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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 22, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 22 2017 Compiled 12:30 am EDT 22 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"She's Singing" - GCR/RV Thought - 8.22.17


"Who Cares About Town Hall Meeting" by One Of The Light - 8.22.17

Entry Submitted by One Of The Light at 3:33 AM EDT on August 22, 2017

Hello Family, just looked at Paul Ryan Video post sick, out of all the bull that he was talking about in the beginning (the beginning is all that I could stomach so I did not go through the whole video) but he's talked about all of the hate groups that are white but he's not talking about the Islamic groups of hate he's not naming Antifia and other Soros funded groups. As so-called president to be he should have denounced all of them publicly. Paul CNN all of them need to be removed from this planet so they can continue to play with each other, I feel that making him even temporary president is going to lead to no more war I'm coming not from fear but out of observation track record this is a sickening mess. At this rate allowing dark Humans to keep this up it will take another 13 millennium to get out do we really have that much more time to play with these people??? Now for me this is no longer about the RV if and when they allow it we will be ready until than we will pay bills and help others using other methods, What is very problematic for me is that war is still being promoted and we all know as long as that continues the Cabal is making money they just want to be able to pay to keep USA Inc alive. All of the above is my Rant just to get the total confusion out.

I think that the most confusing thing about today was that I really expected this world of hate and violence would be over I guess that is to much to pray for. All I can say is that all those that have hearts that are black and that Are holding Humanity back better be glad that Im not God this would have been their last day playing with this program they would have been placed in another Earth and a new timeline so that they can continue to play out all their WAR GAMES SICKNESS.

One Of The Light

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Tues. Morning - 8.22.17

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"Are we there yet?"

Entry Submitted by TM at 3:06 AM EDT on August 22, 2017

Give me a wake up call when we arrive.
I think I've said all I'm going to say FOR now.
I'll just drop by FOR some music , car toons and other stuff to keep the kids entertained till we reach out destination.
I do believe the fat lady will be singing soon.
Much Love


"To Yosef, in Search of Truth..."

Entry Submitted by One Who Thinks at 12:41 AM EDT on August 22, 2017


Certainly, you will remember my bringing your narrative into question in the past, such as regarding the disconnect in North Korea stories and reality; again as it related to your apparent hatred of Trump, to the point that you leave all truth behind and go into senseless and ludicrous commentaries on such matters of his sexuality and even that of his wife; all the while telling us what peace and joy you are finding.

Given all this, can you tell us why anyone should believe ANYTHING you say; just because some of it tickles our ears and says what we like to hear? Finally, others are starting to think, too. Your run is up, unless you have some compelling reason to believe you personally, when so much of what you say fails to hold water. Were you simply consistently lied to and simply passed it along with no supporting evidence? If so, then admit it and find new sources of intel. Just stop trying to mix your personal hatred in as fact. It is not becoming of a "light-worker".

-One who thinks

"Remember Tax Reforms?"

Entry Submitted by Jacobus at 12:02 AM EDT on August 22, 2017

Hi Y'all. Remember the statement by certain gurus that tax reform is part of the RV plan? Well... What Ryan's "Town Hall" (interview) was about tonight:

Passing it in September, in the Third Quarter, possibly retroactive to the beginning of the Quarter? Insures it's applicable to monies acquired now., so the IRS isn't chasing you down to enforce the old rules. That's how I see it.

- Jacobus

Emergency Broadcast System Went off at 1:41 AM EDT


They tested the Emergency Broadcast System in the U.S. at 1:41 AM EDT.

Excerpt of Sheldan Nidle's Update for August 22, 2017

Sheldan Nidle's Galactic Federation Update

August 22, 2017


Dratzo! Necessary initial movement of funding is now occurring in its own due time. This process was set in motion nearly five years ago, and requires that the Elders let go and rely on what is now called the primary motion. It is this motion that frees all who were involved from this task and gladly gives it up to Heaven. Herein there is a divine purpose. Long ago, vast uncountable sums were set aside to begin this final action, and the process has at last been formally instituted. Now, all that is left is a sacred act that Heaven has longed for. This means that the final release and distribution of monies is close at hand!

During the past millennium, the Masters have set up this system and passed it on to the Elders and their Royal counterparts. Those given this power long ago began the final means to manifest both this new currency release and the rise of the much-anticipated NESARA Republic. These actions are to quash the illegal USA, Inc and its corollary, the present Presidential administration. It is this procedure that is to throw out the old and introduce the new. In short, the new ways are to completely cancel out the old!

In this regard please understand the immensities of what is now to happen. We are to see not only the rise of global peace but the advent of global prosperity and a giant opening to disclosure as well. These acts are to start a great leap in consciousness and the formal introduction of our galactic family. Also, to divinely follow a whole series of decrees set forth by Heaven, to signal the collapse of a number of old human cycles and the beginning of several new ones. These new cycles are to free humanity from want and permit the ending of several artificial divisions that have long plagued mankind.

Read Full Update

Paul Ryan's Full Town Hall, August 21, 2017

Published on Aug 21, 2017

During a town hall, House Speaker Paul Ryan discussed President Trump's response to the recent racial violence in Charlottesville, the President's new strategy in Afghanistan and the GOP agenda.

Mattis Arrives in Iraq on an Unnanounced Visit to Meet Iraqi Leaders

AUGUST 22, 2017 / 1:54 AM

U.S. defense secretary arrives in Iraq on unannounced visit to meet Iraqi leaders

Idrees Ali

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Iraq on Tuesday, just days after the start of an offensive to take back the city of Tal Afar, to speak with Iraqi leaders about the next steps in the fight against Islamic State.

Mattis has warned that the end of the militant group is far from close. Iraqi security forces launched an offensive to take back the city of Tal Afar on Sunday, their latest objective in the U.S.-backed campaign to defeat Islamic State militants, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said.

A long-time stronghold of hardline Sunni Muslim insurgents, Tal Afar, 80 km (50 miles) west of Mosul in Iraq's far north, has experienced cycles of sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shi'ite Muslims.

"ISIS' days are certainly numbered, but it is not over yet and it is not going to be over anytime soon," Mattis told reporters in Amman.

Mattis said that after retaking Tal Afar, Iraqi forces would move against the western Euphrates river valley. He added that Iraqi security forces were capable of carrying out simultaneous operations.

Brett McGurk, the U.S. special envoy to the coalition against Islamic State, told reporters that while the battle for Tal Afar would be difficult, Iraqi forces had retaken 235 square kilometers (90.7 miles) in the first 24 hours.

U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Mattis, who will meet Abadi and Defense Minister Arfan al-Hayali, would discuss the future of U.S. forces in Iraq after the fall of the remaining cities under Islamic State and the role they could play in stabilizing operations.

The officials said that while major cities like Mosul have been largely been cleared of Islamic State militants, there were concerns about the ability of Iraqi forces to hold territory.

Mattis said pockets of resistance remained in west Mosul, including sleeper cells, and attention would be turned after they were cleared.

"It is not going to happen is going to be a heavy lift for them going forward, but the proper governance would involve local representation in their day to day lives," Mattis said.

Islamic State is also on the back foot in Syria, where Kurdish and Arab militias backed by a U.S.-led coalition have captured swathes of its territory in the north and are assaulting its former Syrian "capital" of Raqqa.

McGurk said that about 2,000 Islamic State fighters remained in Raqqa and as much as 60 percent of the city had been retaken.

The jihadist group is now falling back deeper into the Euphrates valley region of eastern Syria.

Mattis added that the next step for forces fighting Islamic State in Syria would be to move against the middle Euphrates valley, in a reference to the militants' stronghold in Deir al-Zor province southeast of Raqqa.


Iraq's Kurds have said they will have a referendum on independence on Sept. 25 despite concerns from Iraq's neighbors who have Kurdish minorities within their borders, and a U.S. request to postpone it.

However, a senior Kurdish official said Iraq's Kurds may consider the possibility of postponing the referendum in return for financial and political concessions from the central government in Baghdad.

McGurk said the Kurdish delegation's recent visit to Baghdad was encouraging.

A U.S. official said Mattis would press Massoud Barzani, president of the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), to call off the referendum.

The Pentagon signed an agreement with Peshmerga forces last year to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons and equipment.

The U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that the memorandum of understanding would expire soon and suggested that Mattis could use it as a bargaining chip.

The United States and other Western nations fear the vote could ignite a fresh conflict with Baghdad and possibly neighboring countries, diverting attention from the ongoing war against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

Source: Reuters


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