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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 8/20/16 - Part 7

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 7 - No Featured Members

subgirl says(10:29 PM):

if you have not done so, there is a link here for your thots and prayers for larrykn as he his mother passed away yesterday I believe...

subgirl says(10:31 PM):

from loop :)

subgirl says(10:32 PM):

Tomorrow .. an important meeting to agree on a general amnesty law

8/21/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Omar Abdel - Latif has

Pledged parliamentary legal committee, the return of some formulations of the special amnesty law, passed that will ensure the agreement of all parties, especially following the insistence of the coalition forces on the amendment of Article 8 of the law to ensure that re - trials of innocent people ». A member of the Legal Committee and the National Alliance MP Sadiq frankincense in a statement to «morning»: " The legal committee is poised in the paragraphs of the draft amnesty law, which is concerned with the interests of the people did not overlook one , " stressing that " the Committee wanted him to legally take into account humanitarian aspects, where the outcome satisfactory to all. "

He was chewing gum," regret obtaining some changes in the number of proposals which the breadth aspects of the amnesty appears to include terrorists , "noting that" there is fear out dangerous terrorists to the streets and which restores the Iraqi society to square one , as happened former amnesty which some reunion of those who were in the prison law and became today 's hardened leaders in Daesh gangs. "

He added that" the Commission will work to rewrite some of the draft law and legal paragraphs, although drafted well previously , "noting that" all the political blocs insisted on approving this law is important not to include terrorists Hdroa blood of Iraqis during the previous period. "

He frankincense, that" the Commission tried to separate the covered in this law and the terrorists, "adding" efforts to emerge balanced law preserves all rights and takes care of the humanitarian aspects of the Iraqi people . "

He pointed to "the existence of a meeting of the committee on Monday to discuss the drafting of the paragraphs of the law, as well as having a meeting with the National Alliance to reach an agreement that can satisfy all parties and accelerates the passage of the law." For his part, MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Ahmed milkfish: " The bloc continues to insist on the need for the survival of the eighth article in the law that ensure re - trials for are in prisons before they are gangs ( the base and Daesh) in Iraq."

He milkfish in a statement the "morning" that "all political blocs were in agreement on the law passed in the previous session before entering the parliament hall , " stressing that " the powers alliance still insists on the survival of the eighth article , which included re - trial of the present inside the prisons, considering that a lot of trials that took place during the previous term "non - objective" as well as extract confessions under duress and torture he says. "

Between milkfish," the coalition forces do not stand with the criminals who should take their just punishment according to the law, but it is the innocent people who were arrested and bundled into prison on charges of terrorism and others. "

The head of the House of Representatives Salim Alajabura, last Alatnin, postpone the draft general amnesty law to this week because of the desire of the blocks to reach a national consensus.

subgirl says(10:32 PM):

subgirl says(10:32 PM):

Tomorrow .. an important meeting to agree on a general amnesty law

8/21/2016 0:00

subgirl says(10:33 PM):

that day would be Tuesday!!! :)

magnetlady says(10:41 PM):

I should

magnetlady says(10:41 PM):

have that copy

Canucklady says(10:43 PM):

Hello Sub, what will happen Tuesday?

subgirl says to Canucklady(10:43 PM):

hey there!!! obeidi will go before court and amnesty law to be voted on!!!

subgirl says to Canucklady(10:44 PM):

Tomorrow .. an important meeting to agree on a general amnesty law

8/21/2016 0:00

subgirl says to Canucklady(10:45 PM):

tomorrow is not really Monday there as this is tomorrow's news... :) so it really means Tuesday..

subgirl says to Canucklady(10:46 PM):

lol maybe that did not sound quite right lol hope you understand :) lol

Canucklady says(10:46 PM):

Yes I sure do, thanks

subgirl says to Canucklady(10:46 PM):

oh good :)

subgirl says to Canucklady(10:46 PM):


Canucklady says(10:47 PM):


magnetlady says(10:49 PM):

all done subby

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:49 PM):

thank you so much mags! YOU ROCK!!!

magnetlady says(10:50 PM):


JETSET says to subgirl(10:52 PM):

your version of "Early Edition"

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:52 PM):

I am sorry what?

subgirl says to JETSET(10:52 PM):

oops lol

magnetlady says(10:52 PM):


subgirl says to JETSET(10:52 PM):

that was for you?

subgirl says to JETSET(10:52 PM):

Early Edition?

JETSET says to subgirl(10:55 PM):

old show on CBS about 15 years ago where the guy got tomorrow's paper today so he would basically be able to change the future

subgirl says to JETSET(10:55 PM):

oh wow lol

subgirl says to JETSET(10:56 PM):

well kind of then lol

magnetlady says(10:56 PM):

I remember that show JETSET

JETSET says to subgirl(10:56 PM):


JETSET says to subgirl(10:56 PM):

JETSET says to magnetlady(10:56 PM):


subgirl says to JETSET(10:56 PM):

yep I do remember the cat lol and then show lol

JETSET says(11:04 PM):

walker, texas ranger!

JETSET says(11:05 PM):

touched by an angel, JAG, Dr. Quinn - there were quite a few shows on cbs worth watching back then

JETSET says(11:06 PM):

now the only thing i think i watch from any of the big 3 networks is person of interest and i am working through the entire show on netflix

(11:46 PM)Josie was kicked out by Josie!

subgirl says(11:51 PM):

wow we are kind of quiet tonight... :)

subgirl says(11:51 PM):

9 min. left of the site...

subgirl says(11:55 PM):

5 min.

subgirl says(11:58 PM):

well time to say our good night!!! :) hope you all have a great night of sleep!! :)

End of Saturday's Chat Log


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