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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 9/10/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring firefly

magnetlady says(12:33 PM):

OK larrykn I'm back. Whenever you are ready to turn over copy

larrykn says to magnetlady(12:35 PM):

ok I'll copy :)

larrykn says to magnetlady(12:35 PM):

never mine I just did lol

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larrykn says(12:36 PM):

have a great afternoon :)

magnetlady says(12:43 PM):

I see that. You have a great afternoon too.

magnetlady says(12:43 PM):

Thank you so much for helping out today as always

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Holly1 says(1:49 PM):

FM: Iraq has fulfilled all its international obligations in the resettlement of the elements [create] Iran

History of edits:: 10/09/2016 21:22 • 37 visits readable

Holly1 says(1:49 PM):

expressed the Iraqi Foreign Ministry expressed "deep satisfaction with " to achieve the transfer of the last meal of the residents of Camp Liberty [Liberty] of the members of the Organization [create] Iran out of Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government.

The spokesman said Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ahmad Jamal, in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "culminating in the international efforts that have sought to find solutions to this problem , this achievement is important, after Iraq has fulfilled all its obligations under the Memorandum of Understanding signed between him and the United Nations in 2011 on the resettlement of camp residents in other countries. "

He added , " It also reflects the Iraqi Foreign Ministry expressed appreciation and gratitude for the efforts and measures taken by the United Nations Organization, and the Government of the United States and a number of

Holly1 says(1:50 PM):

Member States, in particular Albania, and international organizations that have contributed to all of the transfer of the residents of the camp successfully and ending their presence on Iraqi soil. "

the Organization of the [creation of ] the Iranian opposition, announced on Friday, the evacuation of the remaining elements in Iraq to the outside and resettled in Albania.

the organization - which under the Iraq - based to yield clues in a statement that more than 280 members were living in the near camp Liberty from Baghdad international Airport have left the country. "

under an agreement brokered by the United States and the UN High Commissioner for refugees have been resettled nearly 2000 shows an Iranian in about 12 European countries since the beginning of 2016.

Holly1 says(1:51 PM):

until a few years ago , the United States and the European Union Adrjan Organization PMOI on the lists of terrorist organizations.

She stressed the Iraqi government, in an official statement, the ending completely the MEK Iranian presence on Iraqi soil , "and close this file and turn another page of the Baathist regime , the buried waste, thus ending the latest stage of the chapters file has been linked to the suffering of the Iraqi people of wars, repression and intervention. " In the words of the government statement.

Holly1 says(1:51 PM):


Holly1 says(1:53 PM):

Saleh: Iraq is required to stop the paragraph 14 of the IMF agreement being negatively affect the country's economy

Holly1 says(1:54 PM):

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq assured the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Advisor to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, state employees and retirees consistently pay their salaries and the absence of a disruption concerns, noting that the government is trying to stop all the owners of the privileges the higher grades. He said in the favor in a press statement today: "Iraq suffered tremors at the same time, the initial high costs of the war against terrorism and the results of these

Holly1 says(1:55 PM):

expenses is the liberalization of 90% of the land, the financial burden is not easy as well as production disruptions and economic activity for five provinces, and thus exposure of 15% of GDP have destroyed, in addition to the unemployment and displaced people. "He added," the second quake, they fall in oil prices, which financed 96% of the state budget, a quarter with fixed / wage bill and pension and welfare costs, which amount / 46 / trillion dinars a year out of balance select roof by the Fund international Monetary b / 90 / trillion dinars, which is fixed and payable costs. "

Holly1 says(1:55 PM):

He stressed that "the government and its president, Haydar al

And between the adviser Abadi, that "what gets Iraq a month in oil revenues, is up to 3.5 billion dollars at best and push it to the oil companies of the costs and obligations of the estimated billion dollars, and the remaining amount is not enough for the salaries of employees and retirees, social welfare and in excess of 5.4 trillion dinars" he continued: "The other non

Holly1 says(1:56 PM):

Salih stressed that "oil prices for this year set the budget at $ 35 rather than 45 Dlara under an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, which added burden last budget to increase the deficit, prompting Iraqi financial management to reduce the expenditure ceiling of 105 trillion dinars to 90 trillion dinars" .otmon adviser Abadi, staff regarding their salaries, saying: "I am comfortable with the financial situation of the country, especially the staff, social welfare and pensions for being the top priority national anxious by the government and its president, Haydar al

Holly1 says(1:56 PM):

And on the disparity in deductions salaried retirees, Saleh said: "The House of Representatives approved the deduction of 3% of the salaries of retirees and approved by the budget in 2016 to support the war effort, but there are complaints to cut salaries and staff retirement keen to solve them." He explained that "this disparity happened as a result of biological functions, and because of laws passed before the creation of the pension fund and beyond, and varying estimates of the source of information in the pension fund, which is very weak it is included by the correct information and personnel files that come from government institutions leads to occurrence of a difference and disparity in Alqtoat among employees. "

Holly1 says(1:57 PM):

A second level of said consultant Abadi economic "The central bank currency issue, and resources essential oil of Finance and Ministry of foreign currency, and even cover their expenses in local currency in Iraqi dinars, forced to dollars conversion to the Central Bank by at least 65% of the oil revenue because the rest financed where the state trade. "He said:" to maintain the stability of the dinar, Buy Central Bank dollar and pulls the dinar and sales of the dollar advancing to buy banks,

Holly1 says(1:58 PM):

adding that" the proportion of 15 percent of foreign currency sold by the central bank auction evasion under the pretext of importing goods and services to Iraq does not match with the money coming Bmkablha, "adding that" Iraq ratified the paragraph 14 of the international Monetary Fund Agreement, which gave freedom to the countries of the exit of the Iraqi capital and without,

magnetlady says(1:58 PM):

Afternoon Miss Holly1

Holly1 says(1:58 PM):

which led to the flight of most of the heads of materials under the pretext of trade goods restrictions do not match with the Iraqi specifications and with the amount of hard currency emerging " he explained that "Iraq is required to terminate this paragraph being negatively affect the banking sector and the economy of the country, and said:" So far, there is no real movement by the parliament and the central bank to stop this Article. "

Holly1 says(1:59 PM):

hi mags..(F)

Holly1 says(1:59 PM):

Saleh called on the government to hold consultations with the International Monetary Fund to suspend this article "to become our right to scrutinize every detail," stressing that "to stop this article and commentary gives legal force to prevent capital flight and subdue imports into the centralized controls to regulate commerce" .utalb the establishment of the Authority government to finance imports by the private sector and be the body responsible for funding and the flow of trade and the quality of goods, the currency received from the central bank goes through this institution, which will include representatives from the Ministry of trade and customs and a quality control and the banking system.

Holly1 says(2:00 PM):

And on OPEC and determine the production ceiling, adviser to al-Abadi said: "OPEC is a club for some countries and not OPEC's true, because the producers today from outside OPEC allied with the mighty OPEC countries in the biggest rally in the oil market for the sale of oil and produced by whim" He called to restructuring OPEC introduction of other states or the establishment of OPEC correct, noting that he "does not impact on oil product roofs of the fact that Iraq is committed to some countries ceilings oil production, Iraq is forced to production this quantity."

Holly1 says(2:01 PM):

On the ministerial cabin, Saleh, said that "the choice of economic ministers in the oil, transport and water resources it is true they are technocrats and look for them, and representing Iraq's mind Economic successful and hope for the best in their work" .obouksos parliamentary privileges, explained, "that the parliamentary privileges and non

Holly1 says(2:01 PM):

Saleh said: "who is looking for wealth creation to go to the market and the private sector to do them and achieve wealth and not on the ordinary citizen account," adding that "people will not accept institutions give privileges to employees are lazy Parliament or any other". On the other hand, called the Counselor for Economic Affairs to the Prime Minister, executive and legislative branches to support the Iraqi press and the return of the Iraqi journalists Syndicate, which was canceled by the parliament grant "the press was appointed democracy in the country." He said that "the press

Holly1 says(2:02 PM):

is the fourth estate of democracy appointed in Iraq and the fact that Iraq has become after 2003 when the get rid of dictatorship, an Iraq democratically and became a free press, holding the reins of the people and push him to the front and to the culture and awareness, they deserve all the support and not to raise support them for whatever reason. "he called on the government to take

Holly1 says(2:03 PM):

the Iraqi journalists Syndicate into consideration because it is the fourth power is measured in a scale of three other authorities, stressing "the government has the authority to grant the fourth Iraqi journalists Syndicate deserving entitlement other three authorities, and at the same time take into account the financial situation of the country as much as possible."

Holly1 says(2:04 PM):


magnetlady says(2:06 PM):

THanks for bringing in your news, Holly1

Holly1 says(2:08 PM):


Holly1 says(2:08 PM):

Holly1 says(2:08 PM):


Holly1 says(2:10 PM):

Select Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Saturday, with the negotiating team of the International Monetary Fund, the price per barrel of oil in the year 2017 budget of $ 43 instead of $ 35.+

Holly1 says(2:10 PM):

The Finance Ministry said in a statement that "regular consultations between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund concluded, on Thursday evening, in the Jordanian capital, Amman, after the agreement of the parties on the implementation of the Stand-By program as a first stage of the negotiations, as well as to review Iraq's financial obligations and made government actions in advance of the standards calendar economy local, "indicating that" the conferees agreed to a review of financial statements and rationalize costs and increase some of the non-oil resources to support the country's budget. "

Holly1 says(2:11 PM):

She added that "the discussions included a review of the draft federal budget for 2017 Act and identified during which the price of a barrel of oil at $ 43 instead of the proposed price in the draft law to be an export capacity of crude oil is three million and six hundred thousand barrels per day," pointing out that "the meeting decided to continue the talks and consultations until next October in Washington. " The Cabinet decided in the (twenty-eighth of August) identify speculative price for a barrel of oil in the draft federal budget law set at $ 35 due to the instability of world prices.

Holly1 says(2:11 PM):العراق%20وا...7;%202017.html

Holly1 says(2:11 PM):


Holly1 says(2:12 PM):

Said economist contrary goldsmith, Saturday, that the current year's budget was built for the benefit of political parties based on current revenues, among which the waste by those on the build.

The jeweler said that "imports constitute only a small part of the waste of the fact that the budget, mostly by the private sector," adding that "the waste of the budget before those in charge of Nabaha and implementation."

Holly1 says(2:13 PM):

The current budget was built for the benefit of political parties in accordance with the currently available revenue," explaining that "the waste of the budget can not be eliminated only through special grades privileges suspended and the elimination of corruption."

Holly1 says(2:13 PM):اقتصادي:موا...0;ة.html

Holly1 says(2:13 PM):


Holly1 says(2:21 PM):

Central Station, the center of Baghdad, apparently in front Mjsr Allawi, which opened in 2012 Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)

Foil suicide attack on Allawi garage in central Baghdad

Author: AT, NN

Editor: AT

10/09/2016 20:37

Holly1 says(2:21 PM):

source at the Interior Ministry said on Saturday that the security force foiled an attempt by a suicide bomber with an explosive belt targeted a garage Allawi, central Baghdad.

The source said, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The security force, was able on Thursday evening, a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt killed, tried to blow himself up, targeting Alawi Garage, the center of Baghdad."

Holly1 says(2:22 PM):

The source, who requested anonymity, said that "the force opened fire on the bomber before arriving garage Allawi, while cordoned off the scene and prevented approaching him," without giving further details.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has been witnessing since 2013, a surge in violence, while the declared United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), in (the first of September 2016), killing and injuring more than 1,700 Iraqis incidents of violence witnessed different parts of the country except for Anbar province during the month last August, confirmed that Baghdad was the worst affected by the violence, and with renewed its call for all parties to make every possible effort to protect the lives of civilians, called on Iraqis to "show strength in this general unite the unrelenting violence." 

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Holly1 says(2:22 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(2:32 PM):

GA to you Mags! thanks for copying!

subgirl says to magnetlady(2:32 PM):

Let me know when I can give you a break ok?

magnetlady says(2:33 PM):

I was just going to go get my shower. Corn Casserole in the oven. If you want to now. Perfect timing.

subgirl says to magnetlady(2:34 PM):

lol GREAT! I can take it now if you like? :) lol

magnetlady says(2:34 PM):

Thank you subby. Did you get all your painting done?

subgirl says to magnetlady(2:35 PM):

yep its allllll done lol

magnetlady says(2:35 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(2:35 PM):

didn't take too long. lol

magnetlady says(2:35 PM):

Aright see you later tonight.

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Holly1 says(2:37 PM):

Iraqis Economist

6 mins

Holly1 says(2:38 PM):

What is the benefit for the consumer and the economy rate?

Financial markets are moving in world commodity prices and currencies in recent times, based on the expectations of the Federal Reserve (central bank), a rate hike before the end of the year, and the greater the possibilities dollar exchange rate rose , and vice versa , and affected the markets and the prices of oil and minerals.

Holly1 says(2:39 PM):

Common is that determine the price interest has to do with macroeconomic indicators, and this is true, but the fact that the interest rate affects directly and indirectly on our daily lives and personal Malitna.

raising and lowering interest

Holly1 says(2:39 PM):

rate is a key tool for central banks to set monetary policy for the country, and is intended to identify "funds rate ". The benefit is a lock to not refund if you borrowed a person or a company such insurance is determined by interest.

Determine the central bank base rate, which is the cost of borrowing between banks, and the banks and financial institutions determine interest rate on loans and savings based on the basic interest rate.

Holly1 says(2:40 PM):

central bank to raise interest rates when the rising rate of inflation in the economy ( an increase of goods and services prices) and thus makes the price of the funds dearly recedes borrowing for people and businesses less spending and consumption demand decreases inflation. the

central bank cut rates in the case of economic recession making the price of money cheap increases borrowing and thus consumer spending and recovering the economy come out of recession. of

Holly1 says(2:41 PM):

course, things do not always go , "as the book , " but those are the conventional economic wisdom that there were other factors take monetary authorities into account when determining the interest rate it is more important indicator of inflation or recession. the

impact of the interest rate

Holly1 says(2:41 PM):

does not the impact of the change in the interest rate on the spot appears, it needs to be about a year may begin appearing on its impact on the economy and individuals.

when a rate hike borrowing becomes expensive, shall be reduced by business investment and reduces individuals to consumer spending.

Holly1 says(2:42 PM):

For example , a car loan or a home become more expensive premiums Fitrdd individual purchase, and become a project financing more expensive Vtqll Business wages and jobs.

The opposite is true when interest rate cuts, but cheap money for a long time could lead to a bubble in the economy , the bigger was the collapse even more painful.

Holly1 says(2:42 PM):

Raise the price interest or decrease inversely proportional to the rate bonds (issued by companies and countries to borrow from the money markets) that.

It is the indirect effects that raise interest rates lead to higher underlying currency exchange rate, which affects the direction of investors away from commodities to the currency markets , equity markets, and vice versa too. the dollar

Holly1 says(2:43 PM):

what matters people outside the United States than the rate decision is the impact on the price of its currency, and because the dollar coin and key of many goods and services are denominated in it and a lot of currencies pegged to it also to measure the affected US interest rates may be felt by the people in the region is also the same destiny.

for currencies pegged to the dollar, rise in value as the lifting of the US

Holly1 says(2:44 PM):

interest rate, often central banks follow for those states footsteps of the Federal reserve to raise interest equally.

in contrast drops of oil, gold and other commodities, metals denominated in dollars of the price.

the increase import costs competitive and less exports. what leads to the trade imbalance to countries that peg their currencies to the dollar.

Holly1 says(2:44 PM):


subgirl says to Holly1(2:44 PM):


Holly1 says(2:44 PM):


Holly1 says(2:44 PM):


subgirl says to Holly1(2:45 PM):

Hey Holly :) :-*

subgirl says to Holly1(2:45 PM):


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Holly1 says(2:50 PM):

Tomorrow Press

2 hrs ·

Holly1 says(2:50 PM):

In an exclusive interview with "tomorrow 's Press , "

Haitham al - Jubouri: Abadi failure in government administration and al - Maliki " the first leader" and infallible locked into the walls of his palace

In an exclusive interview with "Express" tomorrow.

Haitham Al-Jabouri Abadi: the failure of government administration and the owners of the leader's "first" and is confined to the walls of his palace.

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Holly1 says(2:51 PM):

I cant open this

Holly1 says(2:51 PM):


Holly1 says(2:52 PM):

Today, 19:54

Holly1 says(2:53 PM):

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announce "rule out the liberalization of Mosul soon," In fact, this is very normal and expected very American Valsnaryohat may we have become accustomed, and we have been used, Prior to all US elections are eliminated terrorist entity, it is introduced before the US elections, and it remains for 4 or 8 years, then kill its leaders in an air strike before the US begins the race to prepare for another terrorist group occupies scene!+

subgirl says to Holly1(2:53 PM):


Holly1 says(2:53 PM):

The starters were from Osama bin Laden, who made the Middle Keys to Bush, known as the events of September atheist, and the consequences that followed that incident and talk about a new Middle East, tuning the aspirations of the Knesset, and ensure the safety of the Jewish state, with more resources under the pretext of Pay to eliminate your enemy the first!+

Holly1 says(2:54 PM):

After the events of September, the killing of al-Zarqawi Alobrzaaam event in 2006, then the killing of bin Laden in 2011, which strengthened the position of Obama, and soon began working to create a new entity fits the new phase, and ends as soon as the United States gives the green light

Scenario will be repeated soon with the liberation of Mosul approaching, what is disclosed Carter regard to race the US election, and before entering the Clinton White House will announce a military strike broke the emergence Aldoaash, perhaps Baghdadi Weaver in a mountain, and then be prosecuted and kills, here the film American Evening interesting ends ..+

Holly1 says(2:54 PM):

After all waited Gul, another industry in the second Clinton administration, paving the way for a future president of the United States.

Those are the short rules of the game, my pillow, my Cram, surrounded by a lot of boredom and monotony and routine, perhaps America should look for other scenarios kill their sons, and deplete our resources, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, which engaged in manufacturing, export, and then get rid of it and restore its industry with a new version of it with minor updates .. and still in the quiver of America's more!+

Holly1 says(2:55 PM):قريبا%20..م...;ة!.html

Holly1 says(2:55 PM):


subgirl says to Holly1(2:55 PM):


Holly1 says(2:58 PM):

Tomorrow Press - Maliki in response to Jubair: What Lies repeating an echo of the system went deeper his hands with the blood of Iraq, Syria and Yemen

Holly1 says(2:58 PM):

cant open .. sorry..

Holly1 says(2:58 PM):


subgirl says to Holly1(2:58 PM):

thats ok :) thanks anyhow! (F)

Holly1 says(3:02 PM):

Abadi Office announces an end to the MKO presence in Iraq

Holly1 says(3:02 PM):

t confirmed the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, that the government ended the "perfect shape" presence "MKO" Iranian opposition on Iraqi territory, referring to migrate all elements of the organization and the transfer of the last batch of them to the Republic of Albania.

Ebadi said the Office said in a statement that "the Iraqi government ended completely the presence of the Organization of Iran (PMOI) on Iraqi territory and were able to close this file and turn another page of the buried remnants of the Baathist regime."

Holly1 says(3:03 PM):

He added that "it was yesterday migrate all the elements of the creation of the Organization of Iran and the transfer of the last batch of them and 280 guestrooms element of freedom to the Baghdad airport camp and from there to the Republic of Albania, in cooperation with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations."

He continued Abadi Office that "This concludes the last stage of the chapters file has been linked to the suffering of the Iraqi people from oppression and wars and intervention."

Holly1 says(3:04 PM):مكتب%20العب...5;ق.html

Holly1 says(3:04 PM):


subgirl says to Holly1(3:04 PM):


Holly1 says to subgirl(3:09 PM):

I have to restart computer .

subgirl says to Holly1(3:09 PM):

ok :)

Holly1 says to subgirl(3:09 PM):


subgirl says(3:09 PM):

lol (v) peace friend! lol

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(3:11 PM): a question.......

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subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:11 PM):

ok GO

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DIGIman1 says to subgirl(3:11 PM):

um........can we retire? :D

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:11 PM):

lol how did I know you were going to ask that? lol lol (lol)

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(3:12 PM):

cuz! you gots ESPn! thats how! lol

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:12 PM):

umm.... WELLL>...... NOT QUITE YET Lol ask me tomorrow!!!!?? lol

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:12 PM):


Babe says(3:12 PM):

y'all can retire when we all retire...otherwise...WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT YOU??

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:12 PM):

ESPN??? lol yep

Babe says(3:12 PM):

sending y'all huge hugs and love

subgirl says to Babe(3:12 PM):

:-* aaawwweee!!! thank you :)

Babe says(3:12 PM):


subgirl says to Babe(3:14 PM):

you are very sweet!! :) 

Movack says(3:53 PM):

Good day everyone

Movack says(3:55 PM):

Read a very interesting article today about Exxon mobile that came out yesterday. ---- Mr. Jabbar A. Allibi the minister of oil met in his office at Wednesday the 7th of September with the CEO of Exxon Mobil Company/ the branch of Iraq Mr. Paul Thiss and his entourage.

The two parties discussed during the meeting about the mutual cooperation and the investment of gas in the energy sector.

Mr. Allibi said that the ministry of oil is about to enter a new age of development for the oil & gas sector via opening the door of investment to this vital sector. He said also that it has future plans to develop the process of oil marketing with the world via SOMO Company through the mutual cooperation with Exxon Mobil Company for its big experience in this sector.

Mr. Allibi called also the company to enter into the activities of the energy sector via the gas investment which is very available in Iraq, and asked them to present their visions & suggestions to develop the oil & gas sector. He confirmed also that the year 2017 is going to witness a new age of work via the application of big projects which can develop this significant sector.

Mr. Allibi said that the ministry of oil is working hard to pass all the obstacles which might face the company, and the ministry has ambitious strategic plans aims to develop the oil industry in Iraq.

Mr. Thiss congratulated the minister of oil for the new office and wished him to succeed in managing the ministry and develop the Iraqi oil sector, and said that his company is aiming to develop the work with the ministry of oil to succeed it during the next period.

subgirl says to Movack(3:57 PM):

GA Movack :)

Movack says(3:58 PM):

Hi Subby

subgirl says to Movack(3:58 PM):

thanks for the news. :)

subgirl says to Movack(4:05 PM):

bbiab :)

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topnotch says(4:37 PM):

What is the email address to contact BGG

DIGIman1 says to topnotch(4:44 PM):

DIGIman1 says to topnotch(4:45 PM):

and the answer to your question is to download the file and listen to it in windows player

topnotch says(5:02 PM):

Thanks DIGImzn !!!!

Soonergirlie says(5:11 PM):


DIGIman1 says to topnotch(5:19 PM):


jtank says(5:23 PM):


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plowboy says to Soonergirlie(5:29 PM):

good afternoon, its been a while

jtank says(5:52 PM):

last call very good- listening for the second time--

Soonergirlie says(5:53 PM):

hi plowboy, sorry I was making cheese and onion enchaladas

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plowboy says to Soonergirlie(5:57 PM):

no problema

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_firefly_ says(6:30 PM):

Any news in print on todays meeting?

_firefly_ says(6:31 PM):

Nothing huh?

subgirl says to _firefly_(6:32 PM):

here is the link to the chatlogs? I am not sure?

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_firefly_ says(6:32 PM):

I don't vist forums hon

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_firefly_ says(6:40 PM):

Prime Minister to the IMF Resident Representative in Vietnam 09/01/2016

Prime Minister to the IMF Resident Representative in Vietnam

Pm on 08.30.2016, at the office of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has a meeting with Mr. Jonathan Dunn - Representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Vietnam

At the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc appreciated the help effective, practical IMF for economic development - economic development of Vietnam, especially in the field of financial reform - banks, management public debt, reforming State-owned enterprises (SOEs). He also expressed hope that, in the country's development process next time, Vietnam wants to continue to receive the support and assistance of the IMF effectively in economic policy advice macro.

_firefly_ says(6:41 PM):

At the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc appreciated the help effective, practical IMF for economic development - economic development of Vietnam, especially in the field of financial reform - banks,

_firefly_ says(6:41 PM):

especially in the field of financial reform

_firefly_ says(6:42 PM):

especially in the field of financial reform !!

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Alrighty then .......... (}) :)

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oh sorry had to go in the other room cya laters! (})

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sounds so good

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It is beyond good :)

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yes I know. :)

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I would talk more but it will end up on Guru as always but keep the faith and look at the BIG picture

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How about TERRIFAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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oh how I loved to know what else

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But yes I will keep the faith

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I know nuttin :)

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that would be me

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thanks for the news

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didn't see you and I just came in and sat down.

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Thought you might still be gone.

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(y) :)

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Its up to you

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I can for a while longer!!

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I'll copy then.

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ok :) thanks!

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