is your business…..I get dozens of phone calls….Frank I gave up my dinars… what do you want me to do about it…..I told you not to do that….doctor it hurts when I do this….then don’t do that.

Question: Luau in Hawaii by the first of the year…..Answer: I don’t know.

Question: Is Iraq going to back the dollar……Answer: Well what did I just say.

Question: Have Iraq banks completed request by the CBI to electronically comply by September…..

Answer: That is a good question….yes IMO….yes the banks of Iraq are set to make loans to citizens….to give out credit cards….to open up accounts….to help investors that are going to be coming in….electronically they are advanced….yes they are ready….but it is useless…it is all useless until they raise the value of their currency.

Question: Frank if you exchange how can you not use a bank….

Answer: Well there are other places you can go to….clearing houses….you can go to exchange centers at airports….you can go on a cruise into international waters and exchange it there as well….there are many ways to exchange….you can go to a broker….many ways to exchange….be a student and find out….not right now…..because if you ask questions right now they are going to tell you it is a scam….whatever… one wants to put themselves in jeopardy on a speculative investment by answering the questions in your favor….

but once the value goes up do you think American banks don’t want to do business with you….now I don’t know….maybe some banks won’t be allowed to….I don’t know that….and you know what….there is some logic to that isn’t there….not every bank in the US is even capable right now of even exchanging currencies….

IMO there were four major banks and we talked about it and one of those four is primed and getting ready to welcome you with open arms….and I believe there will be others as well too….but remember they are all going to compete so you need to see what the charge is for the exchange rate….what the spread is for each bank….some banks might offer you special services that other banks don’t…..would you like a free account to put your millions in….yeah….is that all I get….well we will also do this and that….oh ok good… inquire with your questions after the value goes up….not right now.

Question: Do you think the meeting in Amman sped up the RI……

Answer: Yes….I think it scared them….because IMO this is a time frame that is well framed….we told you once the 2 by 2 by 2’s were done…give us one week and then I disappeared….and now here we are back…and good God there a lot of information right now….and the sweetest information is that they have to get their Monetary Reform done if they want the loans…and in Arabic on the CBI website that DELTA found they were told do this before November….USA/IMF who maybe is talking in reflection to the elections in America to give them the proper credit….I don’t know….all IMO.

Question: Is it true that Parliament is not allowed to take vacation until their reforms are fully enacted…..

Answer: That is a good question and I did say to you….do you think they are on vacation……heck no… whether it be because they were commanded by Abadi not to go anywhere….let me say this IMO for the last year and half they haven’t gone anywhere….the ministers that just waste time….yeah they don’t show up….but the ones who are working with the IMF and Abadi and the CBI….yeah they don’t go anywhere….that for us as a TEAM who studies….we are encouraged by that IMO.

Question: When October 1st comes around and the Chinese Yuan enters the world currency, and if Iraq hasn’t changed the rate, will that make any impact good or bad for us…..

Answer: The Iraqi dinar is blind to the other currencies around the world….it is not like they are rude to them….it is just that they don’t have any relationship with them….they are pegged to the USD not to any other currency…..the other currencies are waiting for us to finish our pegging…..for example Iran about two months ago came out and said…..we are not going to do anything with our currency….well you have been bragging about it that you would do something…..we aren’t going to do anything until around March or April of next year….you can Google it the article came out….well good for you Iran….you are holding your horses now are you….who told you to do this… want nuclear proliferation….is that what it is….you want another nuclear power plant….TA-DA.

Questions: Are there political blocs in Iraq that can delay things….

Answer: The only ones who were delaying anything were the ministers who were bringing up other things and asking questions about this or that….or they were not showing up….they are being replaced…whether it is in front of you or not….they are being replaced….and the technocrats are well educated….now they are moving about the Monetary Reform and let’s see what happens when they come back ok.

Question: The Central Bank of Iran announced they are coming out with a new currency…..

Answer: Well good for them….probably next year….you see all of these horses are jockeying for position in the gates that are about to be opened….but IMO the only gate that will be opened for the horse to run down the straight away is the Iraqi dinar….is it cheating….no….it is a plan….and then the other gates will open for the other currencies….I will admit that other currencies….other countries are putting pressure on what is going on with the Iraqi dinar….sure….yeah….lots of pressure….Abadi is under more pressure than what it takes to create a diamond….and I think he is being a good guy about it.

Question: Do you think that the dual-citizenship will be at the CBI soon….

Answer: Yeah…..Allak is doing a wonderful job….but he’s just not qualified….but they might give him credit for a few things….then I pray that we see Keywords….Dr. Shabibi come in and introduce the new governor of the CBI….or at least Abadi if nothing more.

Dismissed with a prayer.


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