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Sunday, September 4, 2016

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 from Friday 9-2-16


Aggiead77 » September 4th, 2016

Here are the Notes from the CC on 09-02-2016....sorry they are so late...but we are out of town this holiday weekend and have been busy.....thanks for your patience.......enjoy Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Friday 09-02-2016

Frank26: Greetings Family and welcome to this special conference call…..Family the reason why I gathered you together…..I wanted to reach out to you one more time before I left…..

I don’t see you talking about this, nor do I see the internet talking about this….maybe you are not understanding it and I don’t mean that in a degrading way….for it is difficult to understand what they are doing because they don’t tell you everything….KTFA Family I would like to spend a little time with you right now.

The HCL is in the budget and we told you this a long time ago….as much as I was mocked and laughed at….we told you….it’s in the budget and I turned the other cheek…..the thing is though….yesterday…Abadi activated the HCL that is in the budget….now what else is in the budget….what else is with the HCL….look at your notes….yeah it’s called a rider…and I want to talk to you about that tonight and many other things.

The reason the HCL is in the budget is because of Article 140….just recently the Kurdistan and Iraq agreed on everything….everything that you can imagine….all the way down to Article 140….and it caused the HCL to become activated inside of the budget….now they need for Parliament to do the final steps of the HCL….because the HCL was passed years ago…..has now been activated but is not done.

Parliament is dealing with these final steps…now I want for you to realize that the article that you saw….Abadi came out and he gave a breakdown and how far he has taken Iraq….I would like to let you know that the definition of reforms is deep….

I want to share that with you tonight….before I walk into the reforms that Abadi told you he is 92% with his reforms…the translation is very clear….it is correct…but one thing we would like to tell you….where Abadi is done with 92% of the reforms in Iraq….he is only IMO 33% complete in the corruption files….the boxes and boxes of corrupt files….

You’ve been recently seeing those words “corrupt files” haven’t you…but I want you to know something….all those boxes and there are many….the United States very politely took junior by the ear and said look….clean up your room….they cleaned up the CBI and they are cleaning up the GOI….

But of the boxes they have 100’s and 100’s of people….only six were of major issue….all of this conference call is in my opinion….from the beginning, through the middle, and to the end…..only six were of major issue for the United States and for Abadi to pay attention to…..

#1 Obeidi…they got you….#2 Zebari…..and they will get him next week….but then again it is interesting….Zebari is squealing like a stuck pig…even the Kurds have backed off because they know he is talking….interesting what Zebari is doing to save himself right now….#3 Maliki….they will get to him…very soon….#4 Myswani….#5 Jafaari….#6 ????....these are the six ministers who are extremely important in the boxes and boxes of criminal corrupt files that came to Abadi….

There are minor characters who have to be dealt with before they can improve that 33% completion….may I give you and example….Maliki’s son….you see as of a year ago he has been in prison….he has been in a Lebanon prison for a year…..he tried to steal $300 million dollars….and he got caught in the basement of a house and they put him in prison….he was supposed to be getting married to that Finland girl….things kind of went bad….there are many….many minor characters surrounding these six major characters that will improve the 33% corruption that he….that Abadi has done so far.

92% that Abadi has said is encompassing all reforms….you saw the article….that includes the Monetary Reform….it also includes another reform that I will tell you about in a minute….but if you look at that article very carefully….and don’t be so quick to study and read and study….go to God in prayer and ask him to guide you….listen to these calls….Abadi breaks down very clearly to a degree on the 92%....but he’s not being specific on what that 92% is….we want you to know that IOO….that 92% includes the Monetary Reform….because corruption needs to stop….and it hasn’t….but it is improving dramatically.

There is not a single dime that is flowing out of Iraq that Iraq, the IMF and the United States is not aware of….that security level is beautiful right now….they are on a mission to collect property and stolen funds and return back to Iraq….you will hear more about this once Abadi’s cabinet is concluded….that being the COM….the Council of Ministers.

The United States…IMO….has given Abadi another candidate for him to put in as a technocrat minister….it is the Interior Minister…by the way it is not a suggestion as to who will take this place…that position of technocrat….the US is eyeball deep in the selection of the ministers for Abadi….and the US is in negotiations with Iraq and the surrounding armies on the liberation of Mosul….they will give that to you soon….when they feel it is right.

The United States has/had a voice in how Maliki is to go down….the US is flexing its muscles in Iraq because of Iran….I want you to start looking as the week stops….oil prices will start to climb in the month of September….Saudi’s and OPEC will start limiting oil….and Iran can sell all they want…but in reality they cannot…..because OPEC only deals with the USD….Family the HCL as I have told you….is in the budget….but now I would like to tell you that it is now transformed into a budgetary issue… is not a Parliamentary issue….

Parliament is looking for the HCL….says the articles but that is a bunch of baloney….Parliament knows about the HCL and what to do with it….it is all about Article 140….I told you there was a rider….Article 140 was not to be passed….the HCL was not to be passed….it is supposed to be amended….it was passed a long time ago and they are using the rider right now that we told you about to amend the HCL to deal with the citizens of Iraq….therefore budgetary portions of the HCL in the budget causes the 2017 budget to be fully implemented….I pray to God that you understand Family.

Family we told you this would happen…IOO….especially around this time….we are now looking for the citizens portion of the HCL….but here is the question….is there any portion of it left for the citizens after the corruption work that was completed….it costs money to do that….to remove ISIS and DAASH where did I tell you the money would come from….in the HCL….

We know that the HCL is activated….because Kurdistan is now pumping their oil through their oil pipeline that was closed since March 2016….those ceiling issues were for the Kurds…the Kurds only want their money…and that is why you don’t see the e-dinars or the IEX on September 2nd because they haven’t raised the value of their currency yet…..92% of it is ready to go…..33% is only been done with corruption…we need to raise that 33% up to the 92% or 100%.

Understand that the HCL is a budgetary issue now not a Parliamentary issue.

The Kurds and the CBI….they have always had issues with each other….but an agreement has been reached between the two of them….we told you about their meetings….and you read the articles that defines this….the HCL is not done….but it is activated with Article 140….and it is being amended to make room for the rider….the deal with the citizens….IMO that is what is going to Parliament….what we have been calling the rider for some time now….the rider deals with the citizens….not with the Kurds….

The four-part prong of the HCL is not completely done….it has just finally been activated in the budget to allow it to be done, complete, finished, properly distributed….they do the fourth and final part of the HCL for the citizens….and we need to know….is there anything left….if there is….IMO from ½ percent to 1% minus….then it will go up incrementally over the next 25 years to a resting post of about 3% for the citizens….the rate change is needed for many things….in the long line now….it is in demand to the budgetary issues of the 2017 budget.

The IMF met with Iraq a few days ago to get another loan didn’t they….$1.6 billion by the end of this year…..with 92% of the reforms done with Abadi’s article that he released yesterday or today….the IMF is very happy with Iraq….and Abadi….and the idea of giving them another loan….but let it be known that Abadi has no choice…..but to use the technocrats that are being given to him….by us…..then watch this 33% grow faster….

Maliki for 8 years has stolen everything he could get his hands on….Maliki and five other ministers are targeted….with two of them already down…..33% is disappointing right now….but Abadi will take that criminal 33% that he has accomplished in removing so far up to 90-100% and that is what he is doing right now…..the Monetary Reform is waiting for the corruption reforms to catch up.

Jubouri did something very good…..he went into Parliament and he told the ministers….those of you that have bad attendance records… are out of here…..well we will do better….you are out of here…..but we want to… are out of here….Jubouri has removed the ministers who had a bad record of attendance….and the majority of these that had bad attendance records that always delayed reforms…..that delayed voting on laws….that always delayed things….because they stole money….

The majority of these that were removed by Jubouri….the ones with the bad attendance records….were with the State of Law….Maliki’s group….they are removing corruption….we got the goods on Maliki….and many of these ministers are now squealing on Maliki….especially Jubouri…..who is squealing the loudest.

The IMF still has seven more things that they want Iraq to accomplish….I can tell you what they are…..but it is more important for you to understand that number one of the seven is corruption….it is under control for they know where every dollar is going now….but we need them to stop the auctions….number two…yet the auctions will only be decreased…..not fully stopped….it is a little hard for me to explain to you right now….they need the auctions to a degree….in order to function because they have no liquidity….and when the time is right the auctions will actually metamorphosis into bank platform transactions… most countries do….to raise their funds….besides selling bonds.

The RI is a neutral event for the citizens of Iraq….because they will not get rich….but they will get power of purchase….and jobs….but it is outside where the RV for us….will grow the IQD.

The auctions may not stop completely…but diminish….the way you are seeing them diminish right before your very eyes….and like I tried to explain but it takes a lot more….the auctions may transform into bank platforms for businesses….because they will always need the auctions….to a degree….and I told you before IMO….they don’t have $53 billion in reserves….they have over $58 billion….and that is growing because there is interest that they are gaining on it too….let me try to explain this to you as I try to come to a close.

Dr. Shabibi is eventually going to talk to you some more….right now he is dealing with what….corruption….Maliki….but it is Dr. Shabibi who will soon tell you about these reserve issues….when he talks to you about the DFI funds….

A few years ago when Turki, the financial advisor to Abadi was the proxy governor at the CBI….he had to keep the DFI funds away from Maliki’s hands…..because he was trying to steal those too….so Turki took the DFI funds and he put them somewhere else….I’m not going to tell you where….but I am going to tell you he put them in a place that Maliki could not touch…..and that was a few years ago….the DFI funds are not at the CBI….they are being protected….and therefore this money is not readily available just yet…..and therefore it is difficult for you to understand what is going on.

On the 17th of September the budget will go to Parliament…and I hope they pass it before the end of 2016….and they only need the HCL…and that is interesting because the HCL is now active…..and the Kurds….while all of this is going on and they activate the HCL….the Kurds can now tell you….sure we are moving oil….all over….because we agreed on us being able to move this oil.

There are minor details about the budget….so let’s see how long it takes them….to figure these things out in the budget.

Monetary Reform is about 92% done…..the Economic Reforms are about 33% done….but with these two I would like for you to also tie in the Financial Reforms….so write this down.

Monetary Reform MR….Financial Reform FR…..are at 92% and that is good….and you can add one more to that 92%....the Economic Reforms….this is what Abadi was trying to tell you….I am at 92% completion with the Monetary Reform, the Financial Reform, and the Economic Reform….that is great….but I am here to tell you IMO that Abadi is only at 33% with corruption reforms……how do you get 33% to is called a bullet…..

It will take a bullet….the speed of it….to get to 100%....and right now Kroll an investigating firm has found a lot of Iraq’s money….a lot of their money….and it is coming back to Iraq….and that is just one of the investigating firms that is helping….all of their money is coming back to Iraq through legal procedures…..and their deficit is at $18 million….I think someone is exaggerating how much their deficit really is.

In conclusion Family….these six ministers will be a bullet….to gain 100% in the corruption files…..this is good news….Abadi knows who the bad guys are that had been stealing Iraq’s future.

Let’s see what the month of September brings us… just got a powerhouse in less than 30 minutes….please take this information and talk about it amongst yourselves…..I’ll be watching my thread….I’ll be proud if you talk about this call…..tear it apart….analyze it….give your opinions to each other….

Skull Crushers (Intel Providers) come on in….don’t be shy….give your opinion about what I am saying….this is a huge step….I remember one time someone saying….the minute they give you the HCL….the rate will be right there with it….right behind it….remember what I told you….the HCL was passed over a decade ago….it was just activated today…it now needs to be done with Parliament….so that you can see the budget.

Dismissed with a prayer.


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