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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 8/25/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring BGG

hutch says to clay(10:01 AM):


hutch says to clay(10:01 AM):


futuremoney says(10:01 AM):

that is amazing...

Soonergirlie says(10:02 AM):

and rcookie found the IMF payment schedule

clay says to hutch(10:02 AM):

amazing find ty

hutch says to Soonergirlie(10:03 AM):


Soonergirlie says(10:03 AM):

O I see

cricket22 says to hutch(10:03 AM):

This is awesome stuff today.

hutch says(10:04 AM):


cricket22 says to hutch(10:04 AM):


clay says to hutch(10:05 AM):

is there an article on it

hutch says to clay(10:07 AM):


cricket22 says to hutch(10:08 AM):


cricket22 says to hutch(10:09 AM):

You guys are the 3 Dinareteers...:D

hutch says(10:09 AM):


cricket22 says to hutch(10:09 AM):

I made that one up all by myself... :D

cricket22 says to hutch(10:09 AM):


hutch says(10:10 AM):


Beeson says(10:10 AM):

how excited should i get ? 0 to 10 ({)

clay says to hutch(10:10 AM):


clay says to Beeson(10:10 AM):

lol hey 7

Beeson says to clay(10:11 AM):


cricket22 says to Beeson(10:11 AM):


hutch says(10:11 AM):


cricket22 says to hutch(10:11 AM):

I LOVE surprises. :)

Beeson says to hutch(10:12 AM):

ok (v)

BGG says(10:18 AM):

DU “After Call - LIVE”

"Immediately following News Time!!"

Thurs 8/25 "After Call" - w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin#528733

larrykn says to BGG(10:18 AM):

gm and ty for that info :)

(10:20 AM)Hawk was kicked out by Hawk!

foxrun says(10:22 AM):

A rather HUGE slice of stability has just been served up today!!

clay says to foxrun(10:22 AM):


Elane says(10:28 AM):

Amen to that statement foxrun!!!!

clay says to Elane(10:30 AM):

and not to mention they are ready to liberate Mosul

clay says to Elane(10:30 AM):

GM :)

Elane says to clay(10:33 AM):


Elane says to clay(10:33 AM):

Timing... remember back when Bush signed the 13303?

larrykn says to Elane(10:33 AM):

gm , going to be a nice day today :)

clay says to Elane(10:33 AM):


Elane says to clay(10:33 AM):

He stated then....we wouldnt see one cent until AMNESTY WAS DONE

clay says to Elane(10:33 AM):

praying so hard right now

Elane says to larrykn(10:34 AM):

Good morning Larry.. yes... nice day is so right

Elane says to clay(10:34 AM):

ME too.... my friend... daily sometimes hourly

clay says to Elane(10:34 AM):

same here :)

Elane says to clay(10:34 AM):

So many in need.. some desperate need

larrykn says to Elane(10:34 AM):

I feel its interesting how all these laws that we being waiting on forever are now getting done :)

Elane says to larrykn(10:34 AM):


coco1 says(10:34 AM):

is Subby still here?

Elane says to larrykn(10:34 AM):

I so agree

Elane says to larrykn(10:35 AM):

Time to tend to the critters here.. bbl.. GOD BLESS AND GO RV

clay says to coco1(10:35 AM):

GM working

larrykn says(10:35 AM):

<--------- Doing Happy Dance ,

clay says to Elane(10:35 AM):

enjoy your day

clay says to larrykn(10:35 AM):


coco1 says(10:35 AM):

Thanks Clay.

Elane says to larrykn(10:35 AM):

lol me too I think.. I think its not sunk in yet

coco1 says(10:36 AM):

wondering what time her flight is.

clay says to coco1(10:36 AM):


coco1 says(10:37 AM):

will do a special prayer for her.

clay says to coco1(10:37 AM):

we all will as always :)

larrykn says(10:37 AM):

DU “After Call - LIVE”

"Immediately following News Time!!"

Thurs 8/25 "After Call" - w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin#528733

coco1 says(10:38 AM):

im a white knuckle flyer as well.

clay says to coco1(10:38 AM):

r ya

clay says to coco1(10:38 AM):

where r ya

coco1 says(10:39 AM):

yes, and I do corp event planning, which requires a lot of travel. 8-|

coco1 says(10:44 AM):

just soth of San Francisco, in Silicon Valley.

clay says to coco1(10:45 AM):

sounds like fun

coco1 says(10:48 AM):

been 30 years of it, looking forward to retiring.

clay says to coco1(10:49 AM):

I understand

clay says to coco1(10:49 AM):

been a chiro for 20 my hands ar shot

larrykn says(10:49 AM):

Urgent [where] published the text of the amnesty law 8/25/2016

8/25/2016 15:55

[Oan- Baghdad]

published by all of Iraq [where] the text of the draft general amnesty passed by Parliament on Thursday Act.

Based on what passed the House and ratified by the President of the Republic and based on the provisions of subsection [first] article [61] and item [III] of Article 73 of the Constitution.

Issued the following law: No. [] to the 2016

Amnesty Law General:

Article -1 - relieved a general amnesty for Iraqi sentenced to death or to a penalty or negative measures of freedom , whether governance and Jahia or in absentia, gained a degree of bits or not acquired and without prejudice to civil or punitive or disciplinary responsibility.

Article 2 the provisions of Article shall apply [1] of the Act defendants all except those who committed any of the offenses set forth in article [5] of the Act , whether taken legal proceedings against them or who did not move a complaint against them , whether their cases were in the role of the investigation or in the role of the trial and are released than has been captured , including a decision from the courts referred to in Article 8 of this law , after gaining its degree of bits.

Article-3 exempted general amnesty for Iraqi sentenced to death or to a penalty or negative measures of freedom , whether governance and Jahia or in absentia gained a degree of bits or not acquired if the victim and the prosecutor the right to personal foreign occupying forces up to [2011] to make it clear that doomed the killing of Iraqis.

Article 4 is required to implement the provisions of articles [1] and [2] of the Act waiver complainant or with the victim before the investigating judge or the competent court and pay the resulting owed covered by the provisions of this law financial obligations for the benefit of the state or the people.

Article -5- exempted from the provisions of this law perpetrators of the following crimes: -

I. crimes stipulated by the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal code number [10] of 2005 [average] and shall not apply to the provisions of Article [10] of the Act.

Second terrorist crime that gave rise to the killing or permanent disability and the crime of subversion of state institutions and the crime fight the Iraqi armed forces

larrykn says(10:50 AM):

III each interested party may contest the decision of the committee formed in item [Second] of this article in front of the Federal Court of discrimination with regard to crimes of felonies and in front of the appeals court as discriminatory with respect to crimes of misdemeanors and infractions during the [30] of thirty days from the date of notification of the decision.

IV on the committees formed under this law notice the depositor has sentenced or suspended, the decision issued by the post - acquisition become final.

Article 9 if committed pardoned under the provisions of this law , a felony intentional within five years from the date of the exemption implemented right sanctions exempt from them and move actions criminal against him if he had been relieved by the League in the investigation or trial.

Article -10- First : convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, including the perpetrators of crimes excluded article [5] of the provisions of this law claimed to extract his confession under duress or legal action taken against him based on testimony informant secret or accused of recognition last demand from the committee formed in paragraph [II] of this article auditing judgments and decisions in the lawsuits that have gained their decisions become final or in checks discriminatory scrutiny verdicts of both the formal and objective and demand a retrial for the Commission discretion to do to re - investigate the case unforeseen by it.

second pose in the Supreme Judicial Council , a central committee and one or more [three judges] class I or II to consider the request in accordance with the provisions of paragraph [first] of this article and the injured party to appeal the decision issued by the Commission before the Court of Cassation in decisions the verdicts in the criminal within thirty days from the date of notification decision and before the Court of appeal as discriminatory decisions and verdicts in misdemeanor cases within thirty days from the date of notification of resolution is not implemented the decision until after the acquisition become final.

III to Atbeshr committee formed in paragraph [II] of this article work only in the presence of a representative of the public prosecutor.

IV problem Committee in paragraph continue [Second] of this article to receive a one - year applications starting from the day following the issuance of regulations and instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law would end the committees work during a period of two years from the date of issuance of the regulations and instructions.

Article 11 cut for the purposes of this law , a life sentence to life imprisonment.

Article -12- on security and military bodies and Mahkam securities and claims about detainees and detainees and defendants presented to the committees formed under the heading [Second] of article [10] of the Act to consider their case for both:

a-detainee who has spent more than [3] three months in detention and was not presented to the court.

b-accused detainee has not been resolved interrogated more than [18] eighteen months at the start of his detention. (

c ) the defendant referred to the Court his case has not been resolved for more than a year from the date of assignment.

Article 13 the provisions of this Act shall apply to crimes falling before the date of entry into force.

Article 14 does not work with any provision contrary to the provisions of this law.

Article - 15. Prime the Supreme Judicial Council issued instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law.

coco1 says(10:50 AM):

i bet they are!

Soonergirlie says(10:50 AM):

money is the carrot Clay to get all these laws down now.

larrykn says(10:50 AM):

Article -16- this law shall be from the date of approval in the House of Representatives. the

reasons: in

order to provide an opportunity for those who cover of Iraqis in return for integration into public life and to foster a spirit of tolerance and reform in society, initiated this law. 

Soonergirlie says(10:51 AM):

that is crazy!! "Article -16- this law shall be from the date of approval in the House of Representatives."

coco1 says(10:52 AM):

A friend of mine went to Palmer, by the time she graduated, she had fibromyalgia in her arms so bad, she was not able to go into practice.

larrykn says to Soonergirlie(10:53 AM):

I believe they talked about that the other day saying they will inact it to the day it would be approved

Soonergirlie says(10:53 AM):

amazing stuff there Larry!

clay says to Soonergirlie(10:53 AM):

looking great GM

larrykn says(10:53 AM):

if your not excited by now : Please check you pulse :D

Soonergirlie says(10:54 AM):


larrykn says(10:54 AM):

DU “After Call - LIVE”

"Immediately following News Time!!"

Thurs 8/25 "After Call" - w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin#528733

clay says to Soonergirlie(10:57 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says(10:57 AM):

Mornin YALL !!!

larrykn says to IcemanAKASnake(10:57 AM):

gm :)

IcemanAKASnake says(10:58 AM):

Hows it going?? Other than the obvious

larrykn says(10:58 AM):

its all good today :)

IcemanAKASnake says to larrykn(10:59 AM):

So Ive heard and see !!!! IM PUMPED !!!

larrykn says(10:59 AM):

me too

IcemanAKASnake says to larrykn(10:59 AM):


larrykn says(10:59 AM):

the news just keeps on rolling in :)

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