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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 9/27/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - No Featured Members

Holly1 says(2:24 PM):

Parliamentary Finance: reducing government spending, "a lie

Holly1 says(2:25 PM):

Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Magda Tamimi, Tuesday, that some want to reduce the budget deficit on paper only, stressing that Iraq, despite the financial crisis, which is going through a period of about three years, but he still suffers from waste Alamwal.waodan Tamimi in a press statement today: "despite the financial crisis afflicting the country for more than two years, but the waste of money still exists, especially on the subject of private aircraft rental by state officials and Aldiavatt" she added that it

Holly1 says(2:25 PM):

stands deduced to build the budget on a price of $ 43 per barrel of oil, saying that some people want to reduce the budget deficit, but this price makes reducing the budget deficit on paper Vqt.odat Tamimi government to make the citizen and the staff the last thing you think about it if it wanted to reduce expenses in the budget, because this amount of salary structures him all his plans and his future life and basically is not enough because of the difficulty of living and the payment of wages of water, electricity, transportation and others.

Holly1 says(2:25 PM):


(2:37 PM)elliscole2002 was kicked out by elliscole2002!

Holly1 says(2:46 PM):

Council of Ministers meeting chaired by Haidar al-Abbadi

Cabinet determines the prices of grain and authorizes the Commerce and Agriculture to pay dues peasants

Author: AT

Editor: AT

27/09/2016 19:53

Holly1 says(2:47 PM):

The Cabinet approved on Tuesday the establishment of the Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture to pay farmers' dues for crops received in 2016, and pointed out that the Ministry of Finance shall provide financial liquidity through treasury bonds in order to pay those dues, while select crops for the 2017 rates, the granting of the Ministry of Commerce validity negotiation and direct contracting with companies committed Ptaakedadtha formerly with the ministry.

Holly1 says(2:47 PM):

According to a statement, the Council of Ministers, received a (long-Presse), a copy of which, "The Council of Ministers, during its regular meeting held today, chaired by Haidar al-Abbadi, agrees that the Office of Financial Supervision Federal audited dues Contractors before discharge from the concerned authorities."

The statement added, "The Council has agreed to pay the dues of farmers to take charge of the ministries of trade and agriculture to proceed to pay the dues of crops received in 2016," noting that "The resolution includes take over the Ministry of Finance to provide financial liquidity through treasury bonds in order to pay those benefits." , stressing that "the farmer receives dues within one week from the date of receipt of the crop."

Holly1 says(2:48 PM):

And select the Cabinet, according to the statement, agricultural crops, which would be delivered in 2017 prices, "he said, adding," agreed to develop a plan to speed up the receipt of agricultural crops from the ministries of trade and agriculture, "stressing" the obligation for agricultural plan approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in addition to the deduction of 2% wheat amounts received by the Ministry of trade and Industry to support the seed fund. "

Holly1 says(2:48 PM):

With regard to the pandemic flu, the Council of Ministers approved the "establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture to compensate the animal's owner for the animal that destroys official minutes of according to the law of the Animal Health after the minister to issue the statement mentioned in Article value (28) of the Act and subject to the application of the provisions of Article 40 of the above the law and distract allocated to the Higher Committee for bird flu amount. "

Holly1 says(2:49 PM):

The Council agreed on the "granting of the Ministry of Commerce exception to the methods of the contract provided for in Article (3) of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts (2) for the year 2014 in order to purchase a quantity of 154 thousand and 916 tons of Iraqi sugar product material by the Iraqi Federation for Food Industries Co., Ltd., including covers need only two months and stocks of emergency allocations earmarked for this ministry, to the failure of the Ministry of Finance fully allocated to this ministry of the federal budget amounts to convert and authorize the Commerce Department authority to purchase and sign a contract with the Iraqi company. "

Holly1 says(2:49 PM):

It included approvals, "giving the Commerce Department the authority to negotiate and direct contracting with the company produced / manufactured or executed contractual obligations formerly with the ministry through the Central Commission for review and approval of the assignment of the Ministry of Commerce exception of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts (2) for the year 2014 and the regulations issued thereunder to buy the amount of 100,000 tons of sunflower oil to cover three months needed on the basis of the monthly amount needed 34,000 tons. "

The statement continued, "The session witnessed a modified amount of social subsidies specific social protection law No. 11 of 2014, based on Article 24 of the law."

Holly1 says(2:50 PM):

And he gave the Council of Ministers, "Congratulations to the Iraqi people on the occasion of qualifying Iraq team junior football for the World Cup for juniors tournament after winning yesterday the national team of Uzbekistan score two goals to none and praise players and staff training and administrative."

Holly1 says(2:50 PM):


Okie Dinar says(2:51 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/HUTCH, Rcookie and Mr White in the DU CHAT ROOM – TONIGHT-Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST AND a LIVE CALL following Newstime!

Holly1 says(2:51 PM):

Erbil , Kurdistan resolved Clasico with Zakho, Najaf, Samawa , "Habayeb"

Author: AHF

Editor: AHF

27/09/2016 20:13

Holly1 says(2:52 PM):

Erbil, ended on Tuesday with Clasico Kurdistan Zakho club with one goal, with two matches Najaf and Samawa ended in a draw positive and the same border match and the SOC.

The confrontation ended Arbil, the Kurdish Zakho with a single goal within the completion of the third round of Premier League football, and did not attempt Zakho failed to modify the result of the end deserved victory.

Holly1 says(2:52 PM):

It ended positive tie the match between Najaf and Samawa two goals each, the two teams and share control of the game with each of them tried to work things out in his favor but the draw was a master of the situation, finished as a draw in order to like the border match and the SOC at the matches of the same group.

Holly1 says(2:52 PM):


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Okie Dinar says(3:01 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/HUTCH, Rcookie and Mr White in the DU CHAT ROOM – TONIGHT-Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST AND a LIVE CALL following Newstime!

(3:04 PM)golfguy was kicked out by golfguy!

(3:05 PM)golfguy was kicked out by golfguy!

hutch says to Okie Dinar(3:21 PM):


clay says to hutch(3:21 PM):

hey buddy how you been

hutch says(3:21 PM):


w/HUTCH, Rcookie and Mr White in the DU CHAT ROOM –

Along with a special guest and a special mod guest !

TONIGHT-Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST AND a LIVE CALL following Newstime!

Okie Dinar says to hutch(3:22 PM):

You're most welcome :)

hutch says to clay(3:22 PM):


SRW says to hutch(3:22 PM):


clay says to hutch(3:23 PM):

thanks :) her surgery this morning went very well all should be good surgeon said thanks for the prayers

clay says to SRW(3:23 PM):

hey bud

hutch says to clay(3:23 PM):


SRW says to clay(3:23 PM):

Been thinkin and praying for ya buddy!!

clay says to SRW(3:23 PM):

thanks :)

hutch says(3:24 PM):


clay says to SRW(3:24 PM):

really appreciate ya

Okie Dinar says to hutch(3:24 PM):

OK :)

clay says to hutch(3:24 PM):


jeffusa says(3:24 PM):

great news cracker

Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:24 PM):

Good Afternoon :)

clay says to jeffusa(3:24 PM):

thanks brother :)

SRW says to hutch(3:24 PM):

Howdy Hutch!! Ready for newstime!!

Elane says(3:24 PM):

Im so thrilled to hear that great news... we are waiting for another dinarian who comes in here from time to time... his wife is coming out of surgery .... after liver cancer was discovered... so prayers for Caj and Cindy please

Okie Dinar says to Elane(3:25 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Elane(3:25 PM):

Thank you for letting us know :)

Elane says to Okie Dinar(3:25 PM):

thankyou .. dear hearted one!

Okie Dinar says to Elane(3:25 PM):

Hope you're having a great day!

clay says to Elane(3:25 PM):

praying for them

Okie Dinar says to Elane(3:25 PM):


Elane says to Okie Dinar(3:25 PM):

No my thanks to the good hearts here

Elane says to Okie Dinar(3:25 PM):

Thanks Clay

clay says to Elane(3:25 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Elane(3:25 PM):


Elane says to Okie Dinar(3:25 PM):

I just found out the homeless guy I try to feed has cancer

Elane says to Okie Dinar(3:26 PM):

oops phone.. bbl thanks guys and GOD BLESS

clay says to Elane(3:26 PM):

back at ya

hutch says(3:26 PM):


clay says to hutch(3:26 PM):


larrykn says to clay(3:26 PM):

just got here, praise the Lord, I'm so Happy for you and your wife, been praying for you both all day :)

SRW says to Okie Dinar(3:27 PM):

Hey Okie!! Dang, missed pickin on ya today. Been a little busy. I'll make it up the later part of this week though!! :D

clay says to larrykn(3:27 PM):

oh buddy thank you so much prayers are real and all are appreciated

clay says to SRW(3:27 PM):


Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:28 PM):

:D WOW! Can't wait :)

Okie Dinar says to clay(3:28 PM):

He thinks he's funny :D

SRW says to clay(3:29 PM):

(y) Great to hear about your wife!! God answers prayer my man!!

Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:29 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/HUTCH, Rcookie and Mr White in the DU CHAT ROOM – TONIGHT-Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST AND a LIVE CALL following Newstime!

jackflash101st says to clay(3:31 PM):

I've been praying for you and your wife as well, Clay..Glad everything is going well for your wife

Okie Dinar says to jackflash101st(3:32 PM):

(y) :)

clay says to SRW(3:34 PM):


clay says to jackflash101st(3:34 PM):

thank you so much buddy good to see ya

clay says to SRW(3:34 PM):

He sure does :)

jackflash101st says(3:35 PM):

Good to see you too Clay

SRW says to Okie Dinar(3:38 PM):

Ready for some great newstime!! Bump.. Bump.. Turn the volume up full bore!! HEY THERE OKIE!!!! :D

Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:38 PM):


Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:39 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/HUTCH, Rcookie and Mr White in the DU CHAT ROOM – TONIGHT-Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST AND a LIVE CALL following Newstime!

SRW says to Okie Dinar(3:39 PM):


Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:39 PM):


SRW says to Okie Dinar(3:39 PM):


Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:40 PM):

I'm ready too! :)

Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:40 PM):

Should be super good!

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(3:45 PM):

sorry bout that. Left my cell in the car. I'm good to go if you are

Okie Dinar says(3:46 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/HUTCH, Rcookie and Mr White in the DU CHAT ROOM – TONIGHT-Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST AND a LIVE CALL following Newstime!

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(3:46 PM):

Thank you for the help :)

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(3:46 PM):

You bet

clay says to 1bobby(3:47 PM):

hey bobby

(3:47 PM).OkieDinarCOPY changed nickname to .OkieDinar!

1bobby says to clay(3:47 PM):

hey how are ya

clay says to 1bobby(3:48 PM):

doing good thanks hope you are as well

1bobby says to clay(3:48 PM):

It's a beautiful day on the coast of Texas. No triple digits temps :)

clay says to 1bobby(3:48 PM):


1bobby says to clay(3:48 PM):

Glad to hear you're doing well

clay says to 1bobby(3:49 PM):


1bobby says(3:52 PM):

The government cut the budget in 2017 to 77 billion dollars

2016/9/27 20:41

[Oan- Baghdad]

It announced Cabinet approval at its regular Tuesday to amend the bill the federal budget for fiscal year 2017, to reduce expenses.

A statement by the prime minister's office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday an amendment to become as follows:

1 / the price of a barrel of oil to $ 42.

2 / export ceiling is 3,750,000 million barrels per day.

3 / reduce expenses to 90.224 trillion dinars [the equivalent of $ 77 billion.

4 / size indebtedness 5.608 trillion dinars.

**Thanks to MadScout **

1bobby says(3:53 PM):

I know everyone has see a lot of news today, but I can't just sit here and not earn my keep :)

clay says to 1bobby(3:55 PM):


1bobby says(3:55 PM):

The stability of the Central Bank today sales at $ 115 million

27/9/2016 14:37

[Oan- Baghdad]

recorded sales of the Iraqi Central Bank, on Tuesday, stable in the auction for the sale of foreign currency, the sale of $ 115 million, after selling the same amount yesterday.

According to a statement of the bank, the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, " The size of the amount sold today reached 115 million, 77 thousand and $ 656, priced at 1182 dinars exchange rate against the dollar, and with the participation of 31 banks and 15 companies for the fiscal transfer."

He pointed out , that " the amount of remittances and credits amounted to 96 million, and 197 thousand and $ 656, while the quantity sold in cash 18 million and 888 thousand dollars."

the statement said, " the sale amounts transferred to the accounts of banks abroad will be priced at 1190 dinars per dollar, and the selling price cash shall be priced at 1182 dinars per dollar. "

The face of the Iraqi Central Bank, licensed banks and money transfer companies , broker for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies all reduce the amount of the sale of foreign of the US dollar currency for those wishing to travel outside the country.

and select a bank to these entities , " the amount of 3000 dollars sale instead of five thousand dollars for citizens wishing to obtain a dollar to cover their expenses abroad. "

1bobby says(3:57 PM):

Thanks to Romello for that one. That dudes got 20,362 post.....WOW

clay says to 1bobby(3:58 PM):

wow is right

1bobby says(3:58 PM):

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's 3 consecutive days at or below 115

1bobby says(4:00 PM):

Don't know if it means much but what the heck, sounded good

(4:00 PM)THE OBSERVER - - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

SRW says to 1bobby(4:01 PM):

115 degrees in Iraq? Ya, that sounds about right... I think? I don't know!! Maybe!! :D

1bobby says(4:01 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/HUTCH,Rcookie,and Mr White in the DU CHAT ROOM – TONIGHT-Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST AND a LIVE CALL following

1bobby says to SRW(4:01 PM):

Now that's funny!

1bobby says to SRW(4:02 PM):

And like a goof I googled it. It's only 82 as we speak :)

clay says to 1bobby(4:03 PM):


(4:09 PM)hutch was kicked out by hutch!

1bobby says(4:11 PM):

Coalition forces spokesman: 3000 to 5000 ISIS fighters in Mosul now

27-09-2016 01:46 PM

The Coalition spokesman, said Tuesday that ISIS is transplanting the canisters to the connector to prevent the advance of Iraqi forces, and that the contemporary setting ISIS now approximately 3000 to 5000 fighters in Mosul.

Said John Dorian in a press conference, that there would be no sharing of the ground forces in the battle of liberating Mosul.

He added that the presence of Turkish troops and their participation is up to Mosul battles Iraqi Government, that it will not enter into a new International Alliance forces to Iraq if the latter requests it.

1bobby says(4:11 PM):

Mosul is getting closer and closer

larrykn says to 1bobby(4:14 PM):

I do get that feeling this is about to come down

clay says to 1bobby(4:16 PM):

we get Mosul back they RV JMO

1bobby says to larrykn(4:16 PM):

Gonna be one for us to sit back and hope for the best. They've prepped for

1bobby says to clay(4:16 PM):

i do think that's one of the key's

larrykn says to 1bobby(4:16 PM):

they are well trained by the US , Iraq will do fine

clay says to 1bobby(4:16 PM):


clay says to larrykn(4:17 PM):

I heard we have 6000 troops there at the airport

1bobby says to larrykn(4:17 PM):

All these other liberations have battle hardend em

larrykn says to 1bobby(4:17 PM):

yes but Iraq want to take Mosul all by themself

larrykn says to 1bobby(4:18 PM):

but I bet we will be giving air support :)

1bobby says to larrykn(4:18 PM):

They will. On a much smaller scale, almost like when we let Kuwait be the 1st ones in

1bobby says to larrykn(4:19 PM):

But make no mistake, the Coalition are the big boys if it starts going south

larrykn says to 1bobby(4:19 PM):

you bet

futuremoney says to clay(4:19 PM):

I agree..once they control all the borders and have been stable for awhile, then they will RV..

larrykn says to 1bobby(4:20 PM):

I believe we have a company of Apache helecopters , that by itself is a game changer

clay says to futuremoney(4:20 PM):


clay says to futuremoney(4:20 PM):


1bobby says to larrykn(4:20 PM):

That said, where they were under Maliki and where they are today is amazing. The ISF that is

larrykn says to 1bobby(4:20 PM):


1bobby says to futuremoney(4:20 PM):

Border control is huge

futuremoney says to 1bobby(4:21 PM):

yes indeed

larrykn says to 1bobby(4:21 PM):

and I too agree, Mosul is one of the things I believe we are waiting on

1bobby says to futuremoney(4:21 PM):

Even the Iranians said today, no entry into Iraq without a visa for their citizens

futuremoney says to 1bobby(4:21 PM):

I believe this victory will also bring together/unite Iraq like we havent seen in our lifetimes...

1bobby says to futuremoney(4:22 PM):

ran for its citizens: do not visit without a visa for Ash from Iraq....That's the headline and it's for a religous ceremony, but it's a start

1bobby says to futuremoney(4:22 PM):

Iran* oops

1bobby says to futuremoney(4:23 PM):

You're spot on today my friend

1bobby says to futuremoney(4:24 PM):

I'm sure you are on other days as well but they very seldom let me in here lol

futuremoney says to 1bobby(4:24 PM):

National pride will have the ordinary citizens finally routing out terrorists cell group, without fear...

1bobby says to futuremoney(4:24 PM):


1bobby says to futuremoney(4:25 PM):

Mosul will be a biggie

futuremoney says to 1bobby(4:25 PM):


1bobby says(4:28 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/HUTCH,Rcookie,and Mr White in the DU CHAT ROOM – TONIGHT-Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST AND a LIVE CALL following

1bobby says(4:30 PM):

I try to be cute and change colors like Subby, now my PC is all screwy SMH

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