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Repeat during 15 minutes, visualizing the RV already manifested in our reality and all humanity rejoicing in peace and abundance:

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"About Yosef" - Guest Post by Brother Ezekiel

Entry Submitted by Brother Ezekiel at 3:53 PM EDT on August 26, 2016 About Yosef Those who are so critical of our brother Yosef are failing ...

Friday, August 26, 2016

A Warning to those Planning on Investing in Diamonds

Editorial: The Day Diamonds Died

26 August 2016

How an industry committed business suicide

In my 45 years in the jewelry industry, the single biggest WTF moment I have experienced is the day I heard that some young diamontaire in New York named Martin Rapaport was publishing a wholesale price list of diamonds, and that the Rapaport Report was somehow getting into the hands of retail consumers.

It was at that moment that I knew the diamond industry as we knew it was fatally wounded. Fatally. A dagger to the heart.

The direness of the situation was made even clearer when a customer came to me with a Rapaport Report diamond quote from a website called DirtCheapDiamonds(.com). This place was selling diamonds on the internet at just over my wholesale cost, out of an apartment bedroom in some small town in upstate New York.

It seems that not only had this young diamontaire in New York put a dagger into the heart of the diamond industry, but the diamond manufacturers and cutters had twisted the blade to insure the wound would never close by making a wholesale diamond database available to anyone with a website. This action allowed anyone with a Rapaport Report and a website to go into direct competition with the retail jewelry industry, and do so at prices at which the established jewelry industry could not compete.

Suddenly, the diamond industry came crashing down. The decades old structure that had made so much profit for everyone in the established distribution chain was destroyed, and in its place was anarchy.

The worst part, it was the wholesale diamontaires who put this dagger into their own hearts.
By allowing a wholesale price list to be published, then allowing just anyone with a website to become a diamond dealer, it was and is the diamond cutters and manufacturers themselves who killed the diamond market.

Today, with the growing reality of lab created diamonds and their impact on the market, the future of diamonds is set: The diamond market is dying a slow and painful death.
Like Fawkes the phoenix bird from the Harry Potter books, the diamond market will eventually rise up out of the ashes, but in a much different form. The production of lab created diamonds will eventual do to diamond prices what lab created amethyst did to natural amethyst, cause a severe drop in value. The future diamond market will not look anything like what we see today.

This is not a “what if” scenario, this is reality. I have watched the diamond markets for over 45 years and this death spiral that the diamond industry put themselves into years ago is finally getting close to the ground.

The question now is not “if” the diamond markets are going to spiral into the ground, the question is: Is the retail jewelry industry going to ride that death spiral into the ground with the diamontaires responsible, or is the retail industry going to realize what is happening and pull the colored gemstone rip cord and bail out before diamonds hit the ground?

The colored gemstone industry is right now where the diamond industry might be in 5 or 10 years: a free market economy based on supply and demand.

There are four reasons why the future of this industry is in colored gemstones:

Colored gemstone markets require a level of professional education, knowledge and experience to participate. One cannot just get a price list and a database and materially compete in the colored gemstone industry.

Colored gemstone prices and values are based on actual market supply and demand, just as any successful free market operates.

The diversity and availability of colored gemstones around the world create a truly open market environment where a retailer has many avenues of supply from which to choose.
Consumers are ready for colored gemstones, they just need qualified, professional retailers to bring the colored gemstone markets to the retail level.


There is no other way to say this: The diamond market committed suicide.

To this day I am astounded that the Rapaport Report was ever allowed to materialize, or that the diamond industry would allow a wholesale database to be available to just anyone with a website. Certainly no industry in their right mind would cut their own heart out by publishing such a list and then allowing just anyone with a website to become a dealer. But that is exactly what the wholesale diamond market has done. The diamontaires, themselves, killed off their own market, and they have no one else to blame. It is a fatal situation and one from which the diamond industry will not recover.

The future of the jewelry industry is in colored gemstones. For supply. For market viability. For beauty. For consumer acceptance. For just about anything else you want to name, the future is in colored gemstones.

If any retail jeweler out there is not making serious plans to move your business into the colored gemstone revenue stream because you are not sure of how to do so, contact us at the ISG.

We have answers.

We have connections.

We have your future.

Robert James, FGA, GG

President, International School of Gemology Inc.

This editorial is available in the Archives of the ISG Global Network: The Day Diamonds Died

To learn more about your future in colored gemstone profitability, visit the ISG by clicking on the icon below.

© 2016 International School of Gemology Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We encourage sharing and caring throughout the industry as long as all copyrights are left intact.

CWN EP226 - R.I.P Bondlady, Obeidi Escapes, Sadr gives 45 Deadline

"Comments on or About Yosef" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 4:31 PM EDT on August 26, 2016

Fellow currency holders,

I feel today that enough was said on or about Yosef.

Of course it goes without saying that most of us are frustrated with the way this process is working out. I feel also quite upset with the way some people are reacting to his posts. If the total of investors in zim in USA and Canada represent 1% then I come to the conclusion that less than that 1% understand the real meaning of consciousness. I understand and agree with all of his statements. Yosef is a positive element in my life. If you do not agree with him, simply do not read him! Let the one who enoy his works feel free to read them.!

"One Girl at the Prom" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts w/ Frank26


 » August 26th, 2016

Frank - will Vietnam and Indonesia also have to wait till Iraq RI's ? What is your opinion if you are able. Thanks in advance

 » August 26th, 2016

IMO .............. NO country is as advanced or best prepared to do an RI into an RV of their MR....... Than Iraq.

Gave example on W CC and used a 4 way street with no stop sign as a possible collision as they all strive to improve their Economies and Finances. Along with an Alphabet Soup of agencies IN IRAQ right now verses other countries trying to catch up with the JONE'S called ............ Iraq.

At this present TIME FRAMED ......... The USA/IMF has ONLY one girl at the Prom right now ............. Iraq.

There are more Prom's .............. Coming. KTFA Frank

 » August 26th, 2016

Frank, if I remember correctly, I believe you said on one of the Monday cc's within the last month, that if Iraq comes out at 10 cents (as the example you used Wednesday night) when they lift their value, that it would be a dumb move on their part because it would suffocate their economy coming out at such a low rate. Is this correct, or did I hear incorrectly?

 » August 26th, 2016

Frank had speculated, in his opinion, that the rate could come out anywhere from .085 cents to .30 cents if Iraq decided not to go with the IMF's recommendation of 1:1.

On a previous conference call of some time ago, I remember Delta had said pretty much the same thing where Iraq could come out at .10 cents to .30 cents as a starting rate.

If this was the case, I doubt very much that it would stay at this low value for very long. If reducing the note count is a factor, then coming out low would help pull some of these large 3-zero notes off the street while allowing the CBI to introduce the new Fils and the 100k notes.

Right now, Iraq is sitting on a rate of .00086

In order for Iraq to start out at Frank's "Low Rate" suggestion of .085, then we would need to see Iraq drop "2" of those "3" zeroes when they turn their currency on. The rate would then show on the CBI website as "0.086" instead of "0.00086".

This would mean that the value of an single 25K dinar note would be worth approximately $2,150 US Dollars.

If Iraq decides to drop only "1" zero from it's starting rate, then the new rate would appear on the CBI website as "0.0086" and each 25K note that we hold would be worth approximately $215.00 US Dollars.

If Iraq were to drop all "3" zeroes from its rate of "0.00086" to "0.86", then each 25K note that you hold will then be worth approximately $21,500.00 US Dollars.

The Saudi Rial trades at approximately .26 cents internationally although other oil states in that region trade much higher.

I'm looking for a few things right now ...... Accountability and Justice Law, Federal Court Law, New CBI Governor and an announcement on Mosul.

I also seek an announcement on Iraq's ascension into the WTO. As Frank says, once we see that, then we know that Iraq is International. We also need to see Adabi name "4" more ministers (Interior, Defense, Trade and 1 other).

In my opinion, Iraq could move off of the program rate at anytime without any of the above being required but General Amnesty, which we got yesterday, was a requirement for the RV itself. That's done.

Those above items would help stabilize Iraq and provide additional security going forward.

All of the above, in my opinion.

Frank26 » August 26th, 2016

God God Man !!! You must have slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night .............. rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-

KTFA Frank.......... Anyone wanna sing HAPPY with me right now?

"About Yosef" - Guest Post by Brother Ezekiel

Entry Submitted by Brother Ezekiel at 3:53 PM EDT on August 26, 2016

About Yosef

Those who are so critical of our brother Yosef are failing to see the higher mind consciousness and are locked into 3d concepts. Unfortunately we cannot explain to you the critical importance of consciousness movements and how they form your dynamic and fluid realities. When you see it, you'll see it. For now, we would implore you to trust that higher consciousness is being created and it is in humanity's best interest to trust and allow the tera forming of this new construct. Hold your criticisms and attacks on which you do not yet understand. The choice is simple. God or not God. New reality or enslavement.

Be one and be love,

Brother Ezekiel
Mu Krew

IQD RV Update with rcookie: "Getting Really Interesting"

"Documentation" general amnesty law passed by the Iraqi parliament today"


"Jubouri: Parliament pasts passage of important legislation and wait for Justice and Accountability Act"


rcookie (Dinar Updates)

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 8/26/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring firefly & rcookie

(11:09 AM).MOD.larrycopier changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

(11:09 AM)Woodywoodpecker was kicked out by Woodywoodpecker!

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(11:09 AM):

ty for copying this morning, have a great day :)

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(11:10 AM):

You're welcome! I will, you too! :)

kalis says(11:27 AM):

Man oh man that Maliki just does not get . He is no longer driving this deal ..:D

monique13 says(11:31 AM):

How many pages of charges does he have against him, and he is still flapping his gums!!!

dale says(11:32 AM):

What a shock Maliki challenging the Amnesty Law .... who would have figured .........

kalis says(11:32 AM):

he does not haveleg to stand on .lol

dale says(11:33 AM):


_firefly_ says(11:33 AM):

And to add to what RC just brought in ...............

_firefly_ says(11:33 AM):

Sadr warns of Nuri al-Maliki moves to transform the government in Iraq to Milisheaoa

_firefly_ says(11:34 AM):

Baghdad «Quds Al- Arabi» warned the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, the exploitation of jihad and the mujahedeen in the electoral and political affairs, warning that it will lead to the end of jihad and turning power in Iraq to the military rule or Milisheaoa.

Word - Sadr asked one of his followers for his opinion on the determination of the leader of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki, to enter the next election with a list bearing the popular crowd name, saying: «must prevent the use of jihad and the mujahedeen in the electoral and political wading».

He added that «their use in that will lead to the slaughter of Jihad on the bench politics, and turns power in Iraq to the rule of a military or Milisheaoa ».

experiencing the Iraqi political arena mobility overheated these days by former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki and other politicians to create conditions for holding contacts alliances with various parties and political forces to arrange the results in his favor in the next elections, in preparation for his return to the presidency of the government.

She sources close Shiite National Alliance for «Quds Al- Arabi», said the head of the Dawa Party , Nouri al - Maliki is betting on its relations with the leaders of the popular crowd , who considers himself a bounty to provide its inception kits when he was president of the previous government after the fatwa Sistani 2014, and seeks to invest some victories the crowd in order to gain leadership of the militia , which is leading the crowd Shiite street, where al - Maliki promised to provide all enhance the status of the crowd and expand its role in the Iraqi political scene and make it similar to Hezbollah , the role of the Lebanese requirements, if returned to the prime minister.

He revealed the source, who requested anonymity, said the Dawa Party , Maliki wing opened the way for the Shiite young people to volunteer in a new security form to work the intelligence led by Ahmed son of Nuri al - Maliki, where are the salaries of view and privileges alluring adherents, without the knowledge of the role and functions of the security profile who intends Maliki inception, noting that Mr. Muqtada al - Sadr warned young people from joining this formation.

He added that al - Maliki the move to set up new alliances, especially with the Kurdish parties in Sulaimaniyah , which he visited last July for this purpose and held meetings with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) and the movement for change and other Kurdish parties chain. He also met with the US ambassador in Baghdad , and was in contact with the Iranian Embassy constantly, in addition to issuing statements and declarations and conduct interviews journalist with the media close to it, in an attempt to prove his presence in the Iraqi scene and change the result of the setbacks suffered by the Iraqi reality negative image prevailing by the Iraqi people during the eight lean years of the rule of al - Maliki.

the source said that al - Maliki has recently tried to create chaos in the parliament to be used in an attempt to return to head the government instead of al - Abadi, when he took advantage of protests demanding reforms and the fight against corruption, where paying followers of MPs and politicians to form a reform bloc in parliament under the claim cover reforms and change of the three presidencies to topple the government of Haider al - Abadi, which is why the Liberal bloc chest withdraw from the bloc 's reform after Mr. Muqtada al - Sadr revealed al - Maliki 's attempts to arrange his return through » the third state», the weaker the block in question.

It is noteworthy that the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, as long as deliberately to remind the Iraqi people in general Shiite street, disadvantages periods Nuri al- Maliki 's rule ,which singled out he and his party «call» governance and decisions on crucial issues key and dragging the country toward ruin, corruption and collapse, where it is called al- Sadr title «leader of necessity» in analogy to the tyranny of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, despite the great differences between the two characters.

_firefly_ says(11:36 AM):

Haven't heard from Sadr in a couple of months now

_firefly_ says(11:39 AM):

While on the flip side of the coin ................

_firefly_ says(11:40 AM):

UNAMI welcomes the adoption of the amnesty law and prepared a key factor to achieve reconciliation

_firefly_ says(11:40 AM):

08.26.2016 10:00

_firefly_ says(11:40 AM):

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} welcomed the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis, the progress made by the House of Representatives in the implementation of legislative items on the agenda, which was most recently approving a general amnesty law.

He said Kubis according to a statement of the mission internationalism {UNAMI} received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Friday, "This is another step towards strengthening the state - building, this is the legislation that passed today is a key factor in supporting efforts to achieve national reconciliation."

He added that the "General Amnesty law was preceded by banning the Baath Party, which is is the other important legislation law," and expressed "hope to take further steps to strengthen the rule of law in Iraq."

he said Kubis said that "these laws Mzkhuran explicitly in the national political agreement for 2014 the program of the government of Iraq, and we expect that Taatbahma other legislation, particularly the justice and accountability Law, as advertised in the political agreement and the program of the government. "

the House of Representatives has voted in its regular Tuesday on a general amnesty , which was the focus of a dispute between the parliamentary blocs Astmrh for several years Law after being admitted earlier in advance of the prohibition of theBaath Party Law, it is scheduled to settle the justice and accountability Law in Almqublh.anthy parliamentary sessions

_firefly_ says(11:42 AM):

From a different source .........

Okie Dinar says to _firefly_(11:42 AM):

Thank you for the news :)

_firefly_ says(11:43 AM):

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis, welcomed the progress made by the House of Representatives in the implementation of legislative items on the agenda, which was most recently approving a general amnesty law.

Kubis said according to a statement of the UN Mission [UNAMI] received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "This is another step towards strengthening the state-building, this is the legislation that passed today is a key factor in supporting efforts to achieve national reconciliation."

He pointed out that "general amnesty law was preceded by banning the Baath Party, which is the other important legislation is the law," and expressed "hope to take further steps to strengthen the rule of law in Iraq."

He said Kubis said, "that these laws Mzkhuran explicitly in the national political agreement in 2014 and the program of the Government of Iraq, and we expect that Taatbahma other legislation, particularly the Justice and Accountability Law, as advertised in the political agreement and the program of the government."

The House of Representatives had approved at its Thursday's draft general amnesty law after a dispute for years upon, especially the paragraph relating to the accused terrorist, where the law pointed to the formation of a judicial committee would be responsible for considering the extent of the possibility of re-trial of the accused to Article 4 / terrorism or not, not at the request of the accused himself.

_firefly_ says(11:44 AM):

He pointed out that "general amnesty law was preceded by banning the Baath Party, which is the other important legislation is the law,"

_firefly_ says(11:44 AM):

He said Kubis said, "that these laws Mzkhuran explicitly in the national political agreement in 2014 and the program of the Government of Iraq, and we expect that Taatbahma other legislation, particularly the Justice and Accountability Law, as advertised in the political agreement and the program of the government."

diagyAAAE says(11:45 AM):

Maliki surprised to pass a general amnesty and calls to challenge the law

26/08/2016 18:37 pm (Baghdad time)

Maliki surprised to pass a general amnesty and calls to challenge the lawBAGHDAD – balances News

Surprised president of a coalition of state law, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, on Friday, to pass a general amnesty law in Parliament, while calling to challenge the law.

Maliki said in a statement, received / balances News /, a copy of which, in response to the exhibition to reporters’ questions directed to him via the communication with the media site-specific electronic media office window, about his attitude toward the general amnesty law, which the House of Representatives vote for it on Thursday, and included one of the paragraphs in the article on retrials, “traces surprised to pass a general amnesty law different from those approved by the political consensus formula, in particular article concerning retrials, or re-investigation and so grave danger, and the possibility of use in an inappropriate way.”

Al-Maliki added, “The mysterious circumstances surrounding the final hours leading up to the vote on the law, the existence of qi or problematic transactions was a reason to pass a general amnesty.”

He continued, “in terms of our commitment to do right and the establishment of justice, we call People’s Congress to challenge the law, which will allow thousands of impunity for terrorists and criminals from punishment, and the loss of families of the martyrs and victims’ rights.”

And the voice of the House of Representatives, yesterday, to pass a general amnesty law after a long series of discussions and delays between the blocks Alssayash.anthy 29/9 P


diagyAAAE says(11:45 AM):


_firefly_ says to diagyAAAE(11:46 AM):

Considering who is in Iraq as we speak, Maliki is grasping at air as he does a free fall

diagyAAAE says(11:47 AM):

The rule of law: the withdrawal of confidence may include Abadi al-Jubouri

The rule of law: the withdrawal of confidence may include Abadi al-Jubouri, after the list of respondents Hmolhma

Friday, August 26, 2016 11:51

The rule of law - the withdrawal of confidence may include Abadi al-JubouriBAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. favored the State of Law coalition, on Friday, to be questioned both the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, adding that the withdrawal of confidence may be covered by the Parliament if it is not convinced Pajupthma.

The MP said the coalition fully Zaidi’s / Baghdadi News /, said that “it endlessly at the sacking of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, but that most of the deputies and blocs in the parliament is satisfied with answers Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari,” pointing to “the existence of a trend for the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from him through hearings next week. ”

He said al-Zaidi, said that “the next stage will be a bus interrogations,” explaining that “the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi may be in the list of respondents could also be heading for the withdrawal of confidence in him after Zebari,” stressing that “It will also include Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri.”

The House of Representatives voted on Thursday, the withdrawal of confidence from the defense minister Khaled Alobeida.anthy 21 / t


Okie Dinar says to diagyAAAE(11:48 AM):

Thank you for the news :)

diagyAAAE says(11:48 AM):

Finance: to sabotage the Iraqi economy is on the prosecution table file soon

A member of the parliamentary Finance: to sabotage the Iraqi economy is on the prosecution table file soon

08.26.2016 13:40

Finance - to sabotage the Iraqi economy is on the prosecution table file soon{Baghdad} Euphrates News revealed the Finance Committee member of the parliamentary Magda Tamimi, on Friday, announced the launch of a large file from sabotage the Iraqi economy is on the prosecution table soon, as described interrogation process within the parliament, “a step in the right direction.”

He said al – Tamimi told {Euphrates News} today , “I am going to prepare a lot of issues to be presented to the public prosecution , including table file {sabotage the Iraqi economy} , as I’ll explain the evidence and proofs where to go proportion of Iraqi funds.”

And the interrogation process carried out by members of parliament , ministers, said Tamimi , ” the House of Representatives began active movement interrogations moving in the right direction.”

She pointed out , “there are many interrogations will be directed to the ministers as a step in the right direction, especially since millions of Iraqis watching the interrogation.”

the House of Representatives had been questioned in its regular Thursday, Minister Hoshyar Zebari , Finance, where he was questioned by the parliamentary Finance Committee member Haitham al – Jubouri.

as the Iraqi Council of Representatives to question defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi, was the withdrawal of confidence in him yesterday .anthy p


_firefly_ says to Okie Dinar (privately)(11:49 AM):

Very welcome my friend :)

_firefly_ says to Okie Dinar(11:49 AM):

_firefly_ has closed the private chat window!

bubbles says to _firefly_(11:49 AM):

gm just came in who is in Iraq right now? I missed that

(11:50 AM)dale was kicked out by dale!

aminmaine says(11:58 AM):

Jan kubis special representative to Secy General of the Un

aminmaine says(11:59 AM):

he is the one who is in town

bubbles says(12:01 PM):


bubbles says(12:33 PM):

so quite is it nap time?

Okie Dinar says to bubbles(12:34 PM):

:D Apparently for some

bubbles says(12:35 PM):


Dinar Investor says(12:40 PM):

Yup Maliki is challanging the law because it also applies to him. They are already probably preparing a noose for him.

bubbles says(12:44 PM):


Holly1 says(12:54 PM):

Government Basra suffered projects in front of the World Bank for a loan to be implemented

2016/8/26 20:33 • updated:: 08.26.2016 20:39 • Economy

Holly1 says(12:55 PM):

for his part, the regional Director of the World Bank Farid Belhaj the projects that the World Bank has financed prejudice directly in the lives of citizens, pointing out that the World Bank will send teams to assess the projects and give reports in preparation to support it by the bank.

The representative of the Prime Minister Nofal Abu barns to the local government of Basra today 's meeting with the new World Bank Director is part of the decentralization policy adopted by the Federal government in a move to complete projects faster, "pointing out that Basra is one of the first provinces where the policy applies."

Holly1 says(12:56 PM):

Abu barns said , "and said the government did not put any conditions for the right of Iraq 's obligations with the Central Bank , but has set conditions on itself, and are those conditions need to dealing the highest degree of transparency and professionalism. "

Holly1 says(12:56 PM):

rcookie says(12:56 PM):


Holly1 says(12:56 PM):


rcookie says(12:57 PM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(12:57 PM):

yes it is Rcookie just Awesome (handshake)

rcookie says(12:57 PM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(12:58 PM):

yes it is ... move on Iraq (F)

rcookie says(12:58 PM):


rcookie says(12:59 PM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(1:00 PM):

soon Iraq will hold the crown .... long waiting ... but moving so fast now... (v)

rcookie says(1:00 PM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(1:00 PM):


rcookie says to Holly1(1:00 PM):


rcookie says(1:03 PM):


It killed 60 Daesh element of the air strike targeted the headquarters of sleep over in Tal Afar By Roudao 5 hours ago

مقتل 60 عنصراً من داعش بضربة جوية استهدفت مقراً لمبيتهم في تلعفر

It killed 60 Daesh element of the air strike targeted the headquarters of sleep over in Tal Afar

Roudao - Erbil

Declared war media cell, on Friday, killed 60 element organizing "Daesh" air strike targeted the headquarters of sleep over in the district of Tal Afar in Nineveh province.

It said the cell in a statement seen by Roudao Media Network, said that "based on the Iraqi national intelligence service information the Air Force directed air strike on a camp in which the so-called elite fighters trained in the district of Tal Afar overnight elements targeted."

The statement added that "the strike that killed more than 60 elements of different nationalities were present at the camp. '"

Holly1 says to rcookie(1:04 PM):

did you see this .... 292 comments interesting ....

QiCard Ki Card

At 9:00 am Yesterday ·

Do you support the transfer of financial transactions to the electronic manual in shopping centers in Iraq?

(1:04 PM)dinarforme was kicked out by dinarforme!

Holly1 says to rcookie(1:04 PM):

oops sorry Rcookie did not see you posting :)

Holly1 says to rcookie(1:05 PM):

and last week talking about the delete the zeros ... qicard ... :)

Holly1 says to rcookie(1:07 PM):

Iraqis Economists

Mins 14 ·

The wars of Iraq has caused a decline in oil prices in the global economy, raising global markets paid to the growth and prosperity steady ..

1.asar eighties .. reached the maximum decline in 1987 caused by the bankruptcy of the economies of the rentier Antrzah.aly her head of the Soviet Union, Iraq and Iran because of attrition war and the destruction of infrastructure - oil exports .

Holly1 says to rcookie(1:07 PM):

2 .antast industrial markets productivity due to cheap fuel , which pay for the expansion of factories and industrial companies.

3.azdahrt Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE as a result of increased production shortfall Bh Iraq, Iran allocated belligerents She returned the money to the countries to talk economic boom in transport infrastructure Aloumouaslat and Real Estate constructions huge residential buildings and cities of modern integrated.

Holly1 says to rcookie(1:07 PM):

4.astmr situation in the nineties update of octets even after Iraq 's invasion of Kuwait Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates from Iraq wars risen to raise their share to meet the shortfall share Iraq.

5.ouhty after the rise in oil prices in 2008 to $ 85 a barrel for the first time and then looked steadily for up to $ 120 in 2012 ..

6.tgier Saudi policy product biggest plunge markets cause of low artificially despite wars Daesh Iraq, Syria and Libya oil countries and the threat to the Gulf , "" the silver "at least .. and the war in Saudi Arabia with Yemen near the Strait of Bab al - Mandab.

Holly1 says to rcookie(1:08 PM):

the reason enough to leap prices to $ 150 ... at least ..

but it refers in accordance with the industrial and consumer product is not a rentier of the western capitalist economy Freddie superior

Holly1 says to rcookie(1:08 PM):


Dinar Investor says(1:08 PM):

Friday August 26 , 2016 - 07:46

Tariq Harb published list of some of theoffenses covered by amnesty

Publish legal expert Tareq Harb list of some of the crimes covered by the amnesty issued by parliament on 8/25, namely:

Crimes against the integrity of any financial and administrative corruption crimes, the first of the crime of bribery and crimes that constitute 99% of the financial and administrative corruption crimes, crimes which the employee's act or refrain from work for someone against the public interest (AD 331) and crimes of willful damage to public funds (AD 340) and crimes damage negligence with public funds (AD 341), and so for the crimes and other financial and administrative corruption offenses of forgery Othaq, certificates and seals and labels, whether formal fraud editor or editor informally with the exception of fraud and document for the post of director general and above. "

He said the war as amnesty included offenses against bodies and statutory crimes against the course of justice and false complaint is malicious and misleading elimination of perjury and perjury and other crimes against honor crime to impersonate functions and attributes crimes and news includes amnesty decoding seals crimes and crimes damaging the editors and overcome the staff of the limits of their jobs and the crimes of embezzlement, provided that the non-refundable the crimes of the thefts are generally subject to approval by the complainant and his abdication and crimes exploiting the influence of function such as buying real estate, seized and crimes revealed secrets and crimes contained in the law of parties and smuggling offenses Alkmarki and crimes of the income tax and the crimes committed by al administration Act any economic crimes and crimes consumer protection and crime-terrorism law, where teams of law between terrorism offenses There is a kill or handicap or damage to the armed forces or damage to public property and this is inclusive amnesty immediately likeness of kidnappings that did not result in murder or infirmity sustainable and crimes of belonging to a terrorist organization a crime to belong to Daesh "

Among the legal expert told Nun, news reporting, saying either other terrorist crimes any crime where there is a murder or permanent disability or fall on the armed forces or are located on public property. It is permissible for a retrial which decided the amnesty law that these crimes if it were judged based on the confidential informant or Based on the prosecution only to torture or upon the testimony of another defendant, it may be a trial where and in general, the former regime Men are not covered by totaling less than twenty people who are sentenced to the High Criminal Court and other crimes, it can be inclusive amnesty directly unconditionally or inclusiveness retrial such as crimes of terrorist or after serving a third of the time and pay the remaining sum of ten thousand for each day as crimes of drugs and crimes of incest, sodomy, rape and crimes of human trafficking and crimes Occlusive arms and special classification either weapons offenses other than these are covered by the amnesty unconditionally.

Agency Nun special

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